Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas from David & Regina Howton
And WhippetView Kennel

Merry Christmas from Domino Whippets
And Donna Rothman

Happy Holidays
Jeff & Iva Kemmelman & Mercy Isle Whippets

Happy Holidays
Dianna Johnson

Happy Holidays
Hearty & Fame Kullman from Canada

Merry Christmas from Dazzle and Ocean Bartos

"Saarra with Santa"
PoleStar Whippets

Merry Christmas from Marie Anti

Happy Holidays from the Blackmons

Happy Holidays from Patty Munnikhuysen and Family

Robin LaFortune & In Vogue Whippets

Have a Happy Dogaday from Kim Harwood
Hounds Atelier in Memphis, TN

Pat Spinazzola & Whippets
Dixie & Nastar

Diane Arner-Motzkus & Eclipse Whippets

Brigitte Greenberg, Bambi & Rudolph in Silver Spring, MD

Happy Holidays from the Carter Bober Family

Bang family in Seattle & Ringo

Randy & Lisa McKee

Happy Holidays from Naydene Mitchell & Sophie the Whippet

John and Kathy Ottosen & Tucker the Whippet

Whippets in Winter Wonderland

Trish Sachse & her whippets in Australia

Merry Christmas from Jini and the gang

Happy Holiday Season & Jenny and the whippets

Kim Otero & Michael Palmer & the Wheatland Gang in Orange CA

Lorraine Andrusiak and
Ashley and Cosby Whippets British Columbia CANADA

Merry Christmas from Jack & Karen Planchak at Lanaken Whippets

Happy Holidays from Andrea Hall and Sunsation Whippets

Scott & Julie Hurlbert and Dboyz & Dgirl
(Dakota, Dante, Dexter, Drake & Darla)

Seasons Greetings from Jenn & The Whippets

Happy Holidays from Dennis Seiler & Cove Creek Whippets

Janet, Steve, & The Whippets

Happy Holidays from HH and Heartland, Robin Barry & Vickie Smith (and Reba)

Happy Holidays from Wistwind Whippets

Merry Solstice from Bitterblue Farm

And Happy Holidays Bitterblue Farm

Roger, Kathy, & The Whippets

Merry Christmas to All Jennifer McEachern

Felicity Van Runkle & Diva & Bijou with Santa!

Henry& Rachel J. Amado & Maverick Ranch

Leah telling Santa what she wants from Jean Good

Kathy and Aimee & Harmony Whippets

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year
from Noreen all at 'Bonnymead'

Cynthia & Millrace Whippets

Brat (and Baina) Zinsmaster & Baina with Santa in Napa Valley, CA

Happy Holidays from Ella, Ricochet and Linda Fahnlander

Dana M & IMa Whippets

Happy Holidays from The Jacksons
McAllister Whippets/Gordons

Samantha Chase & Lauralbriar Whippets

Kim & Erin at Kimera Whippets

Christine, Annie (greyhound), and Fionn (whippet)

Merry Christmas from Susan T. Colflesh
Jenna and Jubil with Santa

Susan Vernon & Summit Whippets

Seasons Greetings from Mary Magee & Saesi Whippets

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!
My first home-bred champion at 15 yrs.
Ch. Wynmor A Hot Wire, better known as "Babe"-owned by Carola K. Beranek

Merry Christmas!
Jennifer Beach-Buda & RUSALKA

Ok, I was accused of Horse descrimination so
Seasons greeting from Laura, Liam, Green Eggs and Ham
And the Merriwhippets at Merrithought

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