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Annual Halloween Page for 2005

Select CH Vic's N Rantina's Private Treaty
(Casey) bred by Vickie Neff and owned by Sabine Salo, and the "bride" is
CH Rylstone Morning Glory (Phoebe) bred by Dennis Sumara, Daniel
Lockhart, & Patricia Casterline, and owned by Mel at Rejoyce Whippets. Photo by Sabine Salo.

Storm and Victoria
Riverbend Whippets
David & Traci Bitler
Harrod, OH

Mardi Gras ready for 'Mardi Gras'
The Hounds of Freckashpeng
Paul Allard & Steve Pedro
Ottawa, Ontario

Darth Vader (Barnaby) and Princess Leia (Emma).
Jeanne & Alan Ayers
Lancaster, PA

Emmy and Houdini owned by
Brent & Susan Hill  Saskatchewan, CANADA

Timmy : Bohem Time Flies
Greeting from Belgium
Rita Vanhaeren

Wheatland Malibu Stacey and
her sister Floor it Midge.
Kim Ortero, Orange, CA

Miss Jazz as a witch
Owned by Dianna Johnton

Happy Howl-O-Ween from Dazzle Whippet
in Southern Oregon

"Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?  I'm Lucy Levin
Owned by Jackie Levin

Greta Garbo (Snowcap’s Felicitations) as...Greta Garbo
Breeder: Dianne Reimer, Snowcap Kennel, Trenton, NJ
Owner: Frances Waksler, Cambridge, MA

Dixie and Nastar
"Waiting for the 'new' New Orleans Mardi Gras"
Owned by Pat Spinazzola

"Display Only" ( not for sale )
Tara,Bailey,Whinny, and Star
owned by Janet and Steve Phillips
Travelers Rest, S.C.

Fawn (bonehead) & Frisbee (angel)
Bob & Nancy Lee, Vancouver Washington


Arrow and Zephyr
The Tin Man and Cowardly Lion
Owned by Linda Stewart of Endeavor Whippets

Zephyr as the Fairy
Owned by Linda Stewart at Endeavor Whippets

Witch "Hazel" owned by
Tim Burbach and Christina Eby in Jacksonville, FL 

Mehl Whippet
Larry & Deborah Carlson
Bothell, Washington

No costume required for Zippy
He owns his own Halloween Cat named Kirby
Owned by Ingred Dohler

Blonds have more fun
"Ginny", owned by Sabine Salo at Rantina Whippets

Cash as Zorro
Owned by Lynne Armstrong in Concord, CA

Owned by Nancy Stockdale in Orlando Florida 



Background and images from Spooky's Halloween Crypt