When this holiday becomes a memory
May the memory become a treasure
Best of the season to you and yours
David & Regina Howton & The Whippets @ WhippetView.com

"Think Outside of the Box" ~ Sue Dale, Chris and Crew

Julie Poole & Family Knoxville, TN

Charlotte Blackmon

Kim Harwood Hounds Atelier Memphis, Tennessee

Joe & Lisa Stewart Khur Hounds Rolla MO

Nick & Wendy Jones and the Chelynnah Whippets Dorset, England

Merry Christmas from Karen and the Sangaree Whippets

It's my 14th year on Santa's knee
Wishing Joy & Love to You -- from Me!
"Hunter" Parker Owned by D'Layne Parker

Sherry & Norman Adcox With Golda, Lydia and Emma Memphis, TN

Iva & Jeffrey Kimmelman Merci Isle

Wendy Montroy & Group

Pamela Benus and Whippets: Emmett SC CR NAJ, F.CH Sage WRCh F.Ch. SC RN and IG: Kestrel
Gone but very much missed Lore CD OA OAJ NJP JC RN

We wish a Merry Christmas and a very succesful New Year for all the Whippet Lovers around the World!
maia, Guszti, Kapor and the Magyar Agárs's from
Hungary, Europe

Happy Holidays - Dennis Seiler and the Cove Creek Whippets

Miss Deer 2007 (AKA Shannon)
Owned by Hilda Spain-Owen

Merry Christmas!!
Morgan - Moby - Makenzie and Marlow
Owned by Gail Boyd Ableaim Kennels NC

Merry Christmas from Jennifer Goodman with greyhound Santa 'Jack' and whippet elves 'Riley' and 'Hank'

Merry Christmas from Bayberry Whippets
Cher, Crosby, Pip, Jack, and Buffy.
Twiggy declined the photo-op opting for the empty couch instead.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and the BEST OF NEW YEARS to you and your family, Diane
Faith Diane Guest Wildwood Whippets

Marc Gemis & Tinne Van Hooydonck in Belgium

Wishing you the true blessings of the season ...
Brat & John Zinsmaster and Baina
Napa Valley, CA

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Noreen Harris
Bonnymead Whippets & Beagles Melbourne, Australia

"Happy Holidays from Lisa Duffy and the Capa Whippets
Capercaillie, Sophie the IG, & Chai"

Happy Holidays!
From Jilzan Hounds and Human

Toni Marshall, Hootie, Lexie, Phinn, and Phoebe

Merry Christmas
Kevin & Dawn Carlson
Aeolus Salukis & Firebird Whippets

Karen Schechterle Sangaree