"Happy Halloween from Elain-Ward Sighthounds"
Charlie, Nick, JC, Alicia, Jackie, Pete
Owned by Julie A. Konwent

"Whippets of Oz"

Left is Timbreblue Horses Around "Barnaby" as the Scarecrow
Center is Surrey Hill Silk Rock Atropos "Emma" as Dorothy
Right is Timbreblue Spies On Santa "Boo" as the Tin Man

Owned by Lisa Stewart

The Poole Trio

Owned by Lisa Stewart

From Martini and Phizz
Fort Worth, TX

Bad Cow - Dot, owned by Julie Poole and family

Owned by Deb & Mike

Cinnamon owned by Julie Pool and Family


Sitnky Luke
Happy Halloween
Owned by Mggie and Frank Gellers

Zinfandel is less than thrilled to model her lobster costume
Owned by Annie at WildAbout whippets!

Greta as a Flapper
Owned by Frances Waksler

"Give me some treats!"
Jack & Karen Planchak & Susie too!

Poor Weiner Dog McGuire, owned by Julie Poole & Family

Karly Anne (owned by Karen Schechterle and Deb Martino)
at the AzWA Annual Fun Day's Costume Class

Nikki in the witch outfit and Shannon in the pumpkin outfit
Owned by Bobbie Lutz

Sam the Jester and King Thalion
Mardi Greys Costume Ball at the annual greyhound gathering in Dewey Beach, DE
Owned by Teresa Glover, Philadelphia, PA

Susan Murphy's Granddaughter Makayla and her whippet Janis
Dallas, TX

Shamu performing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies !!!
Owned by Vickie Smith Heartland Whippets

Reggie in the biker outfit
Owned by Bobbie Lutz

Steeler as a joker
Owned by Cindy Scott

Praying for World Peace
A couple of long hair's owned by Rachel McCandlish

Spirit (Cali N TNTs Spirit of the Wild of Nitro) is the red devil girl
Owned by Deana McNamer, DVM

Cali ( my first whippet) dressed as a Ballerina!!
Owned by Deana McNamer, DVM

Galeforce Wheatland Delta, RCh
Owned by Tim & Hart

Luca of Wheatland
Owned by Leslie Lighthouse

Luca of Wheatland
owned by Leslie Lighthouse

Morgan (Ableaim Morgan Le Fay) is the witch
Owned by Deana McNamer, DVM