Merry Christmas


Lili, Diamond and Aztec, Owned by Julia Pieper

Cody Whippet & big brother greyhound Jon Anthony
Owned by Jan Suche Nevitt

Whitney Hopper Whippet from Corvallis, Oregon

Windyglen's Huckleberry "Huck"
Owned by Mike & Lenora

Alex & Donnie Owned by Kevin & Lisa Saunders
Wish you a warm and snugly Holiday Season!

Kyla & Jarod
Owned by Kevin & Lisa Saunders & Diane Burns

Mrs Val Williams of Queensland Australia
With Whippet Ch Crestbrook Sky Wolf

Shenkhan Kabens Bandit, and friend
Owned by Richard & Merle Powley
Shenkhan Whippets, New Zealand

Carter and Sydney
(Headliner He Got Game and Headliner Ahead of the Game)
Sydney is owned by Terri Swayze and Leslie Vasquez
Carter is owned by Leslie Vasquez

Kynko, Owned by Diane Johnson

Cysco, Owned by Julia Pieper

Emmy, Owned by Julia Pieper

Lore_M_and Santa
Owned by Pam Benus

"Saarra" PoleStar's Saarraban
Owned by Wendy J. Woller PoleStar Whippets

Lore_M_santa has Santa
Owned by Pam Benus

Kayla, Tristan, and Dash
Owned by Carolee Boivin, Vancouver, BC Canada

Freddy, Rocket, & Bomber
Owned by Paula Knight

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