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Alex and best buddy Mandy, the calendar girls in 2006

If you wish for something hard enough, you will get it. What more could a breeder ask for than a clone to the dog he bred when she is a great athlete? That was the package that was delivered by our Dual Champion Bayberry's Cat in the Hat in late 2004. When Alex arrived, we knew she would be the one that stayed at the Howton house. With looks almost matching mom, and a personality that was even better, how could we even consider this whippet going any where else.

Alex has just turned one year old and loves all the things that her mom loves. Whether chasing the bunny on the coursing field or the frisbee in the back yard, she is as intense as Kat ever has been. Alex had no problem qualifying for her ASFA running and finished her first weekend out with a second and fourth place in the open event in Cartersville GA. She needs a little weight and a little more muscle but feel sure those will develop in the coming months.

We showed Alex at the Southern Specialty in September 2005 but will keep her out of the show ring until she gets a little older. I hope she can accomplish just a portion of what her mother Kat has done. We are excited about this high flying little whippet and what she holds in store for our kennel.

Who could ever refuse this look?

Alex taking in the lure at her first meet

And enjoying chasing the bunny as she pre qualifies for ASFA coursing

Whether leaping for the frisbee or trying to catch water from the hose, this whippet is full of energy

Painting of Alex and Mother Kat


Alex's Pedigree

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