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BJLocar's Palm Beach Ballot, FCh ("Elle")

Elle is a wild spirit, lives to run and enjoy life. Elle has been a great addition to our household and we would like to thank breeder and friend, Carol Curry, for sharing this little black and white girl with us. She is a very loving and playful girl, crying to go outside and run any chance she can.

Elle excels on the field and her speed earned her ASFA FCh with ease. She is close to obtaining her AKC FCh as well. Elle has been shown a limited number of times and will be back in the show ring in the future as she matures. We have received many positive comments on her show ability, however she tends to become stressed on the road, losing weight and her show quality physique. We plan to continue her show career once she is back in shape from whelping her first litter.

Elle is out of a litter by Ch Carbeth Black Bart of Locar FCh x Ch Locar's Kaleidoscope. To obtain more information about this wonderful line of whippets, please visit Carol Curry and Locar Whippets webpage at www.whippetview.com/locarwhippets.html


Elle whelped her first litter (sired by our champion "BJ") on September 27, 2003, without complications. She had twelve beautiful little pups in eight hours. It took her a pup or two before she really got the idea of what she was suppose to do. In fact, when the first pup was born, she jumped out of the box and looked puzzled at what the little thing was crawling around on the bed. But after we got her to accept the first, the second was better, then she was wonderful. She has been an excellent mother since, taking special care of the little runt of the group which is being bottle-fed by Regina. The little guy wasn't doing so well for a while, but at two weeks of age has now increased to over 10 ounces from a low of 4 1/4 ounces. Elle always makes it a point to check on him. The first week she would sometimes go over and pick him up and lay him down so she could lay her head beside him. Some moms would push these little "poor-doers" away, but Elle took the loving approach. What a girl!

Elle's Pedigree

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