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Jenny Grey

Jenny Greyhound

Guess we decided to do something crazy on the way to Atlanta. A friend of mine who had Jenny had inquired about us taking this beautiful 55 pound greyhound who had a great career of racing in Daytona Beach Florida and we agreed. We loaded up the whippets for the move from Florida to Atlanta and picked Jenny up along the way. It was an easy adjustment for all and Jenny quickly settled into our pack of hounds.

Jenny loves the coursing field and ran well on her first day out. A few pad problems after running on the soft tracks at the Greyhound Track but those quickly healed and she is ready to take to the course again in the Spring of 2006. She did manage a first place in the open class of her first coursing event so we expect a bright future for Jenny on the lure coursing field. A big whippet for sure.

Jenny doing what she does best


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