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Kat"Kat" Dual Champion Bayberry's Cat in The Hat, FCh

This has to be one of the greatest finds ever as I ran across this beautiful whippet on the Bayberry Whippets Web Site. I fell in love with Kat's photo and quickly contacted Julie Alplanalp. It took a lot of convincing but Kat was soon on her way to Florida from Oregon. Kat soon joined our little group in Florida and became the first real athelete in the family. It took a little adjustment on both of our parts as Kat settled into her new home. Kat is a great runner and when I first saw her on the coursing field, I fell in love with her all over again. Kat took little time to take a Best in Field, the first of many and to get both her AKC and ASFA Field Championships.

I took Kat to Dallas in 2001 where I planned on her joining Judy Lowther for the summer to run NOTRA and NAWRA. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the comments about Kat and was influenced by several of my favorite show people to send Kat to be shown rather than to run for the summer. Kat joined Jeff and Lori Wilson and was soon completed her bench championship to become an AKC Dual Champion. Many thanks to Deborah Bahm for her help in showing Kat and talking me into sending her out to be shown.



As you can see from the photo,this whippet can fly!. Kat has won many Best in Fields for both AKC and ASFA. But don't let the line break or miss catching her at the finish line, or you are sure to spend the afternoon chasing her down. She loves to run and does not want to stop until she can run no more. Kat will be bred in the spring of 2004 and I look forward to having her line in our kennel for many many years to come. Kat has her own fan club after going Winners Bitch at the Duluth Kennel Club a few years ago and then going out the same weekend to win on the cousing field against a solid group of whippet runners. Kat is responsible for our love of the performance aspect of the whippet breed and I hope she will share some great running whippets with us for years to come.

Kat's Pedigree


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