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"A Tribute to Lizzi"
The First Whippet in Our Lives
January 4, 1992 to September 24, 1998

Some may say she was just a dog,
but we know she was so much more than that-
she was a little girl who stole our hearts
with her first kiss and our first pat.

A little girl, independent and strong,
with a heart of gold and a beautiful song.
A song she sang almost everyday,
always having something to say.

Whether with mommy, daddy, Jake or BJ,
Rusty or Tally, she got her way.
A child she could be, so gentle and shy
but leave her alone,
it was like Jeckel & Hyde

Boats couldn't pass quietly when she was around,
heading up the pack with her high-pitched sound.
The same with the boys, and Tally too,
when she walked by, all knew who ruled.


You could see it in her eyes,
her gait and her stand,
that she was the best and queen of the land
The queen she was and always will be,
the queen of our hearts,
and she took the key.

The title of champion she chose not to be
it's just a word, because all could see,
it is what she was, both inside and out,
the prettiest little girl without a doubt.

She left, though too soon,
for a place where no thunder rolls,
and trees full of squirrels,
as she goes on her stroll.

She takes a roll in the grass
and scratches her back
runs out on the pier, lets out a sigh,
and gracefully walks back.


As she nestles up in her own little bed,
all curled up and tucking her head,
she thinks to herself,
that she left in such a whirl
she hopes daddy remembers
she was his little girl

She left her spirit with us that night
but our eyes so full of tears
it was not in sight.
Her spirit stayed near easing our pain,
bringing back happy memories
and keeping us sane.

We know she is here and always will be,
for she's in everything we touch
everything we hear, and
everything we see.


She brought us so much more
than she will ever know,
and we will never understand
why she had to go.
It wasn't her desire,
and certainly not our wish,
but the angels called her name,
and we gave her one last kiss.

We hope she realizes how loved she was
by all her family, and it is because-
she was the sparkle in a diamond
and she was, and will always be,
daddy's little girl.


BJ Ch. D & R's Brindle of Joy-Bunn, "BJ"

June 12, 1994 - September 1, 2007

BJ was a one of a kind whippet and certainly, the gentleman of the household. We owned BJ from 10 weeks old, and he excelled as both a companion and a champion. BJ began his show career as a puppy, winning his first two puppy matches, going Best in Match at one and Group 1 at the other. At seven months of age, he took home ribbons all four days he showed at the Florida Winter Circuit in Sarasota, taking a class first, winner's dog, and two reserves. He also took Best in Sweepstakes under Cindy Scott. BJ completed his conformation title in Atlanta in 1996 at the MAWA Specialty under judge Dr. Robert D. Ingeglia going Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite with a five point major. This was the third major for BJ in his short show career. BJ had limited time in the show ring since, but despite loving his show time, he was pretty content to be a home body.

BJ was bred by Fred Bunn and Surely Rawlings of South Florida who's breeding lines came from Carol Harris of Bo-Bett Whippets and Sharon Saxson of Paris Whippets. We would probably have never entered the show ring had it not been a part of our bargaining arrangement with Fred. In order to take this beautiful little brindle boy home, we made a promise to Fred to show him. We are thankful to the breeders for allowing us to own this great little whippet. He was a lover, not a fighter, and greeted us every morning by raising up on us and pawing us gently as he stretches. He then stretched his long neck, his way of saying, "hey, give me a kiss".


BJBJ's sire and dam were both of the Erdelied-Bunn breeding line. BJ sired our first litter here at WhippetView Kennel after we had waited 10 long years before considering to breed this wonderful line of dogs. BJ was a special boy and was Regina's heart dog. He will be missed by all of those who were fortunate enough to have gotten a puppy from his litter. His demeanor was the best and he will always be in our hearts.

From Garth Brooks "The Dance"

And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd have had to miss the dance

Yes my life is better left to chance
I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance


The Gift of Love
By Regina Howton

BJ, my special puppy
I wish you were here
I wish this gift of love to let you go
Was one I did not have to give
But you told me it was time
Though my heart said “no”,
A precious gift was given for a new life to live.

How I miss you so
How my heart aches
How my hands want to touch you
How my eyes long to see your face,
If only for another moment
Though it wouldn’t ease the pain,
For a moment would not be long enough to make my sadness change

I look for you behind me
Following me where I go,
I listen for your fussy bark when you were being demanding.
I whisper to you and say “BJ, my boy, I miss you and will love you always.

I imagine you laying beside me,
Head tucked between my knees,
I catch a glimpse of you from the corner of my eye,
And for a split second think maybe it’s all a bad dream.

Then I realize you are not here,
And my eyes fill with tears.
But a breeze blows by and I feel you
I close my eyes and I see you
Your eyes are bright; you are full of life,
You’ve gone home to live with the angels,
Exactly where you belong.

I know your new life is better
You are healthy and feeling good.
I know with time my broken heart will heal,
And I will be able to think of you and smile.
But for now my heart aches and my eyes fill with tears
When I think of the gift of love we gave to you.

BJ, my special puppy, I wish you were here.


BJ's Pedigree

Jake Erdelied Bunn in Paris "Jake"

8/15/93 - 11/1/07

Jake is the alpha male of our little pack, sharing alpha dog with our girl Kat. Jake, a litter brother to Rusty, came to us at the age of 1 1/2 years old after being taken back by the breeder due to irreconcilable differences with Jake's show home. At the time, Jake was a thin whippet and difficult to keep weight on. But over the years, he has developed into a beautiful boy. Jake was shown a few more times winning ribbons from time to time. But the look in his eyes told us everything...that showing is not what he wanted to do. He is a beautiful runner and loves to chase the lure, competing during his younger days. Jake is the sire to our solid white whippet, Tally, his only litter.



Jake turned ten in 2003, and along with Rusty, is one of our most loving and affectionate whippets. His only negative habit is that he is very prey-driven. Jake loves to chase squirrels, cats, calves and anything else that moves in the yard. He is the protector of the pack and the peacemaker, always trying to break up arguments that may arise between the pack members.

Jake's softer side is what makes him so lovable. He is a top contender for "cuddle buddy". If you dare sit or lay down anywhere, he is going to be by your side, laying his head in your lap or across your neck. His happiness is cuddling with us or with one of his fellow whippets. If in need of a kiss, he is first in line to give you as many as you want. He provides love, strength and stability to our group of whippets here at WhippetView Kennels.

Jakes Pedigree



8/15/93 - 1/1/08


Rusty Rusty was our second whippet, the runt of his litter, joining our family as a twelve week old puppy. And what a bad puppy he was, always getting into something, tearing something up, and just being stubborn and defiant. I believe we replaced window blinds for us and others at least four times, three times of which he miraculously escaped from his locked crate and the other just pulling the blinds into his crate. He sounded like a turkey gobbling when crated at night, which is how he ended up being one of the privileged whippets to sleep under our covers. He slept in our bed for 14 1/2 years. Rusty has always been a "pet" in our household but gives more love to us than most of our other whippets. Rusty was a pretty good lure courser in his younger days, but his running became limited due to disk disease. Rusty would always spend his days taking life easy and enjoying the sunshine, always showing the same extreme enthusiasm when we return home whether it be a 10 minute trip or a 10 day vacation.




A mischevious young pup growing into a gentle old guy, leaving us to cross the rainbow bridge on January 1, 2008. Jake (his litter mate brother) and BJ (his half brother), left us shortly before him, but we know, and take comfort, that they are all together at the beautiful place over the bridge.




Tally "Tally" Erdelied Sno-Bunn E, FCh.

Tally was born in 1996, and from the time she was a puppy until now, has been know in our home as "Sunshine". Tally was shown a few times as a young whippet but really did not like the ring, like her father Jake who rules as alpha dog in our family. Tally was the most fun puppy ever, and I miss her younger days.

Tally has started to excel on the coursing field and has an ASFA BIF this year. We continue to course Tally in both AKC and ASFA events. Tally is probably the most true runner in the group as she follows the lure better than any of the other dogs and always does great with the toughest running circumstances when others do not perform well. Her running has been limited, as have our other whippets, but she loves to run, stays on the lure, and has beaten our girl Kat on a few occassions.




Tally is a beautiful white girl, the reason she was chosen from her litter as one of our favorite whippets ever. Tally seems to rule when she pleases and has always kept her puppy attitude as she has grown up over the years.

Tally's is one of the "chosen few" bed dogs in our family and spends most nights well below the covers. I think Tally will always be know as one of the fairest maidens to enter our lives and we are thankful to our breeder and friend Fred Bunn for this great little girl. There are some great photos of Tally as a wild puppy over on the photos page of the web site. Make sure you go over and bring a smile to your face when you see some of her photos.



Tally's Pedigree

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