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"I started in Whippets in 1971" after meeting a pair at a lure course. I rescued a 5wk old puppy quite by chance a few months later. Tristina was the product of a puppymill, her sire was a Fr import and her dam from the old Dahnkar lines. She was a dear little Whippet who loved to course with the Borzoi. I then learned about dog shows and my next Whippet was a Whirlaway son bred by Frederica Page of Farvel Whippets. Freddie became my mentor until her death at 91yrs in 2000. Ch Farvel's Falchion of Sangaree-- "Snapper"- was my first show dog, my first champion, and my constant companion for 14 yrs. In his mind, we were Siamese twins and he did not take separation for any reason lightly. His ashes rest in a chest near my bed where he slept, someday he and I will be together in a lovely place where wildflowers bloom, till then he sleeps in my heart. Now I would like you to meet the wonderful dogs here, and on the Past page, who were Sangaree.

Before falling madly in love with Whippets, I fell madly in love with my husband of over 40yrs. He is a golf nut. We have three grown children, one daughter, and two boys (who are Phoenix Police Officers), and 8 grandchildren ranging from 6 years to their mid-twenties. I'm the only obsessed dog person in the bunch, everyone else is 'normal.'


Pick of Litter:
Michael, 1963
Alissa, 1967
Jason, 1972

"My Hero"

"Jason's Story"

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