Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Celebrate the Breed

Enjoy Some History of the Whippet Breed

Learn a little about the history of this great breed from those who have shared their history with the WhippetView Website.

Ready! Waiting for the pistol shot. The "slippers literally
threw the dogs into stride. Many a race was won by a good "Slipper."

Making Ready: Runners-up making their dogs takenotice
of the rags which are to be waved at the winning line

Early Whippet racing in Pasadena, California circa 1920

"Winnie" Ch. Strathcona Girl of Arroyo
Winnie was a great "rag" dog, and she was scared of nothing in this world

Sidlaw Sloe Eyes of Arroyo, At age 14

1915 Ch. Fairy


Ch. Selbrook Highlight, Sept 21, 1959
Owner Mrs. Clare Hodge
Breeder: Mesdames J.R. & D.C. Selby (England)

Ch. Roanbar Star of Cachalong
Owner John Hutchins, Jr., Breeder: K Wilde

Ch. Ringmore Finisterre
Owner: Mr & Mrs Bob robinson
Breeder Joan Standring (England)

Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad
Owner: Mr & Mrs George Anderson
Breeder Mrs D.U. McKay (England)

Ch. Greenbrae Barn Dance
# 1 Whippet 1965 & 1966

Ch. Highland Sea Chanty of Aani