Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Thanks to Lynn Underwood for sharing this history.


Judge: Mrs. Philip S. P. Fell

Best of Opposite Sex. American Whippet Club.

Winners Dog. American Whippet Club.

Winners Bitch. American Whippet Club.

Reserve Winners Dog. Southern California Whippet Association.

Reserve Winners Bitch. Southern California Whippet Association.

WHIPPETS. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs.

29 Denroc Magnum of Amir. (Pam Stage, Agent). RE410578CAN. 03-01-84. Breeder: H.M. Turner. By Koira's Denroc Gambit - Nineveh Royal Denby. Owner: W.C. Peterson.

58 Jamal's Prime Time. HL 990923. 04-13-84. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Harmony's Firecracker - Somerset Scoundrel of Jamal. Owner: Joyce A. Messineo.

68 Runner's Oxford Aristocrat. HD 143768. 03-10-84. Breeder: Dianne Bowen & Dianne French. By Ch. Runner's He's the Continental - Ch. Spectre Wind Chime. Owner: Isabell Speight & Christy J. Nelson.

77 Sirhan's Elkin. RE414128CAN. 03-12-84. Breeder: Mrs. & Mrs. J.R. Benbow. By Ch. Morhsor's Majestic Dell - Ch. Sirhan Sithean Dulcimer. Owner: Agnes Stangrone.

WHIPPETS. Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Dogs.

18 High Flyer Blue Indigo. HD 131303. 02-05-84. Breeder: E. & R. Kovach. By Ch. Triple Times Rumor Has It - Ch. Dunberry Arwen. Owner: Doug Francis.

44 Seaspells Snow Goose. HD 149063. 01-14-84. Breeder: Jean Nelson. By Ch. Sporting Fields Krugerand - Sporting Fieldds Jacquaranda. Owner: I. Britton & L. Potts.

52 Esfahan Willabe The Gain. HD 125334. 01-29-84. Breeder: Jane Gaines & Donna Kelley. By Ch. Cyrano's Veni Vidi Vici - Cyrano's Tarnished Dove. Owner: Dick & Jean Schroeder.

62 Sekim Blackk Hawk v Grovenor. (Mona Martin, Agent). HL 981511. 12-16-83. Breeder: A. Bower, M. Martin & S. Klein. By Sekim Blue Eagle of Bantry - Grovenor Sekim Carry Me Home. Owner: Caryl Collins.

WHIPPETS. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

31 Gold Dust's Windfall. HO 927118. 02-26-82. Breeder: Bob & Joan Goldstein. By Ch. Stoney Meadows North Star - Ch. Gold Dust's Twenty-Four Karat. Owner: Diane Dixon & Joan Goldstein.

32 Bitterblues Prairie Fire FCh.. HO 712873. 12-17-79. Breeder: Linda L. & Paul Garwacki & A. Stevens. By Ch. Saturn's Star Duster FCh. - Greyfriar Phoenix CD. Owner: Linda L. & Paul Garwacki.

38 Whippoorwill Rum Toddy. HD 092777. 02-28-83. Breeder: Dr. Barbara L. Hendeson & pat Traino. By Ch. Hardknott Maestro of Bohenr - Ch. Whippoorwill Topaz. Owner: Dr. Barbara L. Henderson.

67 Bedlam's Jumpin' Jack Flash CD. HC 744903. 01-02-80. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Fenwick of Whippoorwill - Ch. Sporting Fields Putt-Putt CD. Owner: Pat Traino.

WHIPPETS. Open Dogs.

8 Evergreen's Carbon Copy. HD 094862. 07-19-82. Breeder: K. Jeffers & T. Catterson. By Ch. Rafina Mountain Music - Misty Moor's Kahlua & Creme. Owner: Tiffany L. Nesbitt.

19 Azalea Hill's Chermondoley. (Janet' Baughn, Agent). HD 135406. 10-18-83. Breeder Owner. By Ch. Azalea Hill's Dream-Maker - Ch. Azalea Hill's Cherish. Owner: Lauretta Fox.

20 Alloa Act One of Tenaj. (Jennifer Prawel, Agent). HC 696265. 11-08-79. Breeder Loa Jane Miller & S.R. Blackstone. By Whirlaway Doc Holliday - I'm Miss Kitty. Owner: Janet Meyer , Loa Jane Miller & Carroll Hayhurst.

27 Prophecy's De La Renta. HL 976827. 05-26-83. Breeder: David Gibbons. By Ch. Misty Moor's Chalmondoley - Ch. Coastwind Beyond Cricketela. Owner: Robert & Faith Peters.

30 Whipple Tree Isaac. HD 064076. 03-18-83. Breeder: D. Jordan & E. Kirley. By Ch. Whipple Tree Raison Cain - Ch. Greylocks Meloni Whipple Tree. Owner: J.H. McLaughlin.

34 Bitterblue Sithean Sage Ff ire. HC 946690. 03-24-82. Breeder: T. & L. Garwicki & Ann Stevens. By Ch. Timbars Shadow of the Moon - Greyfriar's Phoenix CD. Owner: Dale Healy & Linda Garwicki.

51 Gazon's Fleeting Illusion. HD 066821. 06-11-83. Breeder: Jym Webb. By Ch. Marial's Padneyhill Illusion - Stonymeadow's Snow Job FCh.. Owner: John S. & Elizabeth A. Gordon & Patrick Hipps.

53 Turnery Phil-Landra Runswift. HC 948903. 05-01-82. Breeder Phil E. Armstrong. By Glorybound the Racer's Edge - Cedar Hill Lotus. Owner: Karen A. Turner.

54 Rimskittle SM Riptide. (Margery Good, Agent). HD 142664. 09-20-83. Breeder: Mr. & Mrs. James E. Clark. By Ch. Stoney Meadows Mognet - Rimskittle Sea Bride. Owner: Mrs. W.P. Wear.

57 Whippoorwill Rock Wren. (Donna Work, Agent). HC 925250. 01-03-82. Breeder: Dr. Barbara Henderson. By Ch. Whippletres Raisin Cain - Ch. Lady Blair of Whippoorwill. Owner: Michael D. Work & Dr. Barbara L. Henderson.

65 Carbeth If By Chance. HD 162115. 04-28-83. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Hound Hill Brattleboro, CD - Carbeth Jira of Amulet. Owner: Caroline E. Kirchner.

69 Windy Hill's Misty Morn. (William J Trainor, Agent). HC 735849. 03-27-80. Breeder: Owners. By Windsprite Schypwyc - Kejan Anchovy of Kristobel. Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Roberts.

70 Stoney Meadows Magistrate. (Tom Bruni, Agent). HC 827396. 03-24-81. Breeder: Doris S. Wear. By Stoney Meadows Bete Noire - Cricket Hearth Liza-With-A-Z. Owner Mary Jane Pruett & Doris S. Wear.

Winners Dog ........................ Reserve ........................ Points ............... Dogs ..............

WHIPPETS. Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches.

28 Denroc Farvel Jo lie of Amir. (Pam Stage. Agent). RE410579CAN. 03-01-84. Breeder H.M. Turner. By Koira's Denroc Gambit - Nineveh Royal Denby. Owner: W.C. Peterson.

55 Kingsway Popcorn. HD 161381. 04-28-84. Breeder: Barbara J. Divers. By Ch. Xzora's Coal Town - Kingsway Blues In the Night. Owner: Jerry & Carole Shirk & Barbara Divers.

WHIPPETS. Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches.

50 Myne's Whipp't Creme. HL 975623. 12-16-83. Breeder: Ron L. & K.M. Myers & S. Jones. By Ch. Delacreme Avante Garde - Ch. Snowflight Porcelana of Myne. Owner: Mary Norato-Indeglia.

WHIPPETS. Novice Bitches.

74 Surrey Hill's Olympia. HD 034556. 01-25-83. Breeder: Carolyn Bowers. By Whippoorwill Moonstone - Ch. Whippoorwill Surrey. Owner: N. Glynn & Dr. Barbara L. Henderson.

WHIPPETS. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

35 Bitterblue's Running on Empty. HD 129557. 12-17-83. Breeder: L.L. & P. Garwacki. By Bitterblue's Ffire Starter Fld. Ch. - Ch. Bitterblue Bird off Fire Fld. Ch.. Owner: Nancy Dripps & Linda Garwacki.

39 Whippoorwill Rum Punch. HD 072630. 02-28-83. Breeder: Barbara Henderson & Pat Traino. By Ch. Hardknott Maestro of Bohem - Ch. Whippoorwill Topaz. Owner: Virginia A. Blackwell & Dr. Barbara L. Henderson.

61 MorShor Plumcreek Moment. HD 131052. 11-21-83. Breeder: Owners. By Ch. Plumcreek Walk On Water - Ch. MorShor Crown Jewel. Owner: Dianne T. Bleecker & Linda M. Larson.

WHIPPETS. American-Bred Bitches.

23 Spectre Keepsake. HC 880522. 05-24-81. Breeder: Owners. By Ch. Morshor's Appraxin Ariel - Ch. Spectre Westgate Temptress. Owner: Donna J. & David W. Lukasky.

WHIPPETS. Open Bitches.

9 Rafina Second Hand Rosc. HL 965406. 04-25-83. Breeder: B. Pendergrass & D. Lockhart. By Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves - Ch. Rafina Patent Pending. Owner: J. Hopkins & B. Wheat.

11 Fantasy Solitaire Chaparral. HD 071518. 06-20-83. Breeder: David & Sue Christenson, By Delphi Domino CD - Delphi Sparkle Plenty. Owner: Shelley Hennessy.

12 Highlight's Curiosity Shop. HC 912981. 02-17-82. Breeder: Madeleine W. Clement & Margaret C. Hodge. By Ch. Highlight's Jetliner - Ch. Highhope's Cream Sherry. Owner: Gladys V. Downer & Madeleine W. Clement.

15 Windy Hill's Galena. (Sondra Harris, Agent). HC 887152. 08-30-81. Breeder: Owners. By Ch. Windy Hill's Sandsprite - Kejan Anchovy of Kristobel. Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Roberts.

16 Meadowlark's Southern Rhythm. HD 022714. 11-17-82. Breeder: Rose Marie Ross. By Ch. Gambit Casanova - Meadowlark's Summer Luv. Owner Linda A. Teresko.

17 Amir's Summer Song. (Debbie Tarantini, Agent). HC 992573. 11-16-82. Breeder: Betsy M. Prior & Roberta R. Russ. By Ch. Khiva's Show Stopper - Misty Moors Mazurka of Amir. Owner Gino Tarantini & Betsy M. Prior.

21 Jamal's November Light. HD 037712. 11-18-82. Breeder: Joyce & Joseph Messineo. By Ch. Arrian's Facet of Gold-Dust - Ch. Stoney Meadows Perinneal. Owner: Cynthia Schmidt.

33 Bitterblue's Castle Ffire. HC 927561. 03-24-82. Breeder: Paul & Linda Garwacki & A. Stevens. By Ch. Timbar's Shadow of the Moon - Greyfriar Phoenix CD. Owner: Norma Silloway & Linda Garwacki.

42 Whippoorwill Bohem Aria. HD 045743. 04-29-83. Breeder: Dr. Barbara Henderson & Dee Berger. By Ch. Hardknott Maestro of Bohem - Ch. Whippoorwill Precious Gem. Owner: Bo N. Bengtson & Dr. B. Henderson.

46 MorShor's Tiara. (Dianne T Bleecker, Agent). HD-061588. 07-02-83. Breeder Dianne T. Bleecker. By Ch. MorShor's Northem Star - Ch. MorShor's Dark Amethyst. Owner Donna Nugent.

48 Bo-Bett Tina Ballerina. (Davin McAteer, Agent). HD 115614. 09-27-83. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Jumaca's Majic Joy Musician - Ch. Grovenors Marla of Morshor. Owner: Carol Parker.

49 Azalea Hill's Tiffany. (Janey Baughn, Agent). HD 108655. 10-18-83. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Azalea Hill's Dream-Maker - Ch. Azalea Hill's Cherish. Owner: Lauretta E. Fox.

56 Plumcreek Dance in the Dark. HC 915745. 11-02-81. Breeder: Linda & Richard Larson. By Ch. Plumcreek Chimney Swift - Plumcreek September Romance. Owner: Gerald P. & Carol A. Larm.

63 Sekims ltsnowhippet. (Mona Martin, Agent). HL 958700. 06-02-83. Breeder: Alan R. Bower & Mona Martin. By Jabber - Sekim Bantry Tainted Love. Owner: Alicia Collins & Mona Martin.

64 Equinox Summer Breeze. HC 971004. 04-20-82. Breeder: Linda Petree. By Ch. Hound Hill Brattleboro CD - Ch. Equinox Enterprise. Owner: Chris & Steve Crawford.

66 Travlin' Tan Fan Tasia. (Thomas Glassford, Agent). HD 032341. 12-29-82. Breeder: Owner. By Van Oordshot'ss Toro Arm - Sundance's Eagle Point. Owner: Terry Schwartzman.

75 Sekim's Pippi V Grovenor. HD 149676. 04-12-83. Breeder: Alan Bower & Mona Martin & Sonja K. Klein. By Grovenor's Renegade Legend - Grovenor's Sekim Carry Me Home. Owner: Tracey Parr & Mona Martin & Judith Parr.

79 Ariami's Sheer Chaos CD F.Ch.. HC 842895. 05-22-81. Breeder: Betti Trestman & Jill Baum. By Ch. Martincrest's Freckles - Ariami's Shannondoah. Owner: Jill S. Baum.

Winners Bitch .......................... Reserve ......................... Points ............... Bitches ..............

WHIPPETS. Veteran Bitches.

25 Ch. Imperial Angelica. (Jeanne Millett, Agent). HC 281786. 03-05-76. Breeder: Joseph & Anne Fazio. By Ch. Westgate the Astrologer - Grand Prix Night Music. Owner: V.M. Lemieux.

WHIPPETS. Best of Breed Competition.

10 Ch. O'Bailee's Brittania. (Kim Spring, Agent). HC 805124. 02-03-81. Breeder: Stacey & David Kreisbeg. By Ch. Greyfriar Captivator Rd. Ch. - Ch. Whippoorwill Brite Flare. Dog. Owner: S.H. Bailey & K. Spring.

14 Ch. Windyhill's Black-Jack. HC 791942. 01-07-81. Breeder: Owners. By Windyhill's Nightsprite - Windyhill's Inkberry. Dog. Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Roberts.

22 Ch. Double R's Sumthin' Speshul. (Corinne Goering, Agent). HC 920840. 10-16-81. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Norika's Smooth Sailing - Ch. Korsar's Por Que de Double R. Bitch. Owner: Corinne Goering.

24 Ch. Loral's Gemstone of Bent Oak. (Michael E Scott, Agent). HD 057322. 03-03-83. Breeder: C. & C. Johnson & Debra Loral Groshans. By Ch. Hound-Hill Brattleboro CD - Ch. Loral's Pay the Piper. Dog. Owner: Debra Aycock.

26 Ch. Amir Chocolate Mousse. (Pam Stage, Agent). HC 996601. 11-16-82. Breeder: Betsy M. Prior & Roberta R. Russ. By Ch. Khiva's Show Stopper - Misty Moor's Mazurka of Amir. Dog. Owner: William C. Peterson.

36 Ch. Whippoorwill High Flyer. HC 618808. 01-03-82. Breeder: Dr. Barbara Henderson. By Ch. Whippletrees Raisin Cain - Ch. Lady Blair of Whippoorwill. Bitch. Owner: Harriett Nash Lee.

37 Ch. Hardknott Maestro of Bohem. HC 992106. 11-30-81. Breeder: Mrs. M.E. Bennett. By Ch. Novacroft Madrigal - Ch. Belinda of Hardknott. Dog. Owner: Dr. Barbara L. Henderson & Bo Bengtson.

40 Elysian Like an Angel. HD 009558. 07-03-82. Breeder: Dr. James Gray. By Elysian Summer Storm - Elysian Escapade. Bitch. Owner Sandra Motz & J. Gray.

41 Ch. Heatherlane Black Eyed Susan. HD 118859. 05-28-83. Breeder: N. Levandoski & B. Parsons. By Ch. Plumcreek Chase Manhattan CD - Ch. Stoney Meadows Painted Lady. Bitch. Owner: Calvin Perry & Nick Levandoski.

45 Ch. Mister Sluggo Fair. (Thomas L. Bruni, Agent). HC 721841. 03-18-80. Breeder: Jacquelyn Bruni. By Ch. Mojo's Harvest Flame - Ch. Knolland Jocasta of Montec. Dog. Owner: Art Foff.

47 Ch. Nirvana's Solo of Bo-Bett. (Davin McAteer. Agent). HC 941441. 05-12-82. Breeder: Virginia M. Rurr. By Ch. Misty Moor's Chamondoley - Ch. Appraxin's Kampfer Nicole. Bitch. Owner: Roger Parker.

59 Ch. Morshor's Majestic Dell. HD 005075. 12-20-82. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Plumcreek Walk On Water - Ch. Morshor's Royal Bid, Fld. Ch.. Dog. Owner: Dianne T. Bleecker.

60 Ch. Magpi's Sister Of Otto. HC 897327. 08-31-81. Breeder: Corey & Marguerite Delaplain. By Ch. Harmonys Firecracker - Magpi's Puesta Del Sol. Bitch, Owner: Dianne T. Bleecker.

71 Ch. Sekim's Blue Michelle of Bantry. (Michael Sherman, Agent). HC 892550. 12-13-80. Breeder: Erik P. & Mona Martin. By Sekim Golden Eagle of Bantry - Ardencaple Sekim Ms. Erika. Bitch. Owner: Jeremy Price Mona Martin & Michael Sherman.

72 Ch. Sundance Haut Brion F.Ch.. HC 910391. 10-17-81. Breeder: Christine Blake. By Ch. Sundance Super Devil F.Ch. - Travelin' Sundance Zanna Anna. Bitch. Owner . Tom Yeager & Jack McManus.

73 Ch. Stoney Meadows Queen of Hearts. (Margery Good. Agent). HC 942634. 09-13-81. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Stoney Meadows Equinex Equipoise - Ch. Grovenor's Royal Legacy. Bitch. Owner: Mrs. W.P. Wear.

76 Ch. Konza's Custom Made. (Ken Murray, Agent). HD 019918. 09-20-82. Breeder Owners. By Stoney Meadows Numero Uno - Ch. Stoney Meadows Modiste. Dog. Owner: Robert E. Magtag.

78 Ch. Tudor's Quicksilver Serenade Fld.Ch.. HC 962992. 08-11-82. Breeder: Pamela & Marthann Kohl. By Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Flight - Ch. Xzora's Genuine Risk. Bitch. (Obedience No. 170). Owner Jill S. Baum & Pam Kohl.

Best of Breed ............................ Best of Winners ............................. Best of Opposite Sex ...............................