Celebrate the Whippet Breed

The 2006 Eukanuba Invitational Meet the Breeds Whippet Booth

From: Angie Diehl - Nysa Hill LLC

The Whippet “Meet the Breeds” booth at the 2006 Eukanuba Invitational Sat-Sun Dec 2-3 drew many whippet fanciers and newbies alike to gather around our “fireplace” and settle in with our wonderful whippet ambassadors. The centerpiece of the AWC booth was a fireplace (electric for safety, but with logs afire and “flames” going). To the left were many whippet highlights of the past, along with the origins of the whippet. Featured were so many of the wonderful dogs and archival items from The AWC website.

Getting ready for the public

The fire kept the whippets warm

To the right of the fire were recent and present whippet notables, plus whippet activities of all kinds from coursing to agility, from therapy work to conformation.

In front of the fireplace lay cushions, faux furs and suede, for the dogs and those who wanted to sit a spell with them. There was no shortage of whippet huggers; kids especially loved sitting near the hearth with the dogs. One boy said he wanted to “be a whippet” and promptly mimicked the sphinx pose of one of the dogs in the booth.

This little guy wanted to be a whippet

Displaying current photos of Whippets

Many thanks to all who volunteered their time, their knowledge and their wonderful whippet ambassadors. I hope I don’t forget anyone here (working off an old list and no sleep):

Christine DeClerk
Deann Christianson
Daniel Lockhart
Debbie Boyle
Nadine Pettit
Jo and Norm Rufing
Anita Imboden
The Mushens, TM Burmin (whose CH NOBILITY ANNE BOLEYN TIVIO JC showed beautifully Saturday AM and won an Award of Excellence
Rachel Amado
Eva Engvall
Richard Shimko
Patricia Shiner

I know Ron Waggoner also volunteered, and there were several others who ended up helping at the booth impromptu, so please advise if there are any others who need to be mentioned.

Bob Mushen enjoying time with the whippets

Each of the volunteers had something interesting to say about what happened during their shift. Jo Rufing had a wonderful chat with a man who’d just lost his beloved whippet of 14 years. Later that evening, as Jo watched the Groups, she realized that man was Hound Group Judge Mr. James G. Reynolds. Daniel Lockhart and Debbie Boyle were invaluable in providing many of the names of the featured whippet greats of the past, and sharing their encyclopedic knowledge of those greats. Jo Rufing brought myriad handouts, from whippet FAQs to rescue info and why one should (or should not) get a whippet. Also featured were the whippet books of Patsy Gilmour and Bon Bengtson, both of which got plenty of booth interest.

This young girl enjoys her first time meeting the whippets

Although, due to family issues, I did not get a chance to add the final video screens atop our booth, which would have featured the piece de resistance -- whippets in motion, of all sports -- feedback seemed to be positive from volunteers and whippet fans alike. One AKC booth judge stopped by to comment on our set-up; he liked our props, details and the calm temperaments of our wonderful dogs. He pointed across the aisle to an empty booth which had been reserved for another breed that had no volunteers and no dogs present the whole weekend.

Next year can only get better, with everyone’s positive input and help. It was terrific to see our community and whippet lovers of all kinds, come together to make this a success.

Congrats to Angie and Moxi for their Best in Breed at the Eukanuba
Moxie shown with her handler Mandy Clevenger
Photo by Carol Beuchat

The booth was busy throughout the show

Christine DeClerk sits in front of the Whippets of Old display

Deann Christianson sits in front of the fire

Epic enjoying the fire

Handouts to interested participants at the show

Whippet kisses were shared with newcomers as well

The Whippets kept all laughing