Celebrate the Whippet Breed

By Carol Huff, Indigo Whippets (Racing, Obedience, Lure Coursing, and Show Dogs)

We are very proud of all of our guys past and present, including Phazor-Bitterblues Fazer-ffire LCM, CDX, Brain-Indigo's
Linear Accelerator CRX4, ORC/NORC ptd, WRA ptd and her brother Max Ch Indigo Shoreline Max Thrust WRCH, ORC/NORC ptd, ASFA ptd and Kitty, the world's smallest but cutest Borzoi :)

Titles, you want titles???? The following is snitched from our Versatility catalog....If you know of any that are missing, please let me know...

Appendix B
Explanation of Titles: This is a list of the more common abbreviations and titles seen attached to a whippet's registered name.
There are other titles and other organizations we might have missed. This is not intended as a slight, we just could not find the information in time to go to press. The affiliated organizations are:

  • AKC (American Kennel Club)
    ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association)
    AWC (American Whippet Club)
    CARA (Canadian Amateur Racing Association)
    CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)
    CWA (Continental Whippet Alliance)
    NADAC(North American Dog Agility Club)
    NAFA (North American Flyball Association)
    NAWRA (North American Whippet Racing Association)
    NOFCA (National Open Field Coursing Association)
    NOTRA (National Oval Track Racing Association)
    UKC (United Kennel Club)
    USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association)
  • WRA (Whippet Racing Association)

    An asterisk (*) marks a title which can only be won by defeating other dogs in competition.

  • AAD-(USDAA) Advanced Agility Dog
    AC-(AKC) Agility Champion
    AD-(USDAA) Agility Dog
    ADCH-(USDAA) Agility Dog Champion *
    AFC-(AKC) Amateur Field Champion
    AJW-(AKC) Excellent Jumpers with Weaves
    AKC GDSC-(AKC) Gun Dog Stake Champion
    AKC RGDSC-(AKC) Retrieving Gun Dog Stake Champion
    AKC-American Kennel Club
    APD-(USDAA) Accomplished Performance Dog
    ARM-(AWC) Award of Racing Merit (now discontinued) *
    ARX-(CWA) Award of Racing Excellence *
    AV-(AWC) Award of Versatility
    AVX-(AWC) Award of Versatility Excellent
    AX-(AKC) Agility Excellent
    AXJ-(AKC) Excellent Jumpers with Weaves
    BIF-Best in Field *
    BIS-Best in Show *
    BISS-Best in Specialty Show *
    BOB-Best of Breed
    BOS-Best Opposite Sex
    BOW-Best of Winners
    CAV-(AWC) Champion Award of Versatility
    CAVX-(AWC) Champion Award of Versatility Excellent
    CC-(NOFCA) Coursing Champion *
    CCH-(U.K.C). Conformation Champion *
    CD-(AKC) Companion Dog
    CDX-(AKC) Companion Dog Excellent
    CERF-Canine Eye Registry foundation
    CGC-(AKC) Canine Good Citizen
    CH-(AKC) Champion *
    CM-(NOFCA) Courser of Merit *
    CR-(WRA) Companion Racer *
    CRX-(WRA) Companion Racer of Excellence *
    CT-(AKC) Champion Tracker (TD, TDX and VST)
    DC-(AKC) Dual Champion * = Ch & FCh or HC or AFC
    DPC-(CWA) Dual Purpose Champion *
    EAC-(NADAC) Excellent Agility
    EGC-(NADAC) Excellent Gamblers
    EJC-(NADAC) Excellent Jumpers
    FC-(AKC) Field Champion *
    FCh-(ASFA) Field Champion *
    FCh-(CFSA) Field Champion *
    FChX -(CFSA) Field Champion Excellent *
    FCI-Federation Cynologique International
    FD-(NAFA) Flyball Dog
    FDCh-(NAFA) Flyball Dog Champion
    FDX-(NAFA) Flyball Dog Excellent
    FGDCh-(NAFA) Flyball Grand Champion
    FM-(NAFA) Flyball Master
    FMCh-(NAFA) Flyball Master Champion
    FMX-(NAFA) Flyball Master Excellent
    GM-(USDAA) Gamblers Master
    GRCCH-(U.K.C.) Grand Conformation Champion *
    HC-(AKC) Herding Champion
    HD-Hip Dysplasia
    HI-(AKC) Herding Intermediate
    HIT-High in Trial *
    HS-(AKC) Herding Started
    HT-(AKC) Herding Tested
    HX-(AKC) Herding Excellent
    ILP-(AKC) Indefinite Listing Privilege
    Int.CH-(FCI) International Champion *
    JC-(AKC) Junior Courser
    JE-(AKC) Junior Earthdog
    JH-(AKC) Junior Hunter
    JM-(USDAA) Jumpers master
    JrRD-(NAWRA) Junior Racing Dog *
    LCM-(ASFA) Lure Courser of Merit *
    LCX-(AKC) Lure Courser Excellent. *
    MACH-(AKC) Master Agility Champion -new title 1999
    MACH2, MACH3, MACH4, etc. MACH may be followed by a number designation to indicate the quantity of times the dog has met the requirements of the MACH title.
    MAD-(USDAA) Masters Agility Dog *
    MC-(AKC) Master Courser
    ME-(AKC) Master Earthdog
    MG-(USDAA) Masters Gamblers
    MH-(AKC) Master Hunter
    MJ-(USDAA) Masters Jumpers
    MJW-(AKC) Masters Jumpers with Weaves
    MR-(USDAA) Masters pairs Relay
    MS-(USDAA) Masters Snooker *
    MX-(AKC) Masters Agility Excellent
    MXJ-(AKC) Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves
    NA-(AKC) Novice Agility
    NAC-(NADAC) Novice Agility Certified
    NACC-(NACA) North American Coursing Champion *
    NACM-(NACA) North American Courser of Merit.*
    NAFC-(AKC) National Amateur Field Champion *
    NAJ-(AKC) Novice Jumpers with Weaves
    NATCH-(NADAC) National Agility Champion *
    NFC-(AKC) National Field Champion *
    NGC-(NADAC) Novice Gamblers Certified
    NJC-(NADAC) Novice Jumpers Certified
    NJW-(AKC) Novice Jumpers with Weaves
    NOC-(AKC) National Obedience Champion *
    NOGDC-(AKC) National Open Gun Dog Champion
    OA-(AKC) Open Agility
    OAC-(NADAC) Open Agility
    OAJ-(AKC) Open Jumpers with Weaves
    OFA-Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
    OGC-(NADAC) Open Gamblers
    OJC-(NADAC) Open Jumpers
    OJW-(AKC) Open Jumpers with Weaves
    ONYX-(NAFA) ONYX Award
    ORC-(NOTRA) Oval Race Champion *
    ORCh-(CARA) Canadian Oval Race Champion*
    ORCh-(CARA) Oval Race Champion *
    ORM-(CARA) Oval Racer of Merit *
    OTCH-(AKC) Obedience Trial Champion *
    PD1-(USDAA) Performance Dog 1
    PD2-(USDAA) Performance Dog 2
    PD3-(USDAA) Performance Dog 3
    PDG-(USDAA) Performance Gambler
    PDJ-(USDAA) Performance Jumper
    PDS-(USDAA) Performance Snooker
    PT-(AKC) Pre-Trial Tested
    RCh-(NAWRA) Race Champion *
    RChX-(CARA) Race Champion Excellent *
    RM-(USDAA) Relay Master
    ROM-(AKC) Register of Merit
    ROMX-(AKC) Register of Merit Excellent
    VCD1-(AKC) Versatile Companion Dog 1 = CD, NA, NAJ & TD
    VCD2-(AKC) Versatile Companion Dog 2 = CDX, OA, OAJ & TD
    VCD3-(AKC) Versatile Companion Dog 3 = UD, AX, AXJ & TDX
    VCD4-(AKC) Versatile Companion Dog 4 = UDX, MX, MXJ & VST
    VG-(USDAA) Veterans Gamblers-in 1999 became PDG-Performance Dog Gambler
    VJ-(USDAA) Veterans Jumper-in 1999 becomes PDJ-Performance Dog Jumper
    VMAD-(USDAA) Veterans Masters Agility Dog-in 1999 became PD3-Performance Dog 3
    VOR-(CARA) Veteran Oval Racer
    VPD-(USDAA) Veterans Performance Dog in 1999 became APD- Accomplished Performance Dog
    VR-(NOTRA) Veteran Racer
    VS-(USDAA) Veterans Snooker-in 1999 became PDS-Performance Dog Snooker
    VSR-(CARA) Veteran Straight Racer
    VST-(AKC) Variable Surface Tracker
    WB-Winners Bitch
    WD-Winners Dog
    WRCh-(WRA) Whippet Race Champion *

    • WRChX-(WRA) Whippet Race Champion Excellent *
      • RWB-Reserve Winners Bitch
        RWD-Reserve Winners Dog
        SBIS-Specialty Best in Show *
        SC-(AKC) Senior Courser
        SE-(AKC) Senior Earthdog
        SH-(AKC) Senior Hunter
        SM-(USDAA) Snookers Master
        SORC-(NOTRA) Supreme Oval Race Champion*
        SRA-(CWA) Superior Racing Award
        SRCh (NAWRA) Race Champion Excellent *
        SRCh-(CARA) Straight Race Champion *
        SRCh-(NAWRA) Supreme Race Championship *
        SRE-(NAWRA) Certificate of Show & Racing Excellence *
        SRM-(CARA) Straight Racer of Merit *
        SrRD-(NAWRA) Senior Racing Dog
        TC-(AKC) Triple Champion = DC & OTCH or CT or AC *
        TD-(AKC) Tracking Dog
        TDI-Therapy Dog International
        TDX-(AKC) Tracking Dog Excellent
        TRP-(CWA) Title of Racing Proficiency
        TT-Temperament Tested
        UACH-(UKC) United Agility Champion
        UACHX-(UKC) Agility Champion Excellent Title
        UAGI-(UKC) Agility I Title
        UAGII-(UKC) Agility II Title
        UCD-(UKC) United Companion Dog
        U-CD-(UKC) Companion dog
        UCDX-(UKC) United Companion Dog Excellent
        U-CDX-(UKC) Companion dog excellent
        UD-(AKC) Utility Dog
        UDX-(AKC) Utility Dog Excellent
        UOCH-(UKC) United Obedience Champion Dog
        UUD-(UKC) United Utility Dog
        U-UD-(UKC) Utility dog
        VAAD-(USDAA) Veterans Advanced Agility Dog-in 1999 becomes PD2-Performance Dog 2
        VAD-(USDAA) Veterans Agility Dog-in 1999 becomes PD1-Performance Dog 1
      • VCCH-(AKC) Versatile Companion Ch. = OTCH, MACH & CT

      Carol, the fumble fingered typist that assembles the catalog...