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Articles of Interest from Whippet owners around the world.

The topics covered on this site will hopefully assist many owners with a better understanding of dealing with their dogs and some of the problems that go along with ownership of the Whippet breed. The topics covered here are suggestion only and might not solve your problem, but may assist you with a better understanding of the breed. All articles are published on this site with the permission of the authors and any questions can be directed to the email address located on each page.

We hope to cover some of the more interesting aspects of Whippet ownership and will try to provide you with information on the many aspects of Whippet behavior. Remember, these articles and suggestions should be used for reference purposes only, and you may not achieve the same results that other Whippet owners have received.

Good luck with your Whippets, and I hope some of the recommendations on these pages will assist you.





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