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Using Cut Heal?


Question by Linda Stone, Whippet Owner
My boxermutt, Otto, recently had his teeth cleaned and a fatty tumor removed from his "armpit" (for lack of a better description). They put in dissolvable stitches and he was doing fine, not licking, till he put his back foot up to scratch and took the stitches out, the Sunday night after the Tuesday surgery. Took him to the vet Monday a.m., and she said the sides of the cut were starting to heal, so she couldn't restitch. She suggested just treating as an open would and letting it heal. She wrapped him up. By that night he had the bandages chewed off. It's a really hard spot to wrap, what with the friction from him walking and the fact that it's right where the leg meets the body. I re-wrapped him with a gauze pad and vet wrap, put a t-shirt on him to keep his feet off the sore, changed bandages mid-week, and took him back in today. The sore is looking good, although it's a little bloody-water-ish. It's a little bigger than a quarter. The vet checked it, put some antibiotic ointment on it, and rewrapped him. By the time we got home the bandages were sliding down his leg.

Here (finally) is my question. What is Cut Heal, and would it help in this case, where the cut has started to heal and is hard to keep covered? I saw it at Farm & Fleet while shopping for more Vet Wrap and thought I remembered race folks talking about it. The vet did say I could leave it open if I could deal with the oozing.


Heather Myers, Cara Keeshonden & Whippets

I have used Cut Heal on both my dogs and horses. However, I personally would prefer using Furazone power spray (also a horse product basically). Have used this often with good success. I would think that the purpose would be to dry it up. Depending on how deep it is, it would have to heal from the inside out.

Heather Myers
Cara Keeshonden & Whippets
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By Carolynn Bates, Cajen Whippets

[Editor's note: Carolyn asks that you understand that she is a user and not a vet. :-)

Her point is a good one... The reader is reminded that if there is any doubt on how to handle the wound, you should consult your veterinarian. These notes are based on the user's experiences, but may not work for all dogs in all situations.]

I agree that Furazone powder spray would work well. I've never used it on anything but a smaller wound but it did do the job well. Cut Heal also heals from the inside out. Either should do the job. Not much can be done about the oozing unless you can keep it wrapped.

With CutHeal, it really is best to clean and debride the wound each time the stuff is put on. It takes a while to heal but usually doesn't even leave a scar. It is wonderful stuff and stinks to high heaven. *Grin*

Carolynn Bates
Cajen Whippets
Grand Prairie, TX