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Liver Bait, by Mary Hope Schoenfeld

I do it the easy way. Put liver in covered pan on stove with a little tamari or teriyaki sauce, sprinkle on a little garlic powder, cover & braise on low heat for an hour, remove & let dry on a rack until cool. Wipe off any remaining moisture with a paper towel & you're good to go!

Mary Hope Schoenfeld

Liver Bait, by Paula Knight, Templar WhippetsWell, I'm sure everyone has their own recipe for this, but here is what I do. I take the fresh beef liver and I boil it in water with some garlic salt in it for about 30 minutes.......slowly. I take it out and put it on a microwave safe plate and sprinkle with fresh garlic. Then I microwave it for 50 seconds. Then I turn it over and do the same to the other side. Then cut to size and put in baggies. Then into the fridge/freezer.

Paula Knight

Liver Bait, by Melody Joyce, Rejoyce Whippets I've always just put the liver into a saucepan, cover it with water, boil it until the liver is cooked through, drain the water and pat dry the liver between paper towels. I separate it into single portions, put those in baggies, and freeze them. On show days, one frozen portion per dog goes into the tack box, and by the time we're ready to go into the ring, it's thawed and ready. Doing it this way leaves it almost as moist as when it's been freshly cooked, and the dogs just go crazy over it, even without the garlic.

Melody ("Mel") Joyce



Weight Gain Assistance

Disclaimer: All articles below are from Whippet owners based on their experience, and are for reference only. If you have a severely malnourished dog, consult with your veterinarian to ensure that any underlying conditions are identified and treated.

Recipe for Fat Balls

Submitted by Gaelen Gates, Whippet Owner in California

I have had luck with giving Rocket fat balls. This isn't the exact recipe I used but is generally the same...

Also, we feed her Nutro "Natural Choice High Energy" food (which has a picture of a Whippet on the front of the bag) which is high in fat and protein, and helps her keep weight on. Good luck!

For the finicky, the super-skinny, or those recovering from an illness.

  • Recipe:
    • 2 C Tomatoes - Puree in a blender
    • 2 C Green Beans - Puree in a blender
    • 1 pound of Liver - Puree in a blender and cook
    • 3 C Cooked Elbow Macaroni
    • 4 C Cooked Rice
    • 4 Egg yolks
    • 1/3 Jar of Honey1 C olive oil
    • 1/3 Jar of Wheat Germ
    • 2 -3 pounds of Raw Hamburger
    Fix all of the above ingredients (in a BIG container) and add Chex Cereal or oatmeal to bind together.
    Make "meatballs" out of this mixture and freeze them. As needed, thaw and microwave the individual meatballs.

    Concord, CA


    Helping a Dog Gain Weight

    Submitted by Ruth Beall, Whippet and Italian Greyhound Owner in Indiana

    We've had rescues arrive in terrible shape, and I add NutriCal to their regular food. It comes in a tube like toothpaste. Add about a tablespoon per meal. If feeding dry kibble, I would mix it with just a small amount of hot water (maybe 2 - 3 tablespoons) to make a little gravy. Very palatable - the dogs usually want to lick the spoon. I've never had to buy a second tube for any dog; by the time the tube is empty (about a week), the dog has usually gained enough weight to hang in there on its own. We've had a couple severely malnourished dogs come around pretty quickly with lots of TLC. Given your little girl's situation, you'll probably want to confer with the vet and control how much she gains how quickly... don't want to over-do it too fast for her.

    I get the NutriCal at PETsMART; don't know if other stores carry it or not. You can order it from PETsMART online if you don't find a source near where you live.

    This is the description of the NutriCal from the PETsMART web site: "NutriCal - For Extra Energy High calorie, vitamin enhanced dietary supplement provides extra energy and stimulates appetite during periods of stress. 4 1/2 oz."

    Ruth & The Furry Herd

    Adding Raw Meat to Diet

    Submitted by Del Wasso, Delphi Whippets

    When (& that's not often) we need to put on a few lbs. We do it with meat. Beef hearts & kidneys, hi-fat hamburger, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese & chicken parts all mixed with a little bit of good commercial kibble.

    Delphi Whippets



    Submitted by Kathi Lacasse, Greyhound Trainer, Seabrook, NH

    Raw meat! I'm a GH trainer. My two whippets go to the kennel with me every day. I never wanted to feed them the kennel mix of raw beef and kibble, just because. Every day I cooked chicken, liver, or human grade hamburger for the whippets. This summer I forgot to pick something up two days in a row. I got some terribly dirty looks. I gave in and fed them the kennel food. They look the best they've ever looked! My boy has never been heavy enough for my liking... he is now. Without any additives, their coats are soft, silky, and shiny.

    Kathi Lacasse-GH trainer
    Seabrook NH