Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Fun Photos Page One

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 Satan's Midnight Rider,
TT, CGC as Batman(Jesse James)
Chesara's Billy The Kid,
TT as Robin(Billy)


This is Piano Whippet


Chavo dancing with
his sister Lily


Chesara's Billy The Kid, TT (Billy)
Do dreams really come true?


Toby, Travis, Trooper,
Chase, and Dijon the Dane


Trooper(Debmar's Sun Moon and Stars)
with his "Trooper collection"
Can you find the real Whippet?


Shamasan's Bit Of BlueFire (Mouse)


Windyglen's VRM Flea B Fleet,
CD, WRCh, ORC, FCH, CGC, AV "Flea"


"Stripe", Ragtag Runs With Scissors
helping to harvest my fresh Basil




Cajen Fillette and Cajen Coquette
Who Will Lead?


Travis (Vic's Travlin' Man
CRX, TDI, CGC) With his "binky"


"Travis" again


"Toby" Boss's Dream Come True Toby
Going for the Frisbee


Gunsmoke by Windyglen, "Dillon"
What it feels like to be a "wabbit"


Wrangler kids Mom & Son
Lyons'Touch Not The Cat &
Lake's Track Of The Cat


Winemall Largo of Sovereign


This is Penny(rescue)and my first Ditzy
the Labs taught them how to retrieve and have fun
From Mary Beth Lake in Sanford FL



"Becca and Macy"
Who's The Boss!!!!


"Becca" I told you
that I'm the alpha bitch


"Aimee" watching the Westminster


"Aimee", doing what whippets
do best with Andy


Julian "checking his e-mail"


Sowagla Sweetest Taboo


"Stacking" Ch. Sowagla
Renegade Rebel at 10 weeks


Rabbit catches whippets
Flash and Avery


Big Eyes


Flash and Snapper
sleeping together
two heads is better than one


Whillo B Spirit


Whillo B's Blu Amber O'Bialy,
JC, CR (WRA pointed)
being adored by little CAT


Relaxing(Shannon Lyons Whippets)


Is anyone there? Naomi
aka Softouch Cattail Moon from Finland


"Sneaking Up" Becky aka
Ch Refined Challenger from Finland


I Swore to Never Tell
Who This is in Lycra


This one is called "Bunny Buddy"


Mom was right, She told
us our faces would get stuck
if we did this too long