Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Whippet Fun Page Number Eleven

I will guard the ship

The perfect present

I love my box

I caught Santa

If I try hard, I can blend right in

Tired angel

Eli Whippet

Chase in the lake

Two of a kind

Camping is loads of fun when you have a nice warm blanket

You want me to dance as well?

No more dancing lessons, please

I like your jacket better

The lonely beach whippet

My favorite spot in the sun

How many whippets will fit on a bed?

Looks like it is difficult to count the numbers

t's cold out here

Help me, the snow is too deep

Whippet wrestling

Get this snow off of my nose

OK, enough of this

I can never just have my own seat

Just trying to get comfortable so get off my sofa