Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Whippet Fun Page Number Twelve

Whippet snow races

Help, I'm in blue snow

If we go around the yard enough, we can melt it down

Snow arugments

I know we left it here somewhere

On the edge of greatness

Sent by a friend of a blind whippet coursing.. great stuff...

What, you don't like the way I lay in my bed?

Whippet kissing when we aren' t looking

My boy Jake and his ears tuned in

This taste pretty good

What a cute little smile

JJ and a bad tongue day

True friends forever

I really don't like this color on me

Much better look than above

Let me out of this crate or else!

Blanket sniffing

Just enjoying a nice day

I love my matching colored bed

Milo the kangaroo dog

Milo the reigndeer

Ok, I'm listening

Squirrel watching

I know that squirrel is out there again

Ollie on the rafting trip

Ok, easy, it's getting a little rough

Secret talk