Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Whippet Fun Page Number Thirteen

Steeler definitely has his chicken

Whippet love

I love sleeping with my whippet

Great moments in the sun

Whippet nap time

Renee and friends

I love this pillow

The grass is always greener on the other side

Just a little happiness in the sun

Good night, sleep tight

Whippet Tree Ornament

Mysterious Eyes

Whippet bookends

I've got both of them

Turn it on Mom!

Jenny and her old guys, got to love it!

Jenny & Wennie

There is nothing more beautiful than the older whippets

Whippet nap time

Ok, I know that I look stupid, so?

Whippet Pile

What now?

Poses and Roses

This is a little too much Dad!