Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Fun Photos Page Two


"Dinner Date" Can't Imagine
My Guys Allowing This


This Bird Did Not Get Away


Beauty Rest


"Phone Home"...whippet


This is one tired whippet
Couldn't Make it all the way to the sofa


KaDe asleep in the Lazy-boy


Let me tell you what
I want for Christmas


Water Boy
Wildhare Oberons Trouble ie Obie


"The Boys" Justin & Riley
(Shilo's Rile Um Up)"


My Girl Tally the Princess


My Boys Jake and BJ


My Wild Boy Rusty


Sentinels on Squirrel Watch
Mocha, Mesi, Jill, Erik


Mocha and Teddy(Rafina's
Peterbilt)on Teddy's first night
and finding couch space


Remember Batman & Robin
Sue Wagner and her doggie blanket


Mesi, Erik, Mocha Creme De-Lite,
Echoes of Jillybrook Farms, Bruno, Mix
Australian Cattle Dog and Mom (Ruth Beall)


"Queen Jill"


Erik telling Jilly a secret


"Mocha at naptime
"Hey, Sunshine!
Come back here!"??




Ozzie, Hawk's baby boy
at a race meet.


My Bunny


Kathy Schultz whippet "Finnegan" at Nationals


"Sam the mutt" putting up
with a couple of whippet bookends


Martha & Shosta, Is this familiar?


Just being pretty, Amie & Bentley


Holly (white)& Agnes(brindle)
Mom(Kathy Kreeger), Make the Bed!!!


Finnegan, owned by Kathy
Schultz of Vancouver,BC


Thats' One Fast Sheep...Ba!!!!


Stone, owned by Sean & Mary Ann Mattingly


Lydia, Hiding from her Greyhound Pals


This is some Good Water


Giving a Big Kiss


Coming to terms with one's ears


"Roscoe" & "Rebel"
Rebel is the Chauffer


Widget & Friend but Who's Who


Cold Whippets


Obie & Spuds


Chase advising Walt Hutchens on the Computer



Halloween at the Elwin Home




Well maybe not a whippet


Shade on a sunny day


My Bunny


Enjoying the Pool


Do we really have to


Just Being whippets


Running on Water


One Bold Whippet


Stop and Smell The Roses