Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Fun Photos Page Three


"Hawk" Showing his true colors on a cold day in Hamilton


"Hawk" getting wrapped


A Bad Paw Day


Santa's Helpers


Time to Get Up


Whippet Birthday Party


Poppy in his warm gear


You know you love your whippets when they're in the wedding


Awe Mom Let us out!!


Happy Brown and her group ready for a parade




Susan Kapp and her baby


Annie Fitt and her "Lit'l Lit'l" at a dog show and She hates the floor



Lance & Fling Never-Ever laid together before


"Alex" Teaching Dog




Judy Walton & "Eli"


Alex & Nicholas


Nap Time at Lori Rose's home


"My Frisbee"


"Cordy" from Japan in his Kimono


"The Cover Up"


Dusty's Two Beds


Poured into bed "Frankie"


Piper's waking up from anesthesia


The girls help lengthen Dusty's neck


Princess Piper's Pillows


One Tired Puppy "Dusty"


Star and Frankie, guess who's top dog!


Daddy's girl', (Bobby & KZ)


Judy Lowther's "Cleo"


Unlikely Friends


Whippet Pilot


Rescue Girls Gracie and Sarah Weaver


Wag N Ends Bath Time


Whats Up?


Emily & Sophie


Posing for Pics