Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Fun Photos Page Four


Tara in her favorite spot-Under the Covers!


Emily & Sophie And Santa


Sophie is talented-Two bones


Just to prove it wasn't a fluke


Lori Rose & Whippet Parade


"Bresu" from Finland, Yannod's Fire'n'Flame


Bresu, a whippet of many face's


Bresu again


"Kormy"(Ch Yannod's Clipper)


Kormy dancing


"Minttu" Yannod's Fire'n'Kaboom


"Naomi", Softouch Cattail Moon


Bad Time of Year for Coursing


Running with the big dogs


Let's play chase!


I'm frozen, help!!


"Maggie Magoo" Can you find the whippet?



These bigdogs are probably laughing at these wimpy whippys


"If I send this photo into the AKC for her ILP would I need any others?


Best Friends


See You Later!


Lazy Days





Mike Kendall in Dallas and Rescue "Jesse"


Joey chasing the car


Rinse Cycle!


I've had all I can stand


Cheryl DeLuca's Guys


Brenda Smith & Group


My favorite rescues


Kate and Smudge from South Africa


Sandy & Blue's


Nap Time with Corinne Smith


Blue eating Breakfast in the winter


Jeni Mellinger's Group


Riding in Style


Annie in Flowers


Annie, Mike, Winnona, of Narelle Robinson's group


Rolling in Unison