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One of the rare non-dilute winners was Ch. Miller's High Life on Tap
(mr. Lady x Ch. Hollypark Cheer For Me).
This dog carries the married name of Mrs. Hodge's daughter, Donna Miller. He was campaigned on the West Coast and was used as a sire by several outside kennels.

Despite the emphasis on inbreeding, several outside bitches were added to the program during the 1960's and 1970's. One of them I have not been able to identify a photograph of for scanning--this was the imported Poltesco Polka, who produced champions for the kennel. Another was a bitch which introduced lines from the other two top breeding programs in the East--Pennyworth and Stoney Meadows:

Ch. Morshor's Mischievous Imp
(Ch. Pennyworth Would You Believe x Ch. Stoney Meadows Imp of Satan)
Imp was put to Highlife on Tap and produced:

Ch. Highlight's Merrie Millie.
The change in toplines from the introduction of these outside lines is quite abrupt in this first generation, but when put back into the line, the type moderated to be more typical of the Highlight outline. Millie was a tremendous favorite of her owner, who used her with great pride as a brood bitch.
One of the most admired of all Mrs. Hodge's Whippets was Ch. Stoney Meadows Moon Mist (Ch. Highlight's Eidolon x Stoney Meadows Butterfly).

Ch. Stoney Meadows Moon Mist

The Gait of Ch. Stoney Meadows Moon Mist

Back in the late 70's and early to mid-1980's, many of the breeders interviewed in the old Breeder's Forum section of "The Whippet" Magazine listed this bitch as one of their all-time favorites. She was a very successful special and she was also a superb producer in her one litter. Her champion puppies appear below.

Ch. Highlight's Legacy

Ch. Highlight's Ligonier br>(Barney X Ch. Stoney Meadows Moon Mist)

Ch. Highlight's Lithograph (Barney x Moon Mist)--

This is Ch. Highlight's Royal Beauty (Barney x Poltesco Polka).

BIS Ch. Highlight's Royal Marksman
Marksman was the foundation sire for Christy-Gordon Creed's Oldlands Kennels.

Ch. Highlight's Royal Lancer (Barney x Poltesco Polka)

Ch. Highlight Her Royal Highness (Barney x En Tre Nous)
Another product of the successful father/daughter inbreedings upon Barn Dance

Ch. Highlight's Heir Apparent (Barney x En Tre Nous)
This dog is very much the type of male that Mrs. Hodge always favored in her breeding program. She liked her bitches refined and pretty and her dogs compact, deep, and rather square, like this fellow.