Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Hightlight Kennel Page Three


Christine Cormany bred her solid black bitch Strathoak Summer Breeze to Barney. The results were so lovely that Mrs. Hodge took two of them to finish for Highlight Kennel (I wasn't privy to the deal, but it looked like Christine sent Mrs. Hodge the blues and kept the fawn brindle Ch. Strathoak Starshine--a lovely dog, too):

Ch. Highlight's Pied Piper

Ch. Highlight's Mona Lisa

Ch. High Hopes Cream Sherry
(Ch. H. Royal Lancer x Highlight's Afternoon Delight)

This cream whippet is Ch. Highlight's Happy Streaker (Barn Dance x En Tre Nous).
This photo proves beyond any doubt that Barn Dance is the sire who introduced the cream gene into the US gene pool. I am not aware of any cream Whippets in the USA who do not go back to Barn Dance top and bottom. I used to think it was Selbrook Highlight, as her dam is named Creme de Menthe, but this dog's pedigree is double Barney, not double Lady, and Lady bred to Barney never produced a cream as near as I can tell from these records. Whatever your feelings about this color, isn't this a GORGEOUS dog? He could walk out of the Delacreme or De Sud breeding programs today and nobody would bat an eye.

Mrs. Hodge's third to last Best in Show winner
This is Ch. Hound Hill Highbrow
--(Ch. Laurhel's Mr. Pickwick x Ch. Hound Hill Riot Act)who was bred by our current AWC president.

Beautiful Ch. Highlight's Gallant Prince
(Barney x Cleopatra)
This dog sired Ch. Arrian's Facet of Gold Dust, an important producer in his own right.

BIS, SBIS Ch. Highlight's Cafe Au Lait
(Ch. Highlight's Eidolon x Ch. Highlight's Merrie Millie)
Winner of the AWC Eastern Specialty in 1984 "Nora"

Ch. Highlight's Kahlua N' Cream
(Ch. Highlight's Eidolon x Ch. Highlight's Merrie Millie)
This was the last champion for longtime AWC member Irene Cetta. "Kalhua"

LOVELY "Beagle" Ch. Highlight's Bit of Mischief
(Gallant Prince x Merrie Millie)
one of my personal favorites from 1979.

Ch. Highlight's Mischief Knight
(Gallant Prince x Merrie Millie)
With our very own Cal Perry in younger days awarding him a Best in Sweepstakes

Ch. Highlight's Bold'N Spectacular (Ch. H. Eidolon x Ch. H. Jubaleigh)
This intensely-inbred dog was the last Highlight sire to be used outside the kennel. I bred to him twice in 87/88 when he was a senior veteran.

BIS Ch. Surrey Hill Goldenrod (Whippoorwill Moonstone ROM x Ch. Baywood's Surrey Hill Heather)
Goldie carried nine lines back to Barn Dance and was also the start of a friendship which culminated in my being given the Highlight kennel records and photographs. Goldie went on to become a multi-BIS bitch for Robert Koeppel. She was a multi-group winner for Mrs. Hodge as a yearling, but Mrs. Hodge elected not to continue her campaign.