Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Coursing and Racing Shots

Please share your coursing and racing shots with us for this site to continue adding to these pages.


All photos on this page were produced by Lindsey Lobree

Email Lindsey your request at: ByknrrtL@netscape.net


JB Appaws Johnny B Goode ORC FCh


2 Tai-pan 4 Neoptolemus JB


1 JB 5 Nicky 4 Tighe Tricky and Flint


4 Bobeck 3 Tigger 2 Rippy


Tricky and Orson


1 Ticket 4 Penny 5 Soot


1 Shindi 4 Wheatland Rio


Appaws Chantilly Lace





JB Flint 2 Syrime


2 Nosey Parker 4 Taipan


Jen Jensen and puppy


Nosey Parker