Celebrate the Whippet Breed


Liver Bait, by Mary Hope Schoenfeld

I do it the easy way. Put liver in covered pan on stove with a little tamari or teriyaki sauce, sprinkle on a little garlic powder, cover & braise on low heat for an hour, remove & let dry on a rack until cool. Wipe off any remaining moisture with a paper towel & you're good to go!

Mary Hope Schoenfeld

Liver Bait, by Paula Knight, Templar Whippets

Well, I'm sure everyone has their own recipe for this, but here is what I do. I take the fresh beef liver and I boil it in water with some garlic salt in it for about 30 minutes.......slowly. I take it out and put it on a microwave safe plate and sprinkle with fresh garlic. Then I microwave it for 50 seconds. Then I turn it over and do the same to the other side. Then cut to size and put in baggies. Then into the fridge/freezer.

Paula Knight