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Funny Valentine by Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth Oct. 1964

Traymatt Bibiana June 1964

Traymatt Buckeroo


Seven Leagues Sunday Punch


This handsome young Whippet has accounted for 8 points (1 major) in his 4 showings in 1963, before becoming one year old.

RTE. 2, BOX 318
Phone 216-335-2566

He will be campaigned throughout the U. S. in 1964. Watch for him!

At stud with handler. Direct all inquiries to Mr. Rigden

German Import Lars Vom Vergfield
Sire of Birsmack of Frisia


Whippets Improve

by Racing

by Louis Pegram

Ralston Purina, Checkerboard Square
St. Louis 2, Mo.

I N RECENT years, much has been written and said about what actually goes into the improvement of any breed of purebred dogs. This is especially true of those purebred breeds that were originated to do specific jobs beyond that of pet or for ornamental purposes in our present civilization.

Early each year, hundreds of exhibitors flock to the Westminster KC show in N.Y.C. and Chicago's International KC show to exhibit their best individuals in the hope of at least a Best of Breed at America's two largest indoor dog shows.

It is a distinct honor of the highest degree for a breeder or an owner to win BOB at either event. Then, of course, if the dog places in its Group (Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting) the importance of the win is heightened according to the Group Placing (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th).

At these shows the chances of BIS are approximately one in a possible 2500 or more dogs entered. At the finale, the six GR1 compete for the supreme recognition. However, there is always one dog from one breed that will emerge victorious as the possessor of this much-coveted honor.

Yet, columns upon columns are written annually by those people who are not interested in conformation and immaculate grooming. They state that dog shows (from a conformation standpoint) are only improving the beauty of the breed; that these shows are actually deteriorating the real usefulness of the breed to do the job for which it was originally intended.

For example, the officers of the American Whippet Club know that the Whippet, while highly successful in the show ring against all breeds, still has all the desire to race and course—the real reason for the origination of the Whippet as a breed. Today, the American Whippet is far superior to the old English-type Whippet (often called the poor man's race horse or snapdog) in stamina, speed and graceful beauty.

Rather than looking like a Greyhound - terrier cross or the "ornamental" toy Italian Greyhound, the American Whippet, as covered by the standard of the American Whippet Club, is much like a true Miniature Greyhound. The typical Whippet has a well - muscled, firm body showing power without coarseness, the inherited ability to chase any object resembling a rabbit that might move in front of him, a complete feeling of security and independence when racing or coursing, and a strong, flowing stride that gives him tremendous reach, speed and endurance for his actual size.

It was just six years ago that officers of the American Whippet Club and Mrs. Groverman Ellis, president of International KC, agreed to offer Whippet racing at the Chicago show, as an added feature to benefit the Whippet as a breed. Thus, Whippet racing has developed into an established feature as a major crowd attraction for the thousands of people who annually attend this great all - breed dog show. Enthusiasm and acceptance of racing was immediate, with Whippet owners from virtually every section of the U. S. bringing their best Whippets to Chicago for both racing and show purposes.

The top-scoring racing Whippet the first two years in a row was the great Ch. Whipoo's Whimsy, CD, owned by Mrs. Juanita Hopkins, Champaign, Ill. The third year found the winner to be the now Eng. Am. Ch. Wingedfoot Domenic, owned by one of America's most successful Whippet breeders, Mrs. Wendell Howell, then of Calif., but now living in Ireland. The last two International point championship race meetings were won by the splendid Peppermint Boy, a one-dog family pet. Peppermint could easily have fin ­ ished his Ch. had his owner been interested in showing this fine racing Whippet. All of Peppermint's brothers and sisters have been consistent winners in the show ring.

This year, International will have the largest racing entry in its history, with dogs coming from virtually every section of the U. S. as well as Canada. Races will be held Saturday afternoon and evening and on Sunday morning and afternoon of the show. The strict grading system used keeps the fastest Whippets in competition with each other, while the slower racers and younger racers are graded in races where they remain, in close competition.

There will be a 200-yard, straight-away dirt track, standard starting boxes and drag lure, an electric timing for all races. Crowds line the 200-yard fence along the track that allows ample vision of this exciting action — competitive little racers which bear from 18 to 30 pounds over-all in weight.

Records of dogs racing in competition at International for the past five years show that over 50 percent of the top racers are recognized AKC champions of merit on the bench. Over 90 percent of these racers could be considered suitable for show purposes, regardless of the section of the country or the breed with which you desire to make the comparison.

We are proud of the American Whippet as registered by the AKC. We are also proud of most of the major Whippet kennels in America that keep in mind the Whippet as a combination of ideal show dog, race dog and house pet. You do not have to breed indi ­ vidual strains or types for certain qualities — they all come in one package called "The Whippet," if you just use a common-sense breeding program, allowing the Whippet to do "what comes naturally!"


Whippet, owned and bred by Martha Love, 44 Westmoreland Pl., St. Louis, Mo., won his final 5-pt. major at the
Chicago Intl at 18 months. Home-bred from English imported parents (Palmerscross Goldrush ex Palmerscross Stolen Love), he has among the
outstanding English chs. in his pedigree: Ch. Sapperly Heralder, Ch. Sapperly Kinsman, Ch. Fleeting Flyaway and Ch. Sweet Pepper of Peppard,
—Tauskey photograph

Dragonfly Kennels


from the "Foot" litter

Dam: Ch. Attila's Dragonfly Gypsy
Sire: Ch. Courtney Fleetfoot of Pennyworth

Ch. Dragonfly Wingedfoot   Ch. Attila's Dragonfly Gypsy


Ch. Dragonfly Fleetfoot   Ch. Dragonfly Sugarfoot

5871 Jed Smith Road Hidden Hills, California

To all those responsible for this nomination and to the owners of the many fine dogs I have been privileged to show in the past year, a very sincere

Thank you!

Jackie Kubat

It Takes




Pictured scoring Winners Bitch, Best of Winners for a 5 point major at Golden Gate Kennel Club under renowned judge Alva Rosenberg. "Party Girl" was also Winners Bitch at Sequoia K.C. under Mrs. Dorothy Klokke.

Ch. Dragonfly's Fleetfoot
Pennyworth's Overrun

Both sired by Ch. Courteny Fleetfoot of Pennyworth

Exclusively handled by
5871 Jed Smith Road
Hidden Hills, Calabasas, California
Pennyworth Kennels
Newington, New Hampshire

(Breeder: Mr Joe Fisher)


Sensational Whippet

Coldwater Canyon and Gloaming Drive,
Beverly Hills , Calif

Greyhounds Whippets

Manchester Terriers

Judge Alva Rosenberg awards top honors at Kittanning RC, Sept. 2, to the Whippet,
CH. SEVEN LEAGUE SONGBIRD, handled by owner. D. R. Motch of Keswick, Va. —Norton of Kent


"Cooperation" (right) takes another major win under judge Nelson Groh at Tucson, Ariz. She completed her championship with 4 major wins - Golden Gate, Tucson, Sahuaro and Mesilla Valley. Bred by Ben Brown, "Cooperation" was handled to her title by Jackie Kubat for owner Margaret Newcombe, Newington, New Hampshire. (HENRY photo)

GIGI OF TEST, lovely Whippet bitch (Eng. Import), goes BOW at Sahuaro K.C. for 5 points under judge Ramona Van Court.


"Barney" winning the breed at Bucks County KC under
Dr. Frank R. Booth. Handler, Dorothy Hardy.

CH, GREENBRAE BARN DANCE, foremost winning Whippet in the country for 1066, and one of the Top Ten Hounds (Phillips). Included

2 all-breed BIS, BOB at parent Specialty, 22 GR1 and 19 GR2. "Barney" is
sire of 12 champions, including two Specialty winners. Owner. Mrs. Cfare
C.Hodge, 517 Hillbrook Rd" Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010.

CH. FLAME DIAMOND, Whippet sparkler, is Best Hound at Dog Fanciers
Assn. of Oregon show, August 7, under judge Robert Moseley. Handled by
Porter Washington. Owner, Flakkee Kennels, Reg., 4310 Compton


Whippet, BIS at Valley Forge under Miss Kathleen Staples. Harry Murphy handling: A. Haussermann, club, v-p: owners, Mardormere Kls.


Whippet bitch owned by John Robert Capps, finished championship at Albany, Ga., under j J. J. Duncan; handler, W. Reagen Meadows. (Graham photo)


Whippet, is shown going BOW, under Judge Maurice Baker, for a four-point major. Then, on the following day, this handsome bitch was again BOW, under Judge Gordon Parham, for another four-point major to complete her title. Sire: Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth. Owners: Dr. Charles and Lillian Billings, 5807 Westchester Court, Worthington, Ohio 43085.- Photo by Norton of Kent

Whippets Have Room to Roam

On 200-Acre Long Island Estate


A dog's life is a happy one at the Mardormere Kennels. On the 200-acre estate owned by Mr. and Mrs. George A. Anderson of Glen Head, L. I., there are 50 individual runs and two large fenced in fields so Mardormere's whippets will have plenty of room to exercise and play.

These miniature greyhounds, which weigh 20 to 25 pounds, are the fastest of any domesticated animals for their weight. They have been timed at 35 miles an hour in a sprint and are used in racing. Mardormere, which has been breeding whippets for 25 years, is truly a champion kennel. Right now it has 23 dogs with the " Ch." prefix.

Its current star is Ch. Classic Beauty of Mardormere. She has a formidable rival in Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth, owned by Mrs. Margaret Newcombe, the nation's top winner in the sport. Fleetfoot has accomplished what no other dog has achieved, winning Westminster at Madison Square Garden, the International in Chicago and Harbor Cities at Long Beach, Calif., for a national sweep.

Ever since his Westminster victory, the whippet rings have attracted crowds. At the Garden , however , there were just the regulars when James A. Farrell Jr. of Darien, Conn., judged the best of breed. Farrell deliberated long minutes before he made his decision between Fleetfoot and Beauty. Finally he chose Fleetfoot, giving Beauty the best-of-opposite sex ribbon. Fleetfoot and Beauty look alike, being white with fawn markings. Except for the Hartford show last year, when Beauty beat Fleetfoot in the breed, Fleetfoot always has won.

Mardormere's first whippet was Ch. Flornell Glamorous and she proved one of the greatest of the many hundreds the kennel has owned. She was best in show 32 times and has been the foundation bitch for Mardormere.

All of Mrs. Anderson's whippets are home-breds. There have been three basic stud dogs—Ace of Clubs of the Barn, a jet black; Fawn Dandy, fawn, and Ch. Laguna Lucky Lad, a brindle with white markings. Neither Ace nor Dandy was shown, being used strictly for stud. The champion, however, who is called Jimmy by his handler, Harry Murphy , was a consistent winner in the late nineteen-fifties.

Mrs. Anderson made a special trip to England in 1955 to see the pup. She returned the next year and persuaded the owner to let her buy Jimmy. The second time he was in a ring in America, Jimmy went from the classes to best in show at Vineland, N. J., vindicating Mrs. Anderson's judgment. Before he was retired in 1960, Jimmy had gone all the way to the top 15 times. "He loved to show," said Murphy. "He would literally pull me into the ring, so anxious was he to compete. Jimmy had so much personality and style, he always would draw applause. Whereas many whippets don't have too much sparkle in the ring, he was aggressive and always was asking to win."

Jimmy was best whippet at Westminster in 1958', 1959 and 1960. In '58 he won the hound group, the first time this had been done by a whippet at the Garden. He is the sire of 12 champions.

His kennelmate, Beauty, will be at the Westbury and Suffolk County fixtures next week. John Simm, her handler, hopes she will repeat her Staten Island victory, when Beauty took best in show over a field of 722.



Whippet, owned by John Hutchins, Jr., San Antonio, Texas, winning his fourth BIS this time at Keomah, Iowa, under J. J. Duncan, Ruth Kraeuchi handling; Bruce Minna, club president. —Photograph by Glanz

CH. FLEETING FALCON. Whippet. Jan. 19, 1657-Jan. 30, 1962. The mem ory or Falcon-winner in his lifetime of 7 BIS, 23 Hound groups, and 64
BOBs-is being honored in the champions he sired. To date, 9 of his offspring have finished, and 3 more already have both majors. Bred by
Mrs. M. B. Garrish (England), ha was owned by Mrs. Margaret New combe, Pennyworth K's. Little Bay Rd" Newington, N. H. "Becky," pictured winning the Hound Group at Contra Costa K.C. under judge Virgif Johnson. As always, Corky Vroom handles.

CH. PENNYWORTH PERIWINKLE, lovely 20-mos. old Whippet bitch, pictured winning the Hound Group at Camden, N. J. in December '62. Judge, Miss Anna Katherine Nicholas. Handler, Bob Forsyth. Periwinkle's breed win here was scored over Group and BIS winners. She has many BOBs, and a GRI in Canada, to her credit. Bred and owned by Mrs. Margaret Newcombe, Pennyworth K's, Little Bay Rd., Newington, N. H.

Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at March, 1956, American Whippet Club Specialty. Owner of this bitch is Mr. Harry J. Bridge, Harbridge Kennels.

Top Whippet bitch in the Nation for '67

Top Whippet bitch in the West, thus far in '68

"Becky," pictured winning the Hound Group at Contra Costa K.C. under judge Virgif Johnson. As always, Corky Vroom handles.

"Becky” and owners Canyon Crest Kennels most sincerely thank the Western judges and Licensed Handlers, who have made her the only bitch nominated for the 1968 Kennel Review Best Western Hound Award.

"Becky's" 1968 Record to Date:

22 Bests of Breed

7 Group Firsts

5 Group Seconds

3 Group Placements

Ch. Canyon Crest Bakara Handled exclusively by Corky Vroom

Owned by Canyon Crest Kennels


better n' ever in '68

Best In Show and Group winning Ch. Canyon Crest Bakara adds to her steadily growing record with 3 more top wins, under top judges and top shows!

Best of Breed over 41 dog entry of which 11 were Specials under judge Alva Rosenberg at Golden Gate K.C. on Feb. 3, 1968.

Noted judge Percy Roberts takes "Becky" to the top of a breed entry of 23, including 8 Specials, on Jan. 28, 1968 at Orange Empire.

Group First at Vancouver K.C. under judge Vincent Perry on Jan. 21, 1968.

Corky Vroom handles exclusively for breeder-owner Mrs. W. O. Bagshaw, Canyon Crest Kennels, Beverly Hills , California .

Gallatin Dog Club - judge, Dr. Frank Booth

Kamouth Falls K.C. - judge, George Higgs


Sacramento Kennel Club - Breed judge, Robert Cross; Group judge