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Terms Used in Whippet Racing
and Other Questions About Racing

Del Wasso, Delphi Whippets

I've had a few questions asked privately regarding terminology & tried to answer them to the best of my ability. But think that there may be others who might want to know, just too shy to ask.

What is the difference between a HEAT & a PROGRAM?
In the sense that these words are being used, there is none. Each *straight racing meet* has 4 heats or programs. Some folks call them one, some the other.

Can a race meet be less than 4 sets of races & count?
Yes...... Oval racing can be 3 heats, depending on the distance run. Straight racing can be called official after 3 heats, should bad weather or any condition deemed to be dangerous come up.

What does a line judge do, & how many are there in a race?
It's the line judges' job to determine which dogs & in what order cross the line (placements, i.e., 1-2-3).
There are at least two judges on either side of the finish line, as one side or one judge MAY see/have a differing view from that of the other side.
Exception being the HI POINT RACE, where there are 3 judges on each side, 6 in total. They are charged with getting ALL 6 placements (that can be difficult with closely matched racers!).

What does a foul judge look for?
This is a touchy subject. A foul is contact with INTENT! Meaning that simply contact DOES NOT equate to a foul! A dog MUST turn its head & there can be no doubt that INTENT is there.
If there is ANY DOUBT, it's not a foul, and should NOT be called as such!

Hey racers....!
Someone has had to ask you something about your sport, how bout sharing it????

Del Wasso
Delphi Whippets