Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Rehoming Adult Dogs

By Shirley Davis, Washington State

While looking for crate training suggestions, I found this great article by Kim Otero on Sharyn's site: Whippets in Transition

Additionally, I was thinking about the first month I have a new rescue.

I leash outside (even though the yard is fully fenced) and inside. This enables *prevention* of any problems or rule breaking (Dog doesn't know what the rules are), establishes patterns/routines that are acceptable, keeps the dog close at hand for security and bonding.

If I, or another member of the family, am unable to attend to the dog, he is in a borzoi-sized wire crate.

LOTS of walks and exercise. A tired dog sleeps well. Me too.

Most importantly (to me), I have minimal expectations, minimal demands, minimal training. Life is confusing enough at this time without placing behavioral demands. We take it easy, but I am in control.

Then we gradually fade into a more normal life and formal training.


"Now, if I could just move to a larger place, I could take in that old fellow in Rescue," she said wistfully.


Shirley Davis
3 Rescues: Red Setter, Borzoi, Whippet -- Life is good!
Washington State