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Mrs. G. Rockefeller Dodge Scrapbook Page One

These pages are dedicated to Mrs. G. Rockefeller Dodge,
former AKC Judge and Whippet admirer. These articles and photos come from
the original scrapbook collection from her estate which is owned by David Howton. These digital photos are the property of David Howton
and Peppi Greco. All rights reserved and any copies of articles should be requested
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The Well known bitch TREGEAR FASCINATION.

The Misses V. & S. Bramwell's Whippet
The Misses Bramwell have one of the best Kennels of
Whippets in England at the moment and some of the
young stock coming on are going to make a name for themselves
anyone wanting to buy a good Whippet should
write to the Misses V. and S. Bramwell, Field House,
Minchinhampton, nr. Stroud, Glos. Puppies and Adults for sale
W. Lewis Renwick.

WHIPPET Height 18-22 inches. Weight, 20 pounds.

Alertness is one of the chief points to look for in a whippet. Smooth, firm coat may be any color.

The "poor man's greyhound," about two-thirds the height and one-third the weight of his big and ancient ancestor, was developed by British miners some 100 years ago. Bred out of small greyhounds crossed with terriers and the miniature Italian greyhounds, the whippet from the start filled the roles of rabbit courser, racer and family companion. As speedy over a short stretch as the greyhound, the whippet is generally less high-strung and reserved. Hardy and easy to raise, even-tempered and dependable with children, his qualities have won him increasing respect and adoption.
Parent club: American Whippet Club, Secretary, Miss Julia Shearer, Locust Dale, Va.

Mr. J. PENDLEBURY, Davenport Farm,
Pennington, Leigh, Lancs.,
HEREWITH you see a photograph of the racing whippet Docuras Scrainbo (late Little Red Rat of Oldham) being prepared for the final heat of the Eastern Counties Shield Race at Norwich, which she won, and everybody must admit that she looks game enough

Docuras Scrainbo

to do it. She has also won the 60 guineas Melox Cup at Ipswich and both Handicaps, and the Whittlesea Cup as well as 20 more Handicaps since July 1st, 1925—a wonderful record, She was supplied by Mr. Pendlebury, who has also sold four other winners of the Melox Cup, i.e. Docura Pet, Lily Vinces, Lady Lightfoot and Denyer's Black Bess, whilst many of the big American winners have passed through his hands, and anyone in want of the real racing whippet cannot do better than seek his advice. Docuras Scrainbo who is the fastest 15-lb. bitch is the world is for Sale R. T. BAINES.

Ch. Watford Brilliant

The Watford Kennels
Whippets-Greyhounds, Afghans the coming breed.

THE Premier Show and Stud Dog. This dog has not been beaten for four years and this year won Certificates at the Kennel Club and Royal Veterinary College Shows. Puppies and adults always for sale, also Greyhounds for Track Racing.
Capt. LEWIS RENWICK, 19, Gracechurch Street,
London, E.G.

Whippet, CH. LAGUNA LUCKY LAD. Owners, Mr. and Mrs. George A.
Anderson, Mardormere Kennels, P.O. Box 665, Glen Head, L. I., N. Y. This
2-year-old import was the leading winning Whippet of the year. His over-
all record includes 6 BIS, 12 Group firsts, 9 Group seconds, and 25 BOBs
including the American Whippet Club Specialty at Chicago, 1957.

CH. FLEETING FALCON, Whippet. Owned, conditioned, and handled by
Mrs. Margaret P. Newcombe, Pennyworth Kls., Little Bay Rd., Newington,
N. H. This sensational orange-brindle is shown scoring BIS all-breeds at
Middlesex Co. (Lincoln, Mass.) on June 18 under Mrs. Hayes B. Hoyt. His
GRI was under E. E. Vary: breed under E. L. Pickhardt. Presenting trophies.
Chas. E. Gillespie, show chrmn., Mrs. A. Lara Parke, club president. His
record now reads 7 all-breed BIS, 22 GRI, 15 GR2, 7 GR3 and 5 GR4. He
has been BOB 54 of 58 times shown. He now, after 2 years, has 5 champions
to his credit, several of them Group winners. At the American Whippet
Club's Summer Specialty, July 18th, 32 entries, with Donald Hostetter
judging, the following winners were all sired by Falcon: 1st in Am-bred
Dogs, and RW; 1st in Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitches; 1st in Am-bred Bitches;
1st and 2nd in Open Bitches; WB and RWB: and BOS Dog. A most con-
vincing testament to Falcon as a producer.—Brown

Lucille of Thickthorne and Lady Juliet

The Property of Mr. Roland E. Bailey, "Thickthorne" Kennels, Eaton Lodge, Coventry Road, Kenilworth.
Phone : Kenilworth 305

The Thickthorne Whippets

ONE has only to converse with Mr. Bailey to be convinced that he knows his breed 'corn every angle. He has had 40 years' experience of breeding and shows, so one can fully understand the marvellous condition in which his dogs are always exhibited. FUTURE CUTLET, a fawn-brindle, is entered in the stud book, and is by Sir Dusty Miller ex Manner Lass. For five generations this strain has been timed on the track, and Cutlet is one of the fastest, besides being a perfect worker on live stock. He is perfect in size and shape. Fee, 3 gns.
LADY JULIET is a light-red-fawn, and has won two certificates, 5 res. c.c.s and 150 prizes, besides numerous cups and trophies. She is by Tiptree Gold Dust ex Lady Banchette.
LASS OF THICKTHORNE, a fawn-brindle, by Laddie of Thickthorne ex Lady Juliet, has over 50 awards. She excels in head, neck, shoulders and front, is clean cut, a beautiful mover and the right size.
LUCILLE OF TRICKTRORNE, a beautiful 'light-fawn, by Grey Owl ex Lady Juliet, is described by judges as a perfect mover, right size, and a certain champion if she had the chance. She is bred in the purple. Some youngsters which will make their presence felt when they are put down is Lillik of T., a fawn-and-white bitch (by Future Cutlet ex Lady of T.), which has a grand outline. Lad of T. (by Lucid of T. ex Luna), a topping silver dog; long neck, deep brisket, best of legs and feet, the correct size, and good bone; this dog is being -retained for stud; fee, Lira2 2s. to a few approved bitches, early in 1943. All the Thickthorne stock is very virile, the first consideration being working qualities, as numerous clients in the U.S.A. and this country will testify, and they can always hold their own in any company in the ring.
Prospective fanciers are always welcome at the " Thickthorne " kennel.


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This page contains two articles featuring Wingedfoot Whippets
The first article are from Dog World Annual 1955 while the second article
is from Our Dogs Magazine Christmas Edition, 1960.

Owned by

Mr. C. II. Douglas Todd. F.Z.S.

Colewood Farmhouse, Thanet Way, Nr. Herne Bay, Kent. Phone: Chestfield 484.

In reviewing this famous kennel, it is pleasing to note that one's previous estimate has been fulfilled and that the home-bred stock of last year has been so successful. I thought that the young dogs Wingedfoot Crackerjack and Winged-foot Wild Goose would do well, but hardly imagined their successes would be so great. At 14 months Wild Goose became a champion, and he has now won six C.C.s and has been four times best of breed. Crackerjack, which beat Goose when I judged him, won a reserve C.C. as a puppy and is now in Australia.

The outstanding breed achievement of this year in my opinion, was the winning of all the dog classes (bar junior) by the three Wingedfoot dogs at the Whippet Championship Club show under no less an authority than B. S. Fitter—Ch. Wingedfoot Marksman and his sons Crackerjack and Wild Goose.

Shown only twice this year, Marksman has won the certificate on each occasion, which confirms all that I said of him before, namely, that he seems to improve with age. The second achievement of outstanding importance, I think, is the successful year as a sire that "the great Marksman" (as I have previously called him) has had, not only in our country, but abroad. Stock by him has done amazingly well. He is building up a reputation as a stud dog worthy of one whose winning of fourteen C.C.s is a record for a Whippet dog.

A team of Wingedfoots starting out for evening exercise. Group includes MARKSMAN, WILD GOOSE,

Not often does the supreme dog on the bench become such a great success at stud. His fee of £6 6s., plus return carriage, with a special reduction to paid-up members of the Whippet Club, is most reasonable, for he is already sire of two champions.

Ch. Wingedfoot Wild Goose will be placed at public stud early in the coming year, and advance bookings to both dogs are strongly recommended as they will not be overworked.

Of the young stock a dog, Wingedfoot Ringmaster, shows the greatest of promise, and should have a future as a worthy son of Marksman, and might easily wear his sire's mantle with honour.

Wingedfoot Vixen of Allways, winner of the puppy class at Windsor, purchased primarily as a brood bitch, should fill that duty to perfection. At Canterbury recently, under that excellent judge Colonel Phipps, Vixen won her six classes and was made best in show all breeds. And two young bitches, Wingedfoot Nicolette and Winged-foot Tu Whit Tu Whoo, should both do well next year. They, too, are by Marksman, and there are also others of which we shall hear.

This kennel has splendid, airy quarters for the dogs and, being in the country plus the bracing sea air of the Kent coast, it seems only natural that the dogs here are such excellent specimens of well-reared healthy Whippets. All the inmates are well cared for, happy and contented.

Mr. Douglas Todd welcomes correspondence and is ever willing to help the new comer in every possible way. There are, incidentally, one or two excellent puppies of both sexes which will shortly be offered for sale.

I end this review on the note on which I started—that it is pleasure to see such a uniform kennel of high-class, happy dogs and I am sure that 1955 will be another year of successes.


Ch. Wingedfoot Wild Goose
winning his second C.C. at Paignton 1954 under the
Specialist judge Mr. Roland Bailey

Ch. WINGEDFOOT WILD GOOSE at the age of 12 months
Photo by Cooke

"THE GREAT MARKSMAN," record-holder of the breed of fourteen C.C.s (thirteen
under separate judges) and sixteen times best of breed.
Photo by Cooke

Photo, C. M. Cooke
(Winning Reserve Best in Show (All Breeds) at British Timken Open
Show, August, 1960)

IT was my original intention this year to feature all the famous Wingedfoot
champions—past and present. During my recent visit however, learning that Colewood is sold, I felt a better idea would be to show a final picture of the present kennels, depicting how carefully and well the Wingedfoots are housed. In bidding farewell to Colewood, after a ten years' residence, it is good to know that their new home, carefully chosen for its unique situation in the most beautiful rural and wooded part of Kent can be regarded as a perfect paradise for dogs. Lucky Wingedfoots —they go from strength to strength.

In the latest photograph of Ch. Wingedfoot Claire de Lune, we see her as she is, in a class by herself as all knowledgeable judges know and she is backed by one of the best teams of bitches in existence in any breed. This fact when the unique team of stud dogs is taken into consideration ensures the future of the Wingedfoots beyond reasonable doubt. Georgina of Test, closely related to Claire de Lune recently joined the kennel together with her litter by Ch. Mars of Test. A glorious and as yet unshown bitch in Wingedfoot Lady be Good (by Marksman) may even surpass the record of Claire herself, for she is certainly one of the most promising young bitches I have ever seen. There are many more bitches in addition. Included in the team of stud dogs, the "Great Marksman" is still going strong (and what a dog he is—no wonder D. T. refers to him so fondly as "my old Puppy") Ch. Wingedfoot Wild Goose, Wingedfoot Golden Fleece (the dog with "more to give" than most), Winged-foot Eclipse of Test and others.

In the young team, selected for the new season's shows, we have in addition to Lady be Good, Wingedfoot Foxstar, Wingedfoot Dent de Lyon (all by Marksman) and several others. All in all, about thirty (as I roughly counted) absolutely first-class Whippets of all ages and not a "dud one" among 'em ! Such is the strength of the Wingedfoot kennels to-day.

I was interested to learn that, in addition to Whippets, racing Greyhounds are now being bred, rested and reared. The results already achieved are most encouraging. Therefore it would seem that if really top-class Whippets are required, this is a kennel which most certainly should which most certainly should not be overlooked. Likewise, if there are any who require their track dogs whelped, rested and/or reared this is the kennel to contact. Everything is planned to be laid on; nursing quarters, large kennels and spacious runs for youngsters and adults, together with almost limitless space for walks and exercise far from any roads or traffic. As I have said, a veritable dog's paradise ! Meanwhile the present address for all communications is given below.

Wm. Burrow.

Photo, H. F. Pilgrim, Chatham

Colewood Farmhouse, Thanet Way, Herne Bay, Kent
Telephone: Chestfield 484