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Mrs. G. Rockefeller Dodge Scrapbook Page Thirteen

These pages are dedicated to Mrs. G. Rockefeller Dodge,
former AKC Judge and Whippet admirer. These articles and photos come from
the original scrapbook collection from her estate which is owned by David Howton. These digital photos are the property of David Howton
and Peppi Greco. All rights reserved and any copies of articles should be requested
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Top Hound Group Winner of 1955 !
Homebred Whippet, CH. CANYON CREST'S MAMIE

Mamie topped all Hounds in 1955 with this sensational record:
8 Bests in Show
27 Firsts in Hound Group 16 Seconds in Group
In 1954. Mamie had won 5 Bests in Show, 11 Group firsts and 8 seconds. Just 3 years old, Mamie is by Canyon Crest Ichabod ex Ch. Seagift Showgirl.
Coldwater Canyon and Gloaming Drive



Mrs. DAVID CLEEVE Church Farm, Eye, Suffolk Telephone : Eye 292


Winner of 5 c.c.s, 12 times best of breed, dam of D. Silver Pippit, reserve c.c. winner.

Fawn dog of correct size. Born Nov. 1/53. Sire, Dragonhill Socklet (2 c.c.s.). Darn, Miss Chief (ch. show winner), by Ch. Old Mortality. Minstrel is a consistent winner,
including c.c. Nat. Whippet Assn. Club show, Windsor ch. show and c.c. and best of breed Bournemouth. He is a dog of great character and a proven sire.

THE Whippet is known as the poor man's greyhound. He is perhaps the most popular of all breeds in the North Midlands and Lancashire. He is one of the most graceful and companionable of dogs, costs little or nothing to keep, and can contribute endless sport and amusement to his owner. He is a wonderfully even-tempered little dog, of great intelligence, a good guard, and cheerful companion. He is strong and hardy, has a close coat that brings no dirt into the house, and is small enough not to be in the way. Height should be 17 1/2 inches in bitches to 18 1/2 inches in dogs, and weight 20 to 21 lbs. His origin, like that of most of our dogs, is obscure, but he was probably bred from the greyhound with a cross of terrier, possibly Bedlington and Italian greyhound. Whatever his origin, he is now the fastest dog for his weight and size and is still the favourite racing dog, if not coursing.



GOOSEBUT KENNELS, (Article printed 12/23/04)
The Property of Messrs. RUSH & MUSCROFT, Parkgate, Rotherham.

SOME most excellent specimens are housed here, but the pick of the lot are the Whippets. There have been few of the breed on more graceful lines than the two shown in this supplement. Goosebut Rix is a home-bred one, his darn, Sweet Manners, a winner at Cruft's and many other shows when the property of Mr. F. H. Bottomley, from whom she was purchased by Messrs. Rush and Muscroft, who, in turn, mated her to Mr. Bottomley's grand dog Manorley Merry Thought, the union producing Goosebut Rix, and, as will be seen from his illustration, he stands clean away from any other dog of his breed. His body, legs, feet, neck, shoulders, and brisket being of such high order that, so far, this celebrated dog has never been beaten by one of his own sex. Some of his wins include three firsts and championship, Crystal Palace, as well as two special prizes for the best bred by the exhibitor ; two first prizes in very strong Variety classes, which included some of our best Bulldogs, at Barnsley ; at Bristol he won the special prize for the best dog, and he also did well at Rotherham, Grimsby, etc.— a wonderful record for a dog born so lately as June 6th, 1903. That he is not an accident or misfit is shown by his pedigree, which includes, besides those mentioned, Champion The New Boy, Champion Manorley Model, Champion Zuber, Manorley Toff, Lady Golightly, and others ; so the services of this dog should be readily called for, as he is placed at the services of the public at the low fee of one guinea.

Photo by W. Heatheote, Parkgate.

Queen Mab, another Whippet belonging to the same partnership, stands well in the front rank, and is acknowledged by many judges to be one of the best. She is a winner of over thirty first and special prizes, including the special for the best bitch at Barnsley, whilst she has also gone high at Birmingham, Cruft's, Grimsby, Rotherham, Bradford, Sheffield, Keighley, Ossett, Doncaster and many other places, so it is no wonder she is the pet of the kennel, which also includes the English Setter Lord Fitzwilliam, who has been shown all this year, and has never been out of the money. Besides, there is that grand little liver Cocker Spaniel Goosebut Romance, a most typical dog that has a good skull, deep face, well-placed ears, a short, compact body, is straight in front, and has the correct Cocker action. He, we are told, is siring some very good litters, and he should be in great request as his fee is the moderate one of one guinea. He is the winner of two first and special prizes, Pontypool; three firsts, Rotherham ; two firsts, Barnsley, and many other prizes. In addition, there are also located here black and chocolate Pomeranians, Bulldogs, etc. ; altogether a really good kennel of exhibition dogs.

Photo by W. Heatheote, Parkgate.


At Pasadena a track has been built for these speedy animals (see text, page 89) and regular meets are held, with girls often acting as starters.
Photograph by Underwood & Underwood

Last Week's Coursing.

The South of England Club held their meeting on Sir Edmund Antrobus's fine estate at Amebury. Hares as usual ran very well, but the dogs competiting in the various stakes were not of a very high class. The best performance in the cup for all ages were Queen Clara, Deceitful Jane, wad Sister Ann. There were two Galopins entered, and both won a course the first day, but the second day's coursing disposed of them. Mr. G. K. Smith's r b Sister Ann, a well-named daughter of Blue Beard and Shrew divided with Mr. Quihampton's f tkd b Queen Clara, a game and resolute bitch by Master BirnieBessie. The puppy stakes ended in the victory of Mr. Wansbrough's clever be w b Winter Queen by Caleb Garth—Peach Blossom, over Mr. Graves's r w b Ginger by Darcarolle—Gaily, who took second money, and ran her courses well, until meeting Winter Queen in the deciding course, when the latter bitch beat her easily. Some small stakes were made up the second day, but they are scarcely worth remark. Mr. Wentworth and Nailard as judge and slipper were very painstaking in their departments.

LITTLETON private meeting took place on Mr. Herbert Rymill's land. The sport was excellent. A new judge, in Mr. Bullock, appeared on the scene. Some fast Greyhounds were entered in the two puppy stakes, Mr. Ginger's r w d Gay Joseph by Gilderoy—Chaffinch dividing one with Mr. Dent's Duneaton Water by Master Wallace—Pretty Jane, the bitch puppy stakes being shared between Mr. Dent's f w b Isel Beauty by Fiery Cross—Flora, and Mr. Covell's f w b Witch by Seer—Diligentia. The Laleham for all ages was divided between Mr. Tan-ton's Thanet Lad by Tantalizer—Tansey, and Mr. Honner's be w d Walsingham by Blue Beard—Worry. The three other small stakes were also divided, but require no comment.

Tarleton, with plenty of hares, good coursing ground, and the six 8 Dog Stakes all full, promised to be a great day's sport on Sir T. Fermor Hesketh's large estate, but an unlucky fog caused some of the trials to be only partly seen even by the judge (Mr. Stephenson) ; but. on the whole, matters went on fairly well. The Hesketh Cup fell to the lot of Mr. Singleton by the aid of his handsome bd w d Sweet Son, by Sterling Boy—Tormentor's Daughter, Mr. Mather's r d Meols Boy taking second money. Mr. Singleton also carried off the Rufford with a smart puppy in his bk w h Spinaway, by Handal—Spicebox, who disposed of Mr. Riley's r d Master Joe, by Donald—Handmaid, in the deciding course. Spin-away is a good-looking bitch, and won her courses well. The Tarleton was cleverly won by Mr. Hill's bk w d Sea Lion, by Cottage Lad—Cremorne ; Mr. Singleton's bd d Sefton, brother to Spinaway, ran second. The Fermor Stakes resulted in a division between Major Anderson's r w d All Chance and Mr. Hill's bd w b Sea Pink. The Manor Stakes were divided between Mr. Walford's w bk d Woodcock and Mr. Fletcher's be d Blue Flag ; the latter is a good-looking son of Donald and Havoc. The Mawdsley Stakes ended in the Secretary, Mr. Denison, sharing half the money with his f w b Dewdrop, who divided with Mr. Berry's bk w d Roving Boy, a fast and clever dog, by Cottage Lad —Champagne.

DORSET CLUB meeting was a great day for Mr. Homer, as his be w h Heloise, by Farrier—Gulnare, divided the Wareham Stakes with Mr. Morant's bk w b Magnolia, by Peter Simple—Topsy. Mr. Homer's w I b Helena. another of the Farrier—Gulnare litter, shared the Purbeck Stakes with Mr. Wright's r w b Wild Nora, by Crossfell—Bruton Yet. The Encombe Stakes fell to Mr. Homer's be w d Harfager, by Farrier—Gulnare ; and the South Dorset to Mr. Homer's f w d Haco, by Saltun—La Rose. Mr. S. Seymour undertook the office of judge, and C. Parminter acted as slipper.

KIRKGUNZEON. —MT. Lindsay and Johnson were appointed judge and slipper. The cup entries included, among the number of well-known Greyhounds, the names of Sambucus, Knitting Girl, Miss Walker, Poacher, Patella, Harker, Craigallan, Sir James, High Gillespie, Highland Mary, Lady Carlisle, Hereward the Wake, Jack o' the Green, Cheroot, and Dr. Dougal's Avon Maid and Avon Pet. Both the latter bitches ran badly, and it is wonderful how these once almost invincible Greyhounds have deteriorated. The cup was divided between four, Mr. Paterson's bk d Poacher by Peasant Boy—Nancy, his t b Patella by Lord Glen dyneacksall, Mr. Hewitson's bk w b Highland Mary by Iron Duke—Misfortune, and Mr. G. Irving's w b d Jack o' the Green by C. P. B —Safranza. The Torra Hill, for puppies, was divided between Mr. Kennedy's very fast and clever red bitch, Orange Girl, by Centango—Hannah Bell, and Mr. Thorcurn's splendid w d Bruce by Puritan—Heath Flower. Both puppies ran their courses in fine style, and are decidedly far above the average.

BEDALE, in spite of a very thick fog on the second day, was a pleasant meeting. Mr. Wentworth's decisions were satisfactory, and F. Shaw toted as slipper. The Newton Stakes had several fast Greyhounds entered. Sportsman, Jean Montgomery, Capt. Grant Orla, Barometer.




Entered as Sec 1 Class Matter March 4, 1918, at the Post Office at


A Weekly Journal of Record for the Gun, Field Trials & Dog Shows, & Dog Fanciers.

A Trio of Whippets Owned by the Nomad Kennels, Short Hills, N. J.
CH. NANCY OF OXEN in the foreground


Whippet and Racedog News.
My Thanks. 1908

When I penned my first contribution to THE KENNEL, under the above title, I little thought that my efforts on behalf of my favourites were to meet with such instant appreciation. Indeed, I anticipated a long uphill battle before I got the Whippet and Race-dog column firmly set on its feet. Instead of that, however, the fancy has received our innovation in canine journalism with open arms, and it is with the vigour that only whole-heated encouragment can give that I go forward to the future. Until I have time, then, to reply personally to all my kind friends, known and unknown, let these few words of heartfelt thanks suffice. And, as a last request, might I ask them to bring their Whippet trials and difficulties before me, as I am here to help and counsel to the best of my ability. My advice, whatever you may consider it worth, will be given freely, and with pleasure, and you do not so much as require to send a penny stamp for a reply.

A Sample.

I append a sample of the letters I have received, and I give it also because it sums up in a few words the many fascinating qualities of the Whippet. It is written by Mr. Bernard Fitter, of Streatham, the owner of Senora, Goosebut Rusmus, and Wallingford Monk. Mr. Fitter writes : " Having ascertained that you are Red Rag,' I thought I would write you personally to thank you for supplying a long-felt want (to use that hackneyed phrase), namely, a Whippet column, which, I am' sure, all Whippet lovers will greatly appreciate. I am a member of the Whippet Club, and much interested in the breed. The Whippet is the only variety of dog I keep. The racing Whippet does not greatly appeal to me, as I only exhibit show specimens. I have often wondered why this ideal breed of dog is not more popular, as, in my opinion, a Whippet is a well-nigh perfect animal. Its classical outline, graceful curves and motion are a real delight to the eye. Furthermore, the Whippet has the reputation, and it is a true one, of being clean in the house and in its habits, and even as an ornament ' it is excellent. Another advantage is its small size, which is handy when travelling by rail. Comparatively few people object to a Whippet in the carriage, and surely no breed could make a better lady's pet or companion. Yet the lady fanciers who go in for Whippets are sadly few and far between. What the Whippet fancy really wants is some person of note or title to take up the breed and boom ' it for all it is worth—and it is worth a good deal-like the late Mr. Lamotte did. That fancier's death was undoubtedly a terrible loss to the Whippet fancy, for he was a true pillar of support to the Whippeter."

Separate the Sexes.

Continuing, Mr. Fitter says : " I should like to see .much better classification for Whippets at dog shows. There ought always to be separate classes for the sexes, as a dog can seldom beat an average bitch. Concluding, I wish your efforts on behalf of the, up till now, strangely neglected Whippet all the success they deserve." Mr. Fitter certainly voices a common cause of complaint when he draws attention to the slumping together of the sexes at shows. As he truly says, a dog can seldom beat an average bitch, as the latter has usually the much more graceful outline, and a dog is always handicapped when in competition with his lady opponents. At the majority of shows, there is only one class provided for Whippets, yet, I am sure, if a class for each sex were given, there would be a much larger entry, and a much better paying average. I submit Mr. Fitter's topical suggestion to those of my readers who are in any way connected with shows, and I ask them to give the matter their consideration and attention.


Dog World Annual 1959


Ripponden 3227

Chow Chows
Miniature and Toy Poodles

Left HEYVILLE'S CELESTE, by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire ex Samarkand's Seanymph
Ch. SEAGIFT SPEEDLITE MUSTANG, Unbeaten winner of three Best-of-Breed awards, sire of Ch. HILLGARTH. SHOT SILK

THIS has been a particularly successful year for the Heyville Kennels, although exhibiting has been limited due to the move to their new home and an extensive breeding programme.

In Chows yet another champion was bred here in Miss Buckley's Nicholette, who qualified at Leeds, joining her brother, Ch. Hector Hercules, owned by Messrs. Robinson and Egerton.

In Whippets, Samarkand's Serenade made her debut in February, going best bitch in show in a record all-breed entry under the great all-rounder Jos. Hartley Baileff. To date she has collected six best-in-show awards in record entries. Her elder sister, Samarkand's Seanymph a multiple best-in-show winner, took time off to produce a sensational litter by Ch. Ravenslodge Solitaire. A dog and bitch were retained from this litter, Sea Biscuit and Celeste, who are pictured here.

SAMARKAND'S SERENADE, bred by R. M. James (by Samarkand's
Victor of Thistlecroft ex Juliette of Thistlecroft)

Ch. Seagift Speedlite Mustang, unbeaten in the Breed, is at stud at a Fee of £8 8s. to approved Bitches.

Serenade has been mated to Sea Biscuit and great things are expected here. One or two puppies may be available to exhibitors, but early booking is advisable.

Celeste will be mated back to her grandsire, Samarkand's Victor of Thistlecroft, shortly, as strict line breeding is carried out here, using only completely sound dogs.

Sea Biscuit will shortly make his debut in the ring and will be placed at stud from 1st January to approved bitches only Every puppy exhibited from this kennel has been awarded a best-in-show award before reaching 12 months—a record of which the owners are extremely proud.

There is a gorgeous collection of Toy Poodles, both black and white, and a litter of tiny blacks of Montmartre-Chriswin breeding will be available when this review appears.

Stock has been exported to India, South Africa and the Continent, and overseas buyers can be sure of a fair deal.

Chihuahuas from Mrs. Gray's renowned kennels have been added, and a delightful young dog by Rozavel Miguel will be shortly at stud. It is Loped to have a litter by Rozavel Miguel early in the new year out of Pedimins Co Co.

Left is HEYVILLE'S SEA BISCUIT, home bred, at 1+ months and right is
HEYVILLE'S CELESTE, home-bred, at 7 1/2 months, height 17 3/4

All the dogs have complete freedom and puppies, young stock, broods and studs are carefully fed on goats' milk, fresh eggs and plenty of good lean beef. This in no small way accounts for the absolute soundness of all Heyville stock. No unsoundness is accepted here and stock has been ruthlessly culled and selected until the Heyvilles can be easily recognised by their outstanding quality and type.

There should be Whippet and Poodle puppies available by the time this review appears. Prices will be reasonable.
Visitors are very welcome, but a telephone call or letter would be appreciated. All clients can be sure of a straight deal at sensible prices.



OF SHOW WHIPPETS Telephone: Newcastle-on-Tyne 34296

Owned by Mr. W. ROBINSON
278 Wingrove Road, Fenham Newcastle-on-Tyne, 4

Tiptree Jay Photograph by Stan Preston

In building up his kennel of Show Whippets, Mr. Robinson has worked on sound lines, as is evident by the uniformity of type among the inmates. One of his basic principles is soundness and all the dogs must be able to do their natural job of catching rabbits.

SAMEMA DAINTY QUEEN, a blue fawn bitch, was purchased from Mr. Skelton. She is by Silverbeige of Luss ex Oxted Dainty Maid, the dam of Samema Dainty Princess. Queen has won well, including two firsts at the N.W.A. Show, Birmingham, under Major Gunn, who reported: "Fawn, on the best lines, scored in size, depth of brisket, neck, legs, feet, and hindquarters." She has also been Best Bitch under Messrs. Fullwood, Smith, Wilson, Marples Gunn, and Scott. She is at present nursing a litter by Tiptree Glamour.

Tiptree Ray Photos by Stan Preston

TIPTREE JAY and T. RAY, two litter sisters, born April 7, 1945, by T. Glamour ex T. Joan. Jay has won under Messrs. Barker and Sanders and was Best in Show (487 entries) at Sunderland, under Major Gunn, who reported: "Great quality, rare neck, shoulders, legs and feet, deep brisket, grand top, well developed thighs, covered plenty of ground." Ray has won every time out under Messrs. Gunn, Todd, Renwick, Marples, Beynon, and Garrow. These are two lovely bitches, plenty of neck, good shoulders and loins, cover lots of ground, both have lovely feet and combine substance with quality. I shall watch their show careers with interest as I can envisage them beating each other under different judges. A brace to be proud of.

Samema Dainty Queen

The future stud dog is Tiptree Factor, born November 6, 1945. By T. Beau ex T. Freesia, he has T. Jink and T. Golddust twice each in his pedigree in three generations. He was bred by the late Stanley Wilkin specially to obtain a stud dog for his own use and who described the breeding as "the concentrated TIPTREE blood all in one dog." He has a lovely outline, excellent feet, shoulders, and quarters, with a grand sweep of stifle. He looks the beau ideal of a sire.

TIPTREE NINA, born June 2, 1945, by T. FAME ex T. NANCY has not yet started her show career but should shortly be making her presence felt. She has that lengthy neck, good shoulders, and great sweep of stifle so essential in her breed, and boned down to her toes.—T. T. BRADLEY


I know, looks like an IG but in the scrapbook. No identification on photo.


WHIPPET CLUB OF AMERICA—President, Bayard Tucker, Jr.; Secretary, Harry E. Damon, Short Hills, N. J.

WHIPPET ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA—President, Freeman Ford; Secretary, Mrs. W. H. Woodcock, 228 North Encinitas Ave., Monrovia, Calif.

BOSTON WHIPPET ASSOCIATION President, T. Dickson Smith; Secretary, Chris O'Leary, Room 519, 263 Sumner St., Boston, Mass.

LONG ISLAND WHIPPET CLUB—Secretary, Alfred Lowenstein, 41 Woodlawn Ave., Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y.

Secretary, Boston Whippet Association Beginning with this issue of Field and Fancy a column entitled "Whippet Whisperings" will appear each week. The .writer will be pleased to answer any Whippet questions or take up any discussion concerning Whippets in this column. —Ed.

As this is the first issue in which "Whippet Whisperings" has appeared perhaps it would be well to give the program of Whippet races which the Boston Whippet Association has scheduled for the last half of the year commencing with August 1:

August 6—Democratic State Convention,
Birch Brow, Haverhill, Mass. Purse $250.

August 13—Rhode Island Kennel Club Dog
Show, Newport, Rhode Island. Purse $250.

August 16—Boston Wool Trade Annual Outing, Shawsheen Village, Mass. Purse undecided.

September 3—Eighth Annual Whippet Derby, Princemere, Prides Crossing, Mass. Purse $300.

Eastern Dog Club Consolation. Purse $110.

September 17—(Tentative date not to be announced until later.)

September 28—New England State Fair, Worcester, Mass. Purse $200.

September 29—New England State Fair, Worcester, Mass. Purse $200.

September 30—New England State Fair, Worcester, Mass. Purse $200.

October 6—Shoe City Handicap, Brockton Fair, Brockton, Mass. Purse $200.

October 7—Brockton Fair Derby, Brockton, Mass. Purse $300.

October 12—Barry Fox Hunt Handicap, Barry, Mass. (Purse to be announced.)

Appropos of the above it is interesting to know that three years ago when the Boston Whippet Association was organized, purses had to be put up by the individual dog owners as a means of keeping up competition. This year marks the first year in which this Association has had to turn down requests for New Edition. Completely revised and thoroughly up-to-date ""THE WHIPPET OR RACE-DOG" A most interesting and instructive book on breeding, rearing, and training for races and exhibitions, with special chapters on the Whippet as Race Dog, Snap Dog, Sporting Dog, Show Dog and companion. Hints on racing and management of meetings. Housing, feeding, and clothing are also dealt with fully.
Price Postpaid 85c.

FIELD AND FANCY PUB. CORP. 249 West 34th Street New York dates. The reason for the latter is that the number of Whippets in and around Boston is limited but this should be remedied next year when the twenty or more puppies which are now in the kennels in that vicinity have matured and put in for racing. Considerable comment has been received concerning the use of the "Merit System." This System consists of the handicapping of the Whippets in addition to their weight handicap with handicaps based on past performances. The use of this system gives the owners of dogs which are not quite in the A-1 class a chance to finish in the money, it also serves as a means of encouragement to Whippet owners who cannot afford to bring in some of the high-priced foreign Whippets and by this encouragement keeps these Whippet owners in the racing game.

In the schedule mentioned above it will be seen that the Eighth Annual Whippet Derby takes place this year again at Princemere, Prides Crossing, Mass., the Saturday before Labor Day. There is probably no Whippet course in this country so ideal as the one at Princemere. It is flanked on both sides by rows of hedges just high enough to keep people from approaching the racing course. The turf is very smooth and the course very straight. This Derby has become almost a fixture as a Saturday before Labor Day feature for North Shore Society.

Again concerning the schedule used above it will be noted that there is a set of Whippet races at Haverhill, Mass., August 6, 1927. In this set of races, the Boston Whippet Association will try out the English system of handicapping on merit, by giving each Whippet a mark to start from; then the Whippet will start from that mark in every race that day disregardless of the weight of the dog being competed against. It will be the first time that this system has been used here in the United States and its introduction is looked upon with keen interest.

Last year at the Seventh Annual Whippet Derby, East competed against West. Walter Freeth of Pasadena, California, brought his little Milhill Tuch 0' Drum on for the race. While not successful in winning the event this little bitch showed that she had racing powers by going through to the finals. It is hoped this year that some of the California Whippeters bring on their dogs for the Derby. At the National Whippet Derby at Washington, D. C., May 21, Dunlap Castle of Hollywood, California, brought on Sarah Porter, a little black and white Whippet which placed well in the races. His clean sportsmanship and that of Mr. Freeth's was a great boom to Whippet racing.

The increasing interest in Whippets has caused quite a number of the fanciers to urge the formation of a Whippet Club for London. It is bound to meet with support from Whippet lovers in the Metropolis and surrounding districts, and it is to be hoped something will be done and the proposed club will materialize. No one can dispute the fact that the position on the show bench today is entirely due to the policy of the Whippet Club in guaranteeing classes at ch. shows, and the club records prove that the cost to the club has until recently been heavy, practically all the club's income going in paying guarantees to shows. The membership of the club is quite representative of the Whippet showing community, with very few exceptions all.

Trained true running Whippets of show type
Puppies for Sale
Fee $25

Racing and Show Stock of All Ages
For Sale
Racing Dogs shown by appointment of on private track
ARROYO KENNELS Property of Freeman Ford

A few dogs broken and trained at the kennels.
Write for particulars

at the last English Kennel Club Show, the dog and bitch championship winners were 1 Percy, both out of the same litter.
FEE $50.00
Polo Stables Montauk, L I. N. pet exhibitors have been members, and year more new members have been enro than in any year before. The club is in healthy state, and has done, and is doing, work to keep the Whippet before the show public.

The Whippet in England seems to be creasing in interest and importance. Commenting on the registrations for May in Kennel Gazette, Captain W. Lewis Ren says in Our Dogs : "The registrations for in the Kennel Gazette are very good, most of the dogs are bred from show s No doubt can be expressed that the Wh on the show bench is gaining steadily in popularity, and I feel sure it is very largely to the policy of the Whippet Club that breed is gaining in popularity. As is no ( known, the Club guarantees, or partly guarantees, practically all the classes at our championship shows, and there is no denying fact that if the Club did not do this would be few shows catering for the But lately the Club has done more than and now is guaranteeing classes at non-championship shows all over the country. membership is now as great as ever it was it behooves all exhibitors to join.


NOVEMBER 27, 1908.
Our Frontispiece.
The Fawn Racing Whippet, Comedian
(K.C.S.B. 37,528).

THERE are few racing Whippets at the present time which possess a more notable record than that of the fawn dog, Comedian, owned by Mr. Jas. Richardson, of 2, Letcombe Street, Reading, Berks, and whose portrait we reproduce on the front cover of the present issue. His prowess on the race-track has earned for him the proud title of 21-lb. champion of the world, and his list of winnings since December, 1903, when he opened his cart er by carrying off a first prize and silver cup, is one that would fill nearly a foot of type. A son of Dick's Dick of Style and Loma's Mist of Stockport, he was born on 23rd May, 1902. He is a rich fawn with white toes, beautiful bone and muscle, long back, and as straight as a dart. He stands 19 inches high, and weighs 21 lbs.

During his racing career he defeated many famous dogs, and since being placed at stud, has sired no less than nineteen winners of handicaps, his progeny including Jacko, Bob, Comedian II., Tereska, Little Dolphin, Twister, Beddals, Blue Olaf, Shotover, Water Lily, Ringy and Little Maudie. To all these Comedian has transmitted that fire and energy which have gained for him so many honours, and he is now available to Whippet breeders at the low fee of lira los.


The Dog World Annual 1933


Photo by Metcalfe, Barnard Castle

The Select Kennel of Super-quality Show Whippets
The property of Mr. J. EMLYN OWEN

One of the Brood Bitches. Winner Championship Certificate, Crystal Palace and five times Best in Show all Breeds
At Stud The well-known Show Whippet Ch. Watford Breeze
K.C.S.B. 730 J J

Sire—Champion Watford Brilliant. Dam—Watford Kilree Conceit.
Breeze has beaten seven full champions, and he is siring the correct type of Show Whippet, which include champions and challenge certificate winners. Colour, golden fawn. Height, 19 inches. Weight, 21 lb. Fee, 2s. Adults and puppies usually for sale.
Address-22 Vaughan Street, Llandudno.



The Ynys Whippet Kennels Oaklands Isfield Sussex
Telephone Isfield 14

Miss Thistle Down of Ynys before she was 12 months old won four firsts, two of them at the K.C. Show this year.
The Ynys Kennels are 4 miles from Lewes, on the main London to Brighton road. There are 36 acres of land and all the kennels face south, each house having a big concrete yard. Among the inmates at the moment are Muskoo Metric Thought, winner of 151 prizes, 40 firsts, 8 cups, C.C. Kensington; Ch. and reserve C.C. Taunton; Miss Thistle Down of Ynys; Pop-Ahead, brood bitch by Flick of Oxen, winner only five times shown; Laughter of Ynys, beautiful fawn bitch by Ch. Spider of Ty Gwyn, as yet unshown, but shows great quality; Lamplighter of Ynys, Lawyer of Y., and Lancelot of Y., two fawn and whites, and one red dog. There are usually puppies for sale. There are some nice smooth Dachshunds. These dogs are all the property of Mrs. Ruth Barry Adams.


Photo by Fall

The Tiptree prefix, which Mr. Wilkin has owned for a dozen years or more, bids fair to come into prominence more than ever, with the promising kennel he now holds of some dozen Whippets, now at his new home at Goldhanger, Essex.

Tiptree Gold-dust has kept his head above the best at the summer shows. At Hadleigh, Mr. Heaslip gave him the premier position, not only in the Whippet classes, but also in the A.V. classes, and says of him—"Excellent quality, good neck and front, with plenty of heart room." Mr. Honeybone, at Thame, gave him the diploma for the best dog Whippet in the show, saying, "A very shapely dog, showing capacity for speed, good length of neck, and sound." At the Kennel Club Show, in October, Mr. Harries-Jones made him reserve champion, describing him as a beautiful dog all through.

Another outstanding dog that will soon be seen is Tiptree Yoyo, full brother to Tiptree Bounds King, who lately distinguished himself by winning the C.C. at The Hague.

Amongst the bitches there are the two dams of the above-mentioned dogs, good enough to stand amongst the best, but kept quietly at home attending to their domestic duties; there is also Tiptree Sunshine, who will disappoint her owner if she does not do something out of the common at Crufts. For two years running she has won the cup for the best at Colchester—Whippet or Greyhound—and Mr. Nichols gave her three seconds at Oxford in the varieties in Classes of 19, 21, and 22 entries, and describes her as a charming Whippet, ideal top, quarters, neck, shoulders, and "understandings." Then there are the youngsters coming on, three of these showing great promise of making it hot for someone presently.




Some of Yentocs Sapphire's wins include-1932, K.C.C. Certificate Challenge Bowl, Manorly Cup; 1932, Crufts Manorly Cup; 1931, Bristol reserve certificate; 1932, Thame diploma for best bitch; 1932, Southampton Cup for best bitch in show bred by exhibitor; 1931, K.C. Good Luck Cup, and over 50 firsts and other prizes. Stock is usually for sale.


BOY TIM—at Stud

Alfred H. Opie Penrose Clinton Road Redruth

By Ch. Robin of St. Clair ex My Girl. Height, 18 1/2 inches. Weight, 21 lb.
Fee, 11 guineas.

This young dog is siring puppies of exceptional quality. Photograph and full particulars on application. Puppies of all ages usually on sale, from £3 3s.
This is one of the oldest kennels of the breed in existence. Mr. Opie is a well-known judge and his stock is always in excellent condition. Recently, sales have been very brisk and letters from satisfied buyers prove the value offered.