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Coordination and Slipping in Older Dogs

Discussion on Coordination in Older Dogs

Question from Jane Winer, Whippet Owner

I'm wondering about slipping--not the kind that starts a race, but the kind where the dog slips and falls. Our Whippet, nearly 11 years old, has been slipping on the grass and carpet, in addition to the tiled floor (which makes sense--no traction on tiles). He isn't slipping a lot, but enough that we're noticing the difference. In January we learned that he has some arthritis, so maybe the slipping comes from not being able to move his legs as quickly or surely as in the past. He isn't always running when this happens. I'd appreciate any insights. 
Thank you.

Jane Winer


Suggestion by Tony Lewis, Lyth Whippets

It's probably just old age. We have had a lot of success treating older arthritic dogs with Adequin. I've even toyed with giving myself a shot!! My local vet tells me it helps his athritic hands and arms. BTW it is only approved for animals as far as I know. I have seen no side affects. It seemed to have worked like magic on our old IG's and Dachshund. I'm not sure HOW it works. Maybe Dr. Beth will comment.

On the three dogs I've used Adequin it has worked like magic! The dose is very small. .25 cc that's 1/4 of a c.c. on a smalldog like an IG or mini.Dachs. We have a mini-dachs who is not all that old. Five or six. She could hardly get around , couldn't go for walks or jump onto a chair. I gave her .25 cc I.M. (Didn't go to the vets BTW) Two days later she was going for walks and actually trotting ahead. Can jump onto chairs and is so much happier. The IG was the same way. My wife took her to the vet to be put down because she was obviously in pain and miserable. Vet said lets try something else. Adequin. I couldn't believe the change within 24 hours. She lived another four years. We gave her another dose about six months after the first and never needed to do it again. The Whippet I gave .5 cc and he went on to get an LCM. He had troubles after he broke a knee cap twice between six and twelve months. He would keep coming up lame. He is fit as a fiddle now and still running well in vets.

As you may guess I do most of my own vet work. Luckily our local vets trust me with medications. I don't know how often the general vet. population prescribes Adequin.

I asked my ortho knee Dr. (Human) about it. He said he was not familiar with Adequin, but would ask his Brother who is a vet in Alaska for information. He later told me his Brother used it for an arthritic knee. I am very tempted to use it myself, but of course you can't get a vet to discuss any possible side effects or dose rate in humans! I'm kind of scared to try, so stick to Advil!

Tony Lewis 


Suggestion by Holly OConnell

Jane--you might want to consider checking out this web sight, http://www.avcadoctors.com/avcadocworld.htm and think about a chiropractic appointment for your dog, and tell him/her your concerns. The below website is the chiropractic vet referal page, but there is interesting info about chiropractic treatment for animals on the other pages.

We have a 15 year old whippet, who takes Gyclo-Flex II, and we started visiting a chiropractic vet with him about 2 or 3 years ago. I was rather skeptical at first, but I swear that it has been remarkable for him!! He has a lot less pain, a lot better balance, and much better movement now than before we went there. He is able to walk 1 or 2 miles and has started running for fun again around the yard. We travel about an hour to get to this vet in Massachusettes, but I would go further, now that I know what it has done for him. Good Luck.

Mr. W (15) and Chloe (almost 2) add their canine good wishes to ours.