Celebrate the Breed

Jean G. Ueltschy and Wheeling Whippets was a Hound Group and BIS judge since 1986, and that my homeland is the United Kingdom... a Londoner by birth! She found my first Whippet in a pet shop while living in Scotland in 1964 and had NO idea what was in store for me for the rest of my life, as one thing led to another and before you know it I am collecting them and discovering dog shows! I learned the ropes in Scotland and enjoyed chatting with the breeders and exhibitors over there but after two years returned to the USA and had to learn another way of showing, more professional I'd say.

Here I am looking very official presiding over the Muskogee KC show in some capacity, Pres/Show chairman in the mid 70's

People that owned a Wheeling Whippet very often sent me cards/photo's etc. of them. This charming picture is of Can.Ch.Wheeling N Dealing expecting her own Christmas presents. DOB 3.25. 1968

What a thrill that win was! Judge is Mrs. Margaret (Peggy) Newcombe of Pennyworth fame. All that hardware went to our Wheeling Tiger Paws going WD BW and BOB over Specials from the BBE class, handled by Paul Ueltschy, who really didn't care for the show ring but on this day he shone. It was the Tampa/St.Pete Florida show on 6.9.68. Tiger was born 3.10.67 to our English imports Am.Ch.Cockrow Grouse x Barmaud Suncharm.

We were in CA. at the time of this win. Here Tiger is going WD and his littersister is the mighty Wheeling Aphrodite going WB. at the Santa Ana Valley KC in S.Ca. Date 4.26.70 The judge -- another breeder-- Sam Hearn, his prefix was Blue Beaver. The dogs were handled by Jean & Paul Ueltschy. circa 1969 Before leaving CA we participated in what was the beginnings on NOFCT. In those days it was a PCC title -- Pacific Coursing Champion -- But because our family was uprooted again we were unable to complete his title. Tiger did earn a BIF 40 points before we arrived in WV where Tiger finished his AKC Championship, ironically in Wheeling WV 1970 our first homebred Champion from our first litter.

Barney going BW with a very proud breeder!

Next on the scene is our Ruby -- DOB-- 6.24.70 who was our first homebred Ch.bitch -- Ch.Wheeling Red Velvet. Ruby was Tiger's daughter out of Ch.Pennyworth High Hopes, a gift from Calvin Perry. Hope was sired by Ch.Stoney Meadows Bold Venture x Pennyworth Black Orchid. Hope's DOB was 7.18.64 sorry no picture. The judge was an old breeder Marjorie Siebern.

Ruby is winning under Gerhardt Plaga, my FAVORITE judge of all time! Somewhere in Indiana.

I brought out this showy little black masked brindle boy--DOB 6.4.72 from Indianapolis, IN who became Ch.Wheeling Gunshot, he in turn sired Ch.Wheeling Crimson Tide (bitch) Am. & Mex Ch.Wheeling Gunsmoke and another bitch Ch. Wheeling Maid of Charm. Barney was sold to Col. Joe Rogers USAF who campaigned him to a Group 1 & 2

Here is the gentleman mentioned Col. Joe Rogers with Barney and myself with Barney's daughter Ch.Wheeling Crimson Tide, I guess we won \ something under judge Lou Auslander for he has a fist full of ribbons!

Barney went on to live the life, here he is keeping toasty warm by the fire -- lucky dog!

Another stunning photo' of Ch. Wheeling Gunshot.

Ch.Wheeling Gunshot bred to our Ch.Wheeling Red Velvet gave us this Specialty winning dog -- Am. & Mex. Ch. Wheeling Gunsmoke--DOB 7.7.73 I had sold him as a puppy then his owners moved to Pheonix AZ. This photo' was taken in the desert outside of Pheonix. Smokey went to the old Santa Barbara Specialty to win under English breeder judge Robert (Bob) James of Samarkand. He came from some obscure class like Novice to go WD BW & BOS over specials.

Smokey is shown here with handler Pam Stage where he is now a mature dog. He went on to sire Ch.Mystics Midsummer Turquoise, Ch. Beaujangles Imagio, Ch.Mystics Nimue & Mystics Wandering Aengus CDX ALL from one litter! He also sired Ch.Goldenstones Red Hunter a Canadian BIS Whippet!

Another shot of Pam Stage with Smokey.


Another view of Mystic's Midsummer Turquois (and back)!

Is a head to die for of CH. MYSTIC'S NIMUE

Reveals all of her. Her dam was CH.MARJO'S WRANGLER JANE.

These are beautiful littersisters by SMOKEY. The fawn bitch lived in Washington, her name was CAN.CH.WILLOWRUN FREE N' EASY --"FREEZY." FREEZY was owned by PHANTOM LAKE HOUNDS in Bellevue, WA. The particolor was WILLOWRUN TERRA-COTTA, owned by Cecelia Ross of San Diego, CA. Shown here by Leroy Stage. They were bred by Lila Colburn & Jean Ueltschy out of WHEELING SKI RUN.

I'm sorry I cannot identify this one as there is no name on the back of the photo' but definitely a SMOKEY offspring.

This is definitely Canadian BIS Ch.Goldenstones Red Hunter. Just look at the make and shape of this gorgeous dog -- strong neck, the lay of the shoulder, the fill in the front, no hollow here, the depth of chest, nice give in the pasterns, really strong loin, and a perfect rear! He was a solid red, like his granddam. Ch. wheeling Red Velvet.

At this time I'd like to introduce you to the multi BIS CH. ALPINE SKI BUM. He was owned by Louis Auslander and shown by Dick Cooper. This dog was being specialed everywhere that I took my Whippets across Indiana, silly me I thought I could challenge him with my beautiful RUBY, the best we could do was BOS!

I studied this dog from every angle for 2 years and liked what I saw. He had things I wanted to incorporate into my line. I liked his head, strong muzzle. That neck and better yet it was white! His elegance and quality. For me he was marked by God! He had an interesting pedigree too, his sire was ENG. AM. CH. LAGUNA LEISURE x CH. UNMITIGATED GALLWAY ROMX. This bitch was sired by another English import AM.CH.ROANBAR SON OF CACHOLONG, so there was my English connection. You know what they say "if you can't beat 'em join 'em " so I promptly sent CH. WHEELING RED VELVET to him and on 11.14.1974 RUBY delivered what were to become 2 Group winners! I had already bred another of my brood bitches to him and liked what I got, more on that later.

Here is RUBY'S daughter AM. & CAN. CH. WHEELING GHOST OF A CHANCE-- she won Groups in the USA and CANADA. My favorite picture of her. WENDY is with her owner Col. Joe Rogers USAF.

RUBY'S son CH. WHEELING WHOLLY GHOST -- CASPER -- was sold to Jim Stamper but before that he is shown by yours truly to Gerhardt Plaga (my sweetie)!

Now to another story involving SKI BUM. I decided to send a bitch to him, the mighty APHRODITE (with apologies to Woody Allen)! "BUBBLES" brought forth a lovely litter of particolors 4 girls and 2 boys on 4.25.1973. I kept 2 bitches and campaigned WHEELING SWISS MISS to her title by 13 months of age, she was the first Champion to finish for SKI BUM!

Here she is a mere babe in the woods winning under the incomparable KAY FINCH, well known for her art, Afghan's & Saluki's, I was thrilled (I guess you can tell)!

Here's CHARLOTTE in Kentucky, after driving through a blizzard to get there but it was worth it!

This is the day that CHARLOTTE finished in Memphis, TN. It was their centennial show, under an Australian judge she was 13 months old and breeder/owner/handled all the way!

Compare how CH. WHEELING SWISS MISS has matured throughout these photo's.

CHARLOTTE is going BOB while her littersister takes WB, this was WHEELING SKI RUN, she eventually went to Owen J. Light, which quite a few of you are familiar with! Handlers are Jean & Paul Ueltschy.

This is CH. WHEELING CRIMSON TIDE her DOB 7.7.73 "PEACHES" was an offspring of the Group winning CH. WHEELING GUNSHOT x CH. WHEELING RED VELVET. "PEACHES" was bred back to her grandsire CH. WHEELING TIGER PAWS and produced a litter of 3 but only 2 survived.

This produced CH. WHEELING HONEYSUCKLE ROSE F.CH.("she's perfection, goodness knows" la-la-la-la-la-la) "HONEY" is with her owner Robert "Bob" Mason.

I have to introduce you to our daughter Stacey, here she is proudly showing HER puppy WHEELING MAID OF MAGIC to win under Gerhardt Plaga.

Winning again!

I think this wraps it up for Stacey as she finished her bitch in 13 shows and all from the Puppy and B.B.E classes, Stacey was 12 years old! This bitch was sired by the Group winning CH.WHEELING JONATHAN SWIFT F.CH. Jonathan was the No.10 Whippet in the Nation in 1977 The dam was our own CH.WHEELING CRIMSON TIDE.

This is a photo' of CH.WHEELING JONATHAN SWIFT F.CH. while in the ring with his owner Robert "Bob" Mason. DOB 2.28.1976 He was sired by CH.WHEELING TIGER PAWS out of CH.WHEELING SWISS MISS. As a sire JONATHAN did well, his offspring include CH.WHEELING MAID OF MAGIC. CH.BLU-KALE JOHNNY REB F.CH. WHEELING CUSTOM MAID F.CH. CH.PALEO'S PLEASURE TIME. & CH.SHADOWMIST BLU-KALE TWISTER .

This is WHEELING TIGRESS F.CH. in action at Lure trials. We are proud of all our F.Ch.'s

Surprise! Here I am with my Greyhound CH. PHANTOM LAKE VOODOO O' SKANSEN. "JET" was the friendliest dog I ever met, she would greet complete strangers as her long lost friend. Place her front paws on their shoulders and proceed to lick their faces, such a sweetie.

WHEELING PRINCE CHARMING 4 pts & duly retired due to an injury Lure Coursing. DOB 8.3.75 sired by CH. WHEELING GUNSHOT x CH. WHEELING SWISS MISS. This little dog went to IOWA but before he left he was bred and sired RAINTREE KISS AN ANGEL F. CH. and our CH. WHEELING GORDON LIGHTFOOT.


Here is a very special win for CH. WHEELING PINOCCHIO for it is under notable breeder judge Dr. Charles Billings, we were honored. "SNUFFY" finished with 16 points three 4 pt. majors and of course breeder/owner/handled. His DOB 2.25.78 his dam was WHEELING SKI RUN.


I like this picture best of CH. WHEELING MAGIC KNIGHT -- DOB 6.13.79 His dam was CH. WHEELING MAID OF MAGIC. Owned by Robert "Bob" Mason, the trophy presenter is none other than Stacey Ueltschy, getting taller!


WHEELING MAID OF MACRAME' DOB 6.13.79 I have to say she was my favorite, tragically she was killed by a pickup truck but left behind my all time favorite male CH. WHEELING TUXEDO JUNCTION, more of him later. "VANESSA'S"dam was CH. WHEELING MAID OF MAGIC.

Here is CH. WHEELING RIBBON JASPER DOB 3.15.80 actually bred by our daughter Stacey J. Ueltschy as she was the owner of his dam CH. WHEELING MAID OF MAGIC.

This dog is WHEELING STONEMASON. DOB 8.27.77 he was the only 1 lb puppy born! 'MASON' went to CA and is being handled here by Leroy Stage, he lacked 1 pt. to finish then I lost contact with his owners. Sire CH. WHEELING JONATHAN SWIFT F. CH x WHEELING SKI RUN.

CH.WHEELING MAID OF CHARM being shown to Gerda Kennedy by her owner Pam Thompson.

This group photo' of all the specials entered at a show in KS. I think it was a supported entry and the judge is Gayle Bontecoue(sp)You can find James and Kathy Gaidos, Paul and Stacey Ueltschy, Patric Petit, Sandra Jones and ??????The dogs were given a special Whippet medallion to grace their necks.


We loved this bitch but unfortunately no one else did! DOB 2.29.76 (leap year) 'MITTENS' was registered WHEELING PUSSYFOOT she garnered about 20 pts & umpteen RWB, never could get that last major, we gave up! Her Papa was CH. WHEELING TIGER PAWS x CH. WHEELING SWISS MISS

'PENNY' was a pretty bitch -- WHEELING BRIDESMAID -- sold and never finished. Littersister to CH. WHEELING MAID OF FASHION.

Charming 'BILLY' was given to me for safe keeping, his owner no longer able to keep him. I took him in because he was sired by our CH. WHEELING GORDON LIGHTFOOT x DRESS CIRCLE TAR BABY and would fit right in to my line.

He had the worst name given to any dog OXBOW NEGATIVE CAPABILITY. He did have many attributes for when bred to "dilute" bitches (3) there were no "dilute" puppies, therefore he was homozygous and in 5 litters not one monorchid male! Plus he gave me my all time favorite dog CH. WHEELING TUXEDO JUNCTION so my hats off to 'BILLY.'

What I wouldn't give to have a Whippet like her today! A baby here, winning under Mrs. Joan Urban, she grew up to be WHEELING CUSTOM MAID F. CH. her sire was our own CH. WHEELING JONATHAN SWIFT F. CH. dam was CH. WHEELING RED VELVET. her DOB 3.19.77

CH.MARTIGRAS PIED PIPER O'CAJEN. DOB 11.19.80 by CH.CHEHALEM'S ACE HIGH x CH.WINDEMERE FOUR LEAF CLOVER. Breeders Marti Bradford & H. Speight. I fell for this bitch hook, line and sinker -- HAD to have her -- and showed this striking girl to her title. Here PIPER wins under Gayle Bontecou, well known for her top winning Scottish Deerhounds. When she finished I bred her to the most WHEELING bred dog, at that time, he turned out to be CH.BLU-KALE LEADER OF THE PAC. The couple did not disappoint us!

Their son -- CH. WHEELING FOLLOW THE LEADER. DOB 8.26.83 In this picture is winning under breeder judge Carol Curry (LOCAR) at 7 months of age! LEADER went 1st,WD,BW (Best Puppy) & BOB over Specials for a major on 4.1.84 The young lady on the right is none other than Phoebe Booth!

LEADER matured nicely and was Specialed for a while, he's here taking a Group 4 under judge Margaret Renihan of CA.

Their daughter CH. WHEELING SOCIAL BUTTERFLY is shown here going BOB under Mary Nelson Stephenson

Ch. Social Butterfly going BW under Joan Urban.

Another littermate was WHEELING JOLLY ROGER, he went out to OR but came to a sad end.

Back to "Billy"-- OXBOW NEGATIVE CAPABILITY. He sired this beautiful black & white boy CAN.CH.WHEELING DOMINO THEORY -- DOB 8.4.83 -- who is with his owner Joan Van Doornick. 'THEO.'S dam was WHEELING MAID OF THE MIST

His litterbrother WHEELING ORANGE JULIUS -- another of our beautiful reds! His owner stands to the right, she was Opal Miller, Treasurer of the Muskogee KC. 'JULI' took BOB over Specials and on to a Group 2 this day 11.2. 84 under Mildred Heald of Indianapolis, IN. He never finished!

BILLY also sired the love of my life CH. WHEELING TUXEDO JUNCTION -- "TINY" the runt of the litter born 2.6.82 out of CH. WHEELING MAID OF MACRAME.' He finished his Championship with four majors with me as pilot. He is shown here being crowned by ANNE ROGERS CLARK, incidentally her husband JAMES E. CLARK also gave him a major! TINY lived to be 12 years and 10 months. I hope he is at the rainbow bridge waiting for me.

The last litter born at WHEELING contained this lovely creature her name was WHEELING RHAPSODY IN BLUE. Her sire was CH. WHEELING TUXEDO JUNCTION x WHEELING CLOCKWORK ORANGE. RHAPSODY was owned by one of our sons and his wife. Coming home from work one day they found her in dire straits, she was rushed to the Vet' but died. In this picture she is taking the first of 3 majors!

Christmas 2002, Jewel in her Christmas Present

I am not without Whippet though, I am the PROUD owner of HOUND HOLLOW COEUR DE LA MER F. CH. another black & white Translation, HEART OF THE SEA, meaning, 'twas the name of the jewel in the movie TITANIC. Her call name is JEWEL and she's all that to me! Jewel is sired by HOUND HOLLOW PRIORY HARBOR LIGHTS x HOUND HOLLOW SUSHI MAZURI OF MWARI F. CH. breeder Robin Barry of FL.

"Jewel" This photo' of her was taken at the Whippet National 2002 in Denver, CO

This is how we are today Jean, Paul, Cecilia- Granddaughter hugging Jewel (another handler maybe) and Stacey with husband Tom Poole Christmas 2002

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, what a wonderful life with some fantastic dogs! I am working on another chapter of my life now, as I explain in one of my creative moments :-

I've Played Many Roles In My Life.

First I was a daughter,
Then I was a wife,
Next I was Mother
For the rest of my life.

Next came a judge
of dogs, that is.
This role is wonderful
Just like "show biz".

A Mother-in-law next
(It wasn't too bad)
'cept the 'daughters' sons gave me
made me real sad!

And finally "Grandma"
a wonderful part -
only one grandchild,
so dear to my heart.

We do things together,
we draw, read and scribble.
So PLEASE let me know
when I start to dribble!

Author Jean G. Ueltschy