Celebrate the Whippet Breed

Why from a Puppy Mill Dog
Why? can someone tell me why
It was never enough even though I try
Did I not give what I could of my life
Your cold eyes stab me like a knife
A thousand battles I'd fight for you
Always be faithful, loyal and true
To the ends of the earth for you I'd walk
Yet that big boot is how you talk
I've brought you money so you could eat
So why, the boot my ribs it meets
You took my babies to sell while they sleep
I dared not make a single peep
I loved you so but you didn't see
I'm begging, see, my eyes they plea
But I know you have too many to tend
My heart is broken, it will not mend
Life is going, I can move no more
My life drains onto the cold damp floor
That boot you used to keep us in line
I can do no more, the others whin
There are so many stuffed in here
They cringe, they can smell the fear
They know the boot and then what comes
How many will never see tomorrows sun
Oh please, as breath from me flees
I'm dying here and begging please
Those are my babies in that cage
Please don't kill them in your rage
Strangers everywhere, noise and smell
A gentle hand reaches where I fell
Caress, soft, I remember such a touch
Years ago it meant so much
They lift me up with gentle care
Into my eyes the man does stare
"I'm soory girl, I've come to late
I cannot save you from your fate"
Tears run down the weathered cheeks
But another calls now, another speaks
"Hello my precious, we are going home
Where you'll be loved and never alone
Your babies are safe and in good hands
Never again will they suffer from the abuse of man
It is okay, you can leave this behind
For I promise 'forever homes' they'll find
The life leaves, no pain at last
Suffering over, the boots in the past
For I am now in heavens love
Full of angels and songs from above
I love and am loved
He leads, I follow
I lead, He follows
Or walk together side by side
For in Heaven all are equal, loved
There is never a WHY
Rusty April 27/04
for all those beautiful lives that ended too soon through abuse, neglect and those who run puppy mills.