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    My Girls!
    "Macy" a/k/a FC Queenie's Tidal Wave, CRXIII, FCh, ARX, SC!
    "Becca" a/k/a Queenie's Wave Runner, ARM, SORCII, ARX, FCh, FD!

    The purpose of this webpage is to celebrate the joy that Becca the Whippet (Queenie's Wave Runner, ARM, SORCII, ARX, FCh, FD) has brought into my life! Of all things, I thought I would always be a one-whippet human, but alas...I just had to have a full sister to Becca, i.e., Macy a/k/a FC Queenie's Tidal Wave, CRXIII, FCh, ARX, SC! The girls' pedigree can be viewed by clicking here Pedigree. Born 5/4/94, Becca races (the straight track and oval track), shows, lure courses (just a little bit... mommy is chicken), and plays flyball. She has a blast (as do I) and it is a treat to watch her! If I can get myself trained, we're going to try obedience too and have completed a basic obedience class (which in spite of me, Becca graduated with the class' top honors). When Becca was a year old, she earned her Award of Racing Merit (ARM). In 1996 at two years of age, she earned her Oval Racing Championship (ORC), her Award of Racing Excellence (ARX), her Flyball Dog (FD) title, and her Supreme Oval Racing Championship (SORC). She finished number three in the country on the oval (number one bitch), and won the prestigious most versatile whippet award at the Delaware City, DE versatility weekend. Becca was also named Whippet Wrunner Dog of the Year for 1996. She absolutely takes my breath away and is my best friend. She also loves playing, eating, playing, watching dogs on TV, playing, frisbee, playing, and snuggling under the covers.


    August 2006

    Macy, Becca, and "Mommy" who is fortunate to have her life/loves still with me. :-)

    In 1997, Becca won the Racing Bitch class at the National Specialty in Atlanta, and became an ASFA Field Champion (FCh) in April, 1997 at her fifth trial with 3 thirds and 2 BOB's. Becca also repeated as the JRRWA Versatility Champion in Delaware. I have included a photo of her posing at the Specialty with Joanne Stewart's Diablo (Lookout Lamborghini Diablo, FCh, winner of the Racing Dog class), and of her Specialty win. In spite of missing almost the entire second half of the year due to a toe injury (at which time she was #1 overall NOTRA in the country), my baby girl finished the year again #3 in NOTRA and #1 NOTRA bitch, earning her SORCII. I'm not a proud mommy, am I??

    Left is Becca and Right is Macy

    Several months after an early '98 surgery on her toe, Becca was working her way back to getting to chase the bunny again and suffered a slipped disc in her back (which I've since learned, though fairly rare, has occurred with younger whippets and more often with older whippets). Though thankfully she made a complete recovery, Becca was retired from racing and other athletic competition because no matter how much of a fluke it may have been, I would never risk a reinjury by putting her in the same situation again. Just having her in my life is the most precious thing. :-)

    In 1999, Becca melted my heart in the National Specialty Parade of Honors. She absolutely "ate up" being in the spotlight, and I'll never forget the joy of that experience. And I can never thank enough those who were cheering her on.

    I've also added a couple of photos of my first kid, Ashley, who I had for 16 wonderful years... Ash is who started the whippet thing for me!

    Left is Becca and Right is Macy

    Included are photos of Macy as a puppy and an adult who just turned 5 years old on December 19, 2001. Though Macy didn't make it to a lot of race meets in '98, she competed well enough on the straight track to earn her CRX (Companion Racer Excellent). In 1999, Macy added oval racing to her activity list, and was a grade B gal. She also lure coursed five times, including a Best of Breed over an entry of 14 Field Champions, to earn the title of ASFA Field Champion. Macy placed ninth overall at the Delaware Versatility Weekend, and continued running the straight track earning her CRXII. Then Macy competed in five CWA meets and earned her ARX. In 2000, Macy earned points in the show ring and earned her CRXIII. At the 2000 National Specialty in Greensburg, PA, breeder-judge Joan Goldstein awarded her third place in Racing Bitches, behind two show champions and in front of some very nice entries. At the 2001 National Specialty in Dallas, TX, after an huge workoff with the bitch that was eventually awarded 1st, Macy showed her heart out to breeder-judge Kent Delaney and was awarded 2nd Place in Racing Bitches. It was an extremely high quality class, and thanks to her handler as always, Joe Buchanan! Macy absolutely adores her Uncle Joe, and watching the two of them in the ring is absolutely breathtaking! :-)

    UPDATE!!!! Macy completed her AKC Field Championship in 2001!! She was awarded two 5-point majors and finished with another major, including a BEST IN FIELD!!

    Becca and Macy's niece, Mouse, owned by Sue Wagner, can be viewed on my "Friends" page at the link below. I've also added a couple of photos of Raven a/k/a Queenie's Flight of Elkandahr, FCh, JC, CRXIII (WRA & NOTRA pointed) who just turned 6 years old on 12/19/01. I co-own Raven with Cheri Boutelle... Raven lives with Cheri and besides chasing bunnies, Raven aspires to become a great flyball dog. Anybody that has met Raven, knows she's quite a wonderful character! Becca & Macy can hardly wait to be with their half-sister... just the mention of Raven's name excites them! Raven's photos can be seen on my Friends Page as well. Anyway, just wanted to show you some pictures of my "kids"!

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