Me & my first Whippets

My name is Claudine Hamilton. My kennel name is Dreamwindz Whippets Reg'd. I live in Clive, Alberta with my husband David and our children Cheyenne, Brennen and Shayne along with our Whippets and Quarter Horses.

     Many years ago  I lived on a farm with my best friend Tracy who had Whippets. I lived in the same house with her Whippets for many years but never really appreciated the breed until I went to see a litter of puppies with her and ended up taking one home myself. I was hooked! within months I had 2 and then 3. The rest, as they say, is history.

My first Show Whippet Can Ch Edgewater's Patent Pending a.k.a. Bailey

My foundation bitch Biss Can Ch Edgewater's Leap of Faith a.k.a. Dali

  I fell in love with the breed for so many reasons. Their size, for one thing. Not too big and not too small. Just perfect for going riding, snuggling on the couch, having more than 1 in the house ( I currently have 5), and best of all for snuggling in bed. I also love their temperament and individualized personalities as well as the fact that their health problems are minimal. I love the fact that as much as all my Whippets are typical Whippets, their personalities are very different. My boys, though loveable and dedicated to me, can love more than one person while my girls love me and only me.

My first kennel champion @ 6 months of age Can Ch Dreamwindz Moonstruck a.k.a. Cher out of Dali by Am Ch Imperial Winds de Sud

Cher @ 18 months

To this day there is nothing like taking them riding with me and watching them run free and being able to run with them. There is no better feeling than running full out on my horse and looking down to see them keeping up with me stride for stride.

Dali winning a Group

I believe the future of the Whippet breed in Canada is bright. On the one hand I am quite glad that they are not a popular breed therefore cannot be overbred and ruined. But at the same time I wish more people knew and understood the breed. I feel people are missing out.

My husband David with our "crew"

Dreamwindz Music City "Cookie" left and Dreamwindz Herefortheparty "Gretchen" right

Dreamwindz Tearin It Up "Garth"

Left is Cookie & Dreamwindz Howdoyoulikemenow "Toby" and Right is Garth & Toby napping

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