Sharon Filetti grew up in a Borzoi show home. My Mother's good friend Polly Clement also had Borzoi. When I was almost 20, Polly had a litter of puppies and that is where Gwen, my first Whippet, came from. She was just a pet, but an exceptional friend none the less.

My second Whippet was Lacy. I rescued her from the kennel life she was unhappy with, after living in a home since she was a puppy and then returned to her breeder at age 3. We had 10 great years together.


Interestingly, 30 years after my first Whippet, I got another puppy from Polly, my Elafi (Cabria's Secret of the Sea), now 11 months. Elafi is daughter of Seaspell's Point Cabria. I also am lucky enough to haveTru-Be (Ch. Piper's Tru Believer) and EtC. (Piper Tjej's Tidbit).

Elafi (Cabria's Secret of the Sea)

Tru-Be (Ch. Pipers Tru Believer)

I graduated Famous Artists School in Hartford, CT and attended classes at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, PA, however most of what I’ve learned has been in the doing. Starting with sculpture in 1983, when a small one-inch tall silver horse was cast into silver, the life long interest to create became a compulsion. Actually the first sculpture was at age five in kindergarten when I made a clay with a cobalt blue glaze fired astray for my parents. That started my love of creating, art always being my favorite class.

In 1990 I started stained glass because I wanted to make a cape held by the woman of a pair of lovers (a wood sculpture); this is still not manifest. Obviously though, this medium became important, and explained a repetitive dream I didn't understand since I was a young child. In 1998 I met Rex Cravat and was lucky enough to learn from him the hot glass skill that I have long wanted to acquire. He was a master; I was most fortunate to have studied under him the last three years of his life.

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