"Tiger" Ch Chelsea La Strada

Cheryl Rose and Alakay Whippets are featured on today's calendar, and Cheryl shares her love for whippets with all: Almost 10 years ago, a great friend, Karen McBride, offered me a beautiful blue brindle whippet. I jumped at the chance and took Abbe (Kara’s Abilene on Sunday) home. My life changed! At that time I was attempting to live with Salukis. Abbe opened my eyes to the fact that life was much better and easier with a whippet! I have always called Abbe my “perfect dog”. Abbe gave me a daughter that is so much like her it is sometimes scary. The daughter my beloved Lilac (Alakay Lilac Charm). It comforts me some to know that when Abbe can no longer live in this world I will have her daughter to carry on with. Lilac is the mother to Pie (Alakay Banana Split Pie) the wild child! Then with lots of help and generosity from my mentor’s Kathy Armato and Deann Christianson I added more whippets to our household. Here is that potato chip theory again!

"Abbe" Kara's Abilene on Sunday

"Lilac" Alakay's Lilac Charm

Kathy sent me, Dorothy (Ch. Born Again de Sud), a beautiful fawn and white with eyes that have perfected “the look”! My son, Alan has adopted her and her new official name is “MY FRIEND DOROTHY”. Dorothy became my FIRST champion and the mother to three of my whippets, Tori (Alakay Tori Tori), Red (Alakay Simply Red), and Jere (Alakay Jeremiah the Great). Also, my first homebred champion, Barbie (Ch. Alakay Barbados de Sud) owned by Dulcey Dean and Kathy Armato.

Left is "Dorothy" Champion Born Again de Sud and right is "Jere" Alakay Jeremiah the Great

After Dorothy, came Tiger (Ch Chelsea La Strada), my pride and joy! Deann sent me photos of Tiger as a tiny puppy and I was in love instantly. I am sure there has never been any other dog so magnificent as my man Tiger! Although I am prejudiced! Tiger was my second champion and the father to all of my puppies here at Alakay! He has produced babies that are beautiful as well as have terrific temperaments!

"Red" Alakay Simply Red

Then came Meg (Chelsea Sage Sweet Hereafter), my silly funny Meg. Meg is always the joker of the bunch! The favorite of my daughter’s, Kaylee. If you can’t find Meg, go look in the bed under the covers. I am sure she will be there! I really do not think I could ever live without a whippet by my side. I truly believe that whippets are our own very well kept secret!

Chelsea Sage Sweet Hereafter
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