Mary Alexander aka "Mrs. Bones" and Alexaco Whippets, from Virginia Beach, VA. Mary has shared photos with me since the very beginning of whippetview and she shares her story of owning whippets with all. "I have been in Whippets for about 6 years now, it started at a show, I wasn't even looking for a dog when I saw a little Whippet that a breeder was selling as a "show dog" she looked at me stacked on the table put her head on my shoulder and her eyes said "take me home" knowing the best things in life often catch you off guard". I brought my husband back the following day and she did the same thing to him. Not to be impulsive, I got the breeders number and slept on it, for two weeks I dreamed of this dog looking at me saying "come get me, take me home". I drove five hours to a truck stop to meet the breeder on her way to another show and picked up my first Whippet who we named Patsy, after one of my heroes Patsy Cline.

Six years and five whippets ago, and I haven't looked back until now. Patsy hated to show which is why she had that "take me home get me out of here look" we tried to show her for about a year and realized as many people do, if the dog doesn't enjoy it, give up. I then met through my veterinarian, Laura Martin who has been my closest friend and mentor ever since. I have had extensive experience in dog breeding, but never had a breed I felt so passionate about until the whippets. Laura's husband put it more articulately into words than anyone else I have heard, when he said " they are special dogs". They truly are special and it is our privilege to have them.

Alexaco's Majestic Crowned King "Reagan"

Through Laura, I then added Emma, she loved to show, but had some movement issues and I never finished her.....knowing there is no perfect dog...and watching people drag that same old dog out for three to five years trying to finish them...I decided to retire her from showing and utilize her many fine attributes by making her my foundation bitch. She had two litters over four years and is now spayed and queen to the Kingsdown mattresses. I certainly made the right decision to breed her, now on the third generation down from her and we have had some gorgeous Whippets! And like her they love to show, particularly Reagan, "CH. Alexaco's Majestic Crowned King, CH. Morshor's Majestic Prince ROMX(Shane) x Alexaco's Spice Up Your Life( Emma) we knew he was special from the day he was born. I've never seen a dog that loves to stare at himself in the mirror like him. He will be specialized in the next couple of years. We also have a half sister to Reagan: Minnie - Mill Landing's Minnie Majestic , CH. Morshor's Majestic Prince ROMX x CH. Morshor's MInnie HA HA (Minnie) who is the Scarlet O'Hara of our household she is very demure, but cunning. She and Reagan were bred this past summer, to the tune of nine puppies, and we now have two more Whippets. Winky- Mill Landing's Majestic Wink (co-owned with Laura Martin and Karen Bryant-Yellen( our handler)) and Dixie-Mill Landing's Dixie Queen(co-owned with Laura Martin). So, as they say, "bet ya can't have just one."


Laura Martin, Karen Bryant-Yellen and myself hope to do alot of great things for the breed of Whippets and Dogs in General:

Laura Martin- the breeder with years of experience, many of the Morshor foundation dogs and the infinite wisdom and handling expertise of Davin McAteer at her disposal. Producing some of the most gorgeous Whippets I've ever seen.

Karen Bryant-Yellen-the handler and trainer with years of experience, all breed handling, but concentrated in the Doberman ring where you have to have experience as a linebacker to succeed and dog trainer- having trained dogs to assist hearing and vision impaired people to obedience and conformation training.

One of my favorite all time photos from Mary on Whippetview

Mary Alexander- the owner of some great dogs having "Basic Dog Sense" and the fortune of being "Mrs. Bones" so that I can make beautiful collars for dogs from all over the world, I basically have a ball decorating dogs!

Now for the Mrs. Bones story, my ownership of Whippets got me into loving beautiful sighthound collars and after trial and error I decided the best collars I had found were "Mrs. Bones Decorative Dog Collars" after a couple years as a customer the former owner and I were discussing our futures where she informed me of her wish to retire that the buisiness had become too much for her, and I had expressed my search for something more rewarding than what I was doing at the time. We then realized our common ground and I bought the thirteen year old business from her. The rest is history....President George Bush's dog Millie wore Mrs. Bones Collars, President Clinton's -Socks the Cat-not Buddy unfortunately for him, and President George W. Bush's dogs, Spot and Barney wear Mrs. Bones' Decorative Dog Collars. Along with thousands of other famous and maybe not so famous, but well dressed dogs from all over the world!

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