Rhonda and ARTEMIS "JT Tunes"

Rhonda Gold and ARTEMIS Whippets from Pennsylvania. I first became a dog lover at the age of 6, when my father brought home a German Shepherd puppy. I fell in love with Princess and we were inseparable until the day she "had to leave because she was too protective". I was heartbroken. I walked several neighbors’ dogs to stay close to my canine friends but felt a sense of emptiness. I was a teenager when my parents finally gave in to my pleas and Fred, a tricolor beagle, joined our family.

Finishing up my degrees in nursing and working in the Neurosurgical ICU and Labor & Delivery Suite occupied my twenties. When I started my own family I learned that both of my boys had allergies. Pets were not an option. As the kids outgrew their symptoms and I made a career change that allowed me to work at home, a dog companion seemed ideal.

Ch Carbeth Louis Louis SC, FCh and Sharon Kirley

The boys began their research of various breeds and after long discussions with several "doggie" people, we settled on a whippet. We had every intention of having an older adult whippet join our home. The family prepared for the arrival of our whippet, Haley, only to learn at the last minute that her family could not let her go.

Disappointed, I decided to consider a puppy. I contacted Sharon Kirley (Whippletree) and put in my order for a red brindle bitch puppy. Sharon thought this request matched up with her upcoming litter by Ch Carbeth St Louis Louis SC, FCh out of Ch Whippletree SM Whimsy ROM. Weeks later, Sharon called me, ecstatic to report that "Snickers" had arrived. She was the last puppy of six and the only red brindle bitch in the entire litter!

Multi-BIF DC Whippletrees Gold Nugget SC, FCh, CD, NA, DPC, TRP, CR, CGC, TT, CAVX

Snickers was a wonderful addition to our lives. We had hoped for a loving family companion and felt blessed to be owned by this special, rambunctious whippet. Never in a million years did it cross my mind that I would become involved in all aspects of the sport of dogs.

To train our whippet and my oldest son, I signed them up for a puppy handling class. I thought this would be a great way to provide my son with confidence, teach him to take on greater responsibility, and help cement his bond with Snickers. After two weeks, he decided dog class was not for him. As usual, I was left to pick up the pieces and decided to finish the class on my own, which would prove to be helpful in the years to come.

Top is "TAJA" Artemis in the Garden SC, CGC, Multi-BOB FCh. Bottom is "LUNA" in the pink blanket, Multi-BIF FC Artemis Moonlight Lady MC, LCM3, LCX (Co-owners Carlee and Ian Davies, Aslan Rhodesian Ridgebacks)

My first exposure to any dog show was a trip I took with my mother to New York City. We passed through Madison Square Garden where there were oodles of Afghans being prepped and preened for the Westminster show ring. My next show would be years later at the Baltimore Kennel Club. I met several lovely whippet folk who would become my dearest friends (Linda, Terrie, and Patience- the "Musketeers"). I wanted to explore the show scene t more importantly, learn more about field trials.

Snickers and I set out to compete on the field and later in the ring. She made everything easy for a first time versatility dog owner. Sharon shared her vision of the whippet as a dog that could do it all- be the perfect pet, conform to breed standards, and compete in all venues. With her inspiration and the incredible support from a handful of very special friends, I took on the challenge of training and handling my own dog.

Thankfully, my friends encouraged and prodded me to continue. Many "dog friends" have impacted my life but none as profoundly as Pamela, Jill, and Roger Caras and Patience Renzulli (Warburton). All have taught me to admire and protect our special breed as well as continually mentor me along the way. I would be remiss not to mention others that have touched my life and encouraged my success and eventual breeding decisions but I am afraid I would leave someone off the list. It would be lengthy, as there are so many fabulous, dedicated whippet breeders and owners.

I was thrilled the year Snickers won the AWC National Specialty Triathlon, mostly enjoying the camaraderie and the time spent with my dearest friends. Placing in the Top 10 JRRWA July 4th Versatility weekend has been another highlight of sharing every aspect of the sport with my dog and friends. One thing that makes it easy to enjoy all venues is not to take it too seriously. This is my hobby, escape, fun, and pure pleasure (except for those few minor crises; emergency trips to the vet and ER visits for human dog-related injuries!).

Ch Whippletree SM Whimsy ROM

Multi BIF DC Whippletrees Gold Nugget SC,FCh,CD,NA,DPC,TRP,CR,CGC,TT,CAVX has been a wonderful member of my family and continues to bring us much joy and pleasure. Her pups sired by Giacomino, Multi-BIF, Group Winning DC Warburton Duke Whittington MC,CD,LCM,CGC,TDI,CAV have added tremendous joy to my life and to their new owners’ families. The start of something new; ARTEMIS Whippets, inspired by a beautiful statue in Paris of Diana and her sighthound in the Tuileries Gardens at Musee de Louvre. TAJA, Artemis in the Garden SC, CGC, Multi-BOB FCh and I are having great fun in the ring and on the field.

I am delighted that our lovely LUNA, Multi-BIF FC Artemis Moonlight Lady MC, LCM3, LCX has consistently proven her versatility and enthusiasm by staying in the Top 10 AKC Annual Whippet Lure Coursing Standings for Whippets for 3 years running, thanks to my co-owners Carlee and Ian Davies dedication and love of watching their sighthounds run in the field.

To learn more about Snickers’ show escapades, take a look at Roger Caras’s newest book- GOING FOR THE BLUE, released in the Spring of 2002: Inside the World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows by Roger A. Caras.

ARTEMIS Whippets

Striving for Versatility!!!!.

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Giacomino Multi-BIF, NSBIF DC Warburton Duke Whittington MC, CD, LCM, CGC, TDI, CAV
Owners: Patience and Bill Renzulli


Introducing Cherche Afterglow at Artemis

Pictured at 15 weeks

AMELIA joins the hounds at ARTEMIS Ridge Summer 2004
Watch for her show adventures and flights at a field near you!

2004 Puppies

ARTEMIS and ASLAN proudly announce:

Multi-Select CH Cherche the Memory Remains
Perry x Thelma
Owners: Crystal McNulty & Chris Durance
Breeders: Chris Durance (Cherche) & Cora Miller (Hound Hill)


Multi-BIF FC Artemis Moonlight Lady MC, LCM3, LCX
Giacomino x Snickers
Owners: Carlee & Ian Davies & Rhonda Gold
Breeders: Rhonda M. Gold (Artemis) & Patience Renzulli (Warburton)

Puppies Announcement



Born January 19, 2004
4 Bitches and 3 Dogs

Aslan Artemis Whippet Gaggle

Aslan Artemis Bitches

Aslan Artemis Males

Born January 19, 2004
Below are Eight Week Old Photos


Eclipse & Handsome

Lotus & Fancy