Vanessa and Racey

Vanessa Barklay from Australia shares her story of owning whippets: "My husband Brent and I first decided we would buy a Whippet when our old dog Pigsy died. He was a huge dog, a Rottweiller cross Bull Terrier and we loved him so much". When he was gone it took a long time for us to want another dog, we felt he was irreplacable. Eventually we decided we needed another dog for our household but even though we loved 'big' dogs we felt we wanted something totally different. Brent had a friend in his youth who had owned a Whippet and he had never forgotton what a great dog he had been.

So we decided our new dog would be a Whippet. Our next step was ' Where do we get one?".


I came across a Dog Show by accident while out one day and stopped in there. A lady had some Whippets and I asked her if she knew any breeders we could contact, she gave me the number of a Whippet breeder in my area called Georgina King. I phoned her and she had some pups for viewing then and there, so off we went to pick our new puppy. Georgina's house was filled with Whippets, I will never forget the sight of them appearing one after another from out of no where, everywhere you looked there was another one. I have since realized that not many people have just ONE Whippet. The pups were gorgeous and we picked our little guy that day but had to wait another 4 weeks to take him home.

Eventually that day came and we picked up our tiny little white bundle and called him Nitro. Cars with Nitrous Oxide go real fast, just like Whippets, so we felt it was a fitting name. He fitted in so perfectly to our household we decided that he might like a girlfriend to keep him company, so along came our next pup, a grey and white girl we named Racey, another name referring to their speed. Racey's Mum's name was Tiny, and Racey is quite a small dog compared to Nitro.

By this time I had had two children and we also decided that it would be the perfect time for Racey and Nitro to have some babies of their own. 8 weeks later we had 5 pups, all went to great homes. This year she had 8 pups, all sold again except for a little one with a blind eye, who we kept ourselves, we call him Blindy but his name is Lightning Speed. He is a boisterous dog unlike his Mum and Dad but he has been played with by tribes of kids since he was a pup and is a very loving, child-friendly dog. We also 'adopted' a female from a friend who was unable to keep her and funny enough, she had been given the name Bouncer when she was a pup and bounce she did, straight over fences. So we had to find another home for her and she ended up living with a lovely family on a farm, the perfect place for Bouncer.

I have so many favourite memories of them all, they are unique and so different in their personalities but all have common Whippet traits such as sleeping in our bed, not on the bed, IN the bed. They lie all over us and each other and are the biggest couch potatoes you can imagine.

I see a bright future for the breed, I had no trouble selling the pups to eager owners, many had had a Whippet when younger or knew someone who had one and loved them too.


I have also found that people are very devoted to the Whippet breed. We are two of them. Whippets have a great place in the household and we have educated many people who thought they were just 'funny looking skinny dogs'. They are owned by many rich people and I think there sleekness is the appealing feature, they are such clean dogs, that is why so many of us don't mind them in our beds! Finally I would like to share with other Whippet owner two of my beautiful dogs and say that is up to us to keep on educating and breeding these delighful animals so many more can enjoy the love of a Whippet.

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