Ch Bayberry's Cat In The Hat FCh & Bayberry's Cindy Lou Who

Todd & Julie Ward Alplanalp are from Canby Oregon. Julie says "I started in the sport of dogs back in 1985 showing in obedience with a doberman". Shortly after I started showing in the breed ring with dobes. While attending the shows I became aquainted with the whippet breed. Claire Larsen (Waterdance Whippets) was a co-worker of mine at the time and she had whippets and became an early mentor and friend. She introduced me to the performance aspects of the breed also. At that time when she was active in the breed she had some pretty amazing lure coursing dogs. I purchased my first whippet Sophie in 1988 from Linda Buchholz. She had a severe accident while free-running with some of Claire's dogs and severely crushed the frontal lobe portion of her skull. The vet bills were staggering, but the kindness of the Washington Whippet Racing Club overwhelmed me. I had never even met most of the members as I was brand new to the breed, Sophie was just 6 months old. The club held a raffle at one of their race meets and all of the proceeds went to help pay for Sophie's bill. I was very moved by the kindness and generosity of these people that were then strangers. I'm happy to say that they are all good friends now and I've been a member of the club ever since and am now the race secretary. Sophie turned 13 in August and I had to say goodbye to her the following month. She was a grand lady and will be deeply and forever missed.

Ch Allerei's The Cat's Meow FCh (foundation bitch)

Since my beginning in the breed I've come to currently share my life with 6 whippets between the ages of 4 months to 10 years. My main interests are showing and racing, but on occasion I also lure course. I have a strong appreciation of the race bred whippets conformation and abilities and want the dogs that I show to exhibit this also. I strive for dogs that have solid, stable and fun temperaments and are sound both in movement and in health.

Ch Surrey Hill's Firing Line, FCh (Barkley)

I've had a tremendous amount of fun these past years in the breed and the wonderful memories are countless. Watching my dog win a NOTRA meet, my race dogs first time in the ring taking WD with all my race friends cheering us on, a dog I co-own with a friend achieving Top 10 status two years and then another Top 20 finish.....all of the competitive successes have been great and leave you on cloud nine for a while. My favorite times with my dogs though and the ones that are looked back on the most fondly are the times when it's just us. I love taking long hikes with friend Scott and our dogs. I could watch them run, play, sniff and investigate for hours. Or the times when my husband and I go fishing. We pick just one "lucky dog" to spend the day alone with us and sit on the bank lazy lake fishing. There are just too many good memories to pick just one favorite and I look forward to years of more.

Am Can Ch Jade's Ice Dream Man Of Whyme
Owned by Debi Adams, co-owned by me. Sired by Barkley.

One thing I've found a fairly new and interesting aspect to the sport of dogs is the internet and the open lines of communication it's created. In whippets it's been amazing watching the long-time fanciers of both the show and race venues sharing opinions. As email isn't the most personal nor is it always easy communicating the desired emotions the discussions aren't always pretty, but I think overall they have been very constructive and an eye opener for both sides. I think over time this will help to break down some of the prejudices each "side" has about the other and eventually make people a little more accepting of other peoples goals and opinions, at least this is my hope. We will never all agree on what we want a whippet to be, and it would be boring if we did. It would be nice however if we just accepted our differences a little more gracefully and maybe even learned from them.

Our two young hopefuls pictured at 4 months
- Jack and Emily, a son and granddaughter of my foundation bitch Kitty.

Left is Brazilian BIS Ch Bayberry's Capriola owned by Saulo Biscoto
and Right is Oberon Crosby

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