Barry, Becky, Stephen Millet with Brandy, Ryan, & Chance

Fortunately, when we decided to add another whippet to the household, I came across Peggy Bush's phone number. Oh, what a pleasant experience. She listeneed to my woes, understood what I went through obtaining Ryan, and explained rescue to me. My sister and I made the drive to Dallas to get a 9 week old female, who my son named Brandy. Brandy was originally from Louisiana. She and her littermate were eventually turned into rescue after they almost drowned several times.

First day of third grade for Stephen & Chance's 1st Birthday
Left to Right Chance, Stephen, Brandy

We obtained our third whippet, Chance (Cajen Dakota), from Carolynn Bates. Stephen wanted to help raise a whippet puppy. He was young when Ryan and Brandy entered our family. I called Peggy again. This time, there were no puppies in rescue. Well, I pestered Peggy long enough that she made some calls for me! That's when Carolynn entered our lives. Meeting Carolynn was also a pleasure. My faith in whippet breeders in general was restored after dealing with Peggy and Carolynn. I can't thank them enough for the guidance and advice they've given and still give to me.

Chance, Brandy & Jackson(Newest addition)

When Chance was a year old, I got that urge for another pup. Timing wasn't right then due to some health problems. I really wanted to be more involved in whippets, thought. So, I wrote to Peggy and explained my situation. She contacted me later, after Ceil resigned from rescue, to see if I would like to be the rescue contact for Houston. I am thrilled to be able to work with rescue. I'm sure you can guess what happened next....Jackson came to live with us! I got him from Peggy when he was 12 weeks old.

Now, Barry, Stephen and I share our home with Ryan(7), Brandy(3), Chance(1 1/2), and Jackson(5 months. We wouldn't have it any other way. My next endeavor is pursuing obedience and therapy work with my dogs. I have enjoyed the whippet discussion list and look forward to meeting many of you at the Nationals in Dallas


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