Ch. Ultimate Folly FCh.

Betty Wolkonsky is one of the veterans in the whippet breed: "In l959 we got our first whippet from the Wears, Stoney Meadows Quintessence". Quin was a littermate of Chs. Stoney Meadows Red Fox and Red Vixen, and also Eyleland Stoney Meadows Cinnamon Tost (I'm not sure I got her name right) who was a good producer for Ralph Eyles. When Quin was getting on I happened to see an ad for a whippet litter, by Ch. Stoney Meadows Royal Fortune, and of course we had to go and check it out. My husband said "I'd like to give you one of these puppies for your birthday." I said, "For my birthday I'd like NOT to have another dog." So of course he got it and our lives were changed forever! I named her Ultimate Folly because we really didn't need another dog, what with Quin and three dachshunds. As it turned out, it was the greatest thing that ever happened. Not only easy on the eye, she had a delightful personality and a wonderful sense of humor! A Borzoi friend suggested we show her. Folly and I slunk around the ring for a year to no avail when somebody tactfully suggested we use a handler. Instant 3 point major! The handler was Jack Dougherty. Jack turned her over to his assistant, son Mike, who finished her fast with another 3-pointer, a 4-pointer and then a grand finish with a five-pointer. Mike took her to Mexico where she finished her Mexican Championship with two Group I.s. Then there were the people who assisted me with the breed, Christine Cormany was one of my mentors, as were Doris Wear, of course, and Freddie Page, from all of whom I learned a lot. At that time Freddie Page had Ch. Morshor's Whirlaway living with her, so Folly was bred to Whirly. This resulted in six puppies, one of which was Ch. Folquin Avocet, F.Ch.,and three others which ultimately got their Field Championships (a first--four in one litter). Folly then proceeded to get her own F.Ch."

Ch. Folquin Pirate of Limard

Folly was subsequently bred to Whirlaway's 7/8 brother, Ch. Misty Moor's Chalmondoley, which resulted in three puppies. All of these were finished--Ch. Folquin Snowflight, #4 in the country at one point, Ch. Folquin Phoebe Meryll, and Ch. Folquin Heart of Gold, F.Ch., a.k.a. Liza Minelli because of her heavy eyeliner. Liza produced several champions, but her greatest talent was on jackrabbits.

Probably my most enjoyable activity with whippets has been open field coursing. In the early days we had a group down here in San Diego known as the Lesser San Diego Jackrabbit Exercising Club (dedicated to the prevention of Flabby Rabbits). We used to go out every weekend to move the jacks around. Liza was the "beagle"--if there was a rabbit in there she'd get it out. Even the jacks enjoyed this, I think--they'd wait until they were spotted, give a good run, and then pop into a clump of pampas grass, laughing, no doubt.

Ch. Folquin Heart of Gold FCh.

My most recent champion is Ch. Folquin Pirate of Limard, who was one of an all-champion litter of six co-bred with Livie and Dick Jensen(Limard)by Ch. Starline's Reign On out of Folquin Lady's Secret, ROM., a daughter of Ch. Saxon Shore Amber Waves. I have not been very active in the last couple of years because I've been in the shop a lot, but I've a couple of likely young 'uns coming up that should give a good account of themselves. As for the future of the breed, I think the breed as a whole has come a long way in the last thirty years, but the thing I find most troublesome is this emphasis on rear angulation which has got to the point where we have rampant sickle hocks and skinny thighs instead of strong hocks and a good 'gaskin', to use a horse term. Also, in the quest for a long, lean head, we are losing the large eye, so characteristic of the breed. Otherwise, whippets are in pretty good shape--there are some really lovely ones out there!

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