"The Bitterblue Group"

Linda & Paul Garwacki and Bitterblue Whippets. I have been in Whippets for close to 25 years. Before Whippets I had Afghans which I used to show & lure course, so would see Whippets from time to time & I thought what cool dogs they seemed to be. I looked for a year before I found Phoenix, who became the first LCM Whippet in what is now region 9. She was a great introduction to the breed & my inspiration to breed keen, biddable Whippets. Most of my assistance in the whippet breed early on came from Nino & Louise Spiga (Saturn. They were great friends & a source of help. My friend Dale Healy has been of constant assistance over the years.

"Cosmo" Bitterblue's Time Warp, CD, LCM2, CGC, NA, NAJ

I've owned (or been owned by)some great dogs. Toucan, Wilbur, Oatie, Gozer & Columbia are very much missed. Wilbur was my true soulmate & knew more about me than I probably knew about him. Toucan was a bit more independant & my best Frisbee dog. Oatie was very much like Wilbur in many ways, without his overt sensitivity. Gozer was one of those quirky sort of dogs that I'd never want to have two of, but I sure miss his sense of humor. I've loved every Whippet that lived here, but right now, I'd really like to just have the four I have now (Cosmo, Naomi, Eureka & Magenta)forever.

Top is "Naomi" Bitterblue's Soul Sister LCM, CRX
"oatie" Dual Ch. Bitterblues Raybar Peyote CD, LCMZ, CGC, Can FCh.

As far as the future of the breed, sadly, I don't see there ever being a single, total Whippet able to do it all. Though some do try, the Whippet as a showdog seems to be more popular than the versatile, athletic Whippet. My advice for Whippet owners would be to *do* things with your dogs! They enjoy so many athletic pursuits to let them just see the inside of a crate & showring. *Think* before you breed yet another litter just "because". Think more about temperment, health & athletic ability. These are *running* dogs, afterall.

"Eureka" Kentfield's PDQ Eureka top left
Dual Ch. Bitterblue's Loco Weed CD, LCM, CGC, ROMX to right
Funnies looking whippet ever BItterblue's AAI Sylvester Lamanch Buck middle
Ch. Bitterblue's Prairie Fire CD, LCM3, ROM left bottom
Prairie Fire & Son-Bitterblue's Gun Runner CD, FCh

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