Ch. Blueskies The Limit

Barbara Ruth Smith and Blueskies Whippets. I have owned whippets since 1975 and shares this about owning whippets. A good friend who was primarily a borzoi breeder was able to buy Sporting Fields Real McCoy-litter brother to the famous Ch. Sporting Fields Clansman, and I co owned him for a few years until he was stolen while on a show circuit.

I'm almost afraid to list my mentors as there have been so many over the years. , Patrick Pettit, Carol Marshall, Barbara Hamilton, Peggy Newcombe, Max Magder, Pat Miller, Mike and Marcey Bashford all come to mind.

Top is "Shane" Can Ch. Ringmaster Foxfire
Bottom Left is "Tawny" Can Ch. Lorricbrook Trivial Pursuit
Bottom Right is "Whitney" Ch. Lyon's Angel of Pennyworth, SC

Every day I have new favorite memories. I actually can't pick out just one there have been so many.

I guess my standard "soap box" item is that information needs to be passed along from one generation of breeder to another. Mentors within the breed are invaluable. I'm not just talking about health issues or that type of thing. It is too easy to breed a litter. You pull out the old pedigree and look for a dog that looks like it will "blend" with your line or you ask a contemporary breeder and make a decision. The problem with that tecnique is that neither you nor your helper have probably ever seen most of the dogs (in person) in the pedigree, we all know how pictures can lie. If you go back to a person who has been in the breed for decades they probably had the opportunity to see that dog in its heyday, knew its virtues and shortcomings, also may have seen littermates. When you breed to a dog (or bitch) you are breeding to all the relatives too not just that dog. My point is that anyone beginning a breeding program should avail themselves of all possible help. Find yourself a good mentor or many and absorb as much information as you can, when its gone, its gone.

Top Left is English Champion Dondelayo Duette
Top Right is Ch. Blueskies Hawthorn, SC
Bottom is Am/Can. Ch. Blueskies Butrscotch, JC

"After being involved in owning, breeding, conformation showing and coursing/racing as well as breed rescue for most of my adult life and now breed judging as well, I cannot imagine living and enjoying my life as much as I do doing anything else. My best (human)friends are made up of those people who share my love for the breed and their dedication to maintaining the breed for future generations."

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