Elysian Electra "Molly"

My name is Brenda Smith. My sons and I live in Western PA north of Pittsburgh. I've had dogs my entire life - performance hounds, mainly coonhounds. I had great success with some of my coonhounds achieving titles on a good many of them. However, after the children came, it became more and more difficult to get to the "woods" to keep the dogs tuned in and two of my all time favorite coonhounds were getting up in age and were not going to be easily replaced. Started in Whippets in 86 when my friend Joan Layne of Tennessee allowed Mickey the Whippet to come and share our home. Mickey was a beautiful fawn whippet with those "mama, I love you eyes" that just melted me the first time I saw him. He was perfect from the first time he stepped out of his crate upon arrival at our home. Okay, okay - he couldn't resist chewing up rolls of toilet paper and on more than one occasion, it looked as if it had snowed in our living room but that was his only vice!

Through Joan, I met Dr. James Gray and the Swayze's of Longlesson Kennel both from Atlanta. "Sharing" dogs with me along with their advice and guidance has allowed me to produce some lovely dogs and I'll always be thankful to them for this help! Dr. Gray has been very generous with his help and advice and has allowed me to co-breed some beautiful litters. I jokingly refer to my self as "Elysian North" on numerous occasions!

Ch. Longlesson Tn Wds Abou. He's the grand old dog around here! I co-own him with Longlesson and Joan (Layne) Gambino. He had a spectacular year in 1997, winning the bred-by classes at several large specialties!

My children were very young when we got Mickey the Whippet and no one in my family (let alone my neighborhood) had ever seen a whippet. Rarely did he just get called Mickey - it was always Mickey the Whippet. He quickly became a wonderful ambassador for the breed even though I caught that "can't have just one whippet disease" from him. He attended little league games, midget football league games as well as any other activity that my children were participating in. We live on acreage in the country and Mickey spent a good deal of time coursing birds and bunnies in the field beside my mother's home. One day he kicked up a pheasant while we were sitting on the swing on the porch and it was poetry to watch the bird skim the tall grass with my graceful fawn boy coursing right behind. The funniest thing happened though - my mother (not a dog person at all but loved to watch Mickey run) in her excitement, yelled "Look at Wickey the Mippet run!" To this day, Mickey is remembered by that although he crossed the bridge way too soon!

Jewel! Longlesson Tn Wds Jewel was also Abou's grandmother. A favorite dog from the past, already crossed and waiting at the bridge but she truly lived up to her call name

And in closing, enjoy this picture of Paula Knight's (Templar) daughter, Amanda, being "worried" by an entire litter out of Elysian Electra by SBIS Ch. Elysian Perrier co-bred by Dr. Gray and me. It was quite a colorful litter with 2 blacks, one solid brindle, one fawn and 2 black and white partis! The fawn and one of the blacks are still in residence here and three went to live with Dr. Gray. We went to visit Paula and her family and those puppies had a ball playing not only with her daughter but her husband and Paula's litter which were just a few weeks younger! Questions and comments welcome!
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